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Jan 27 - Feb 2, 2020



Upcoming Calendar Items
A weekend course designed to give us tools to create more happiness in our daily lives.
The Path to Joy offers participants a practical roadmap of how to cultivate happiness and overcome suffering in the midst of life’s challenges.
When: Jan 31 - Feb 2  
Everyone is welcome!
Guru puja (Lama Chöpa) is a practice of making offerings and requests to all the Buddhas and holy beings, but especially the root guru, who, according to the teachings, is the root of the path to liberation. 

When: Tues, Feb 4
In this practice, we deepen our connection to each of the 21 Taras by visualizing her present with us, contemplating the specific enlightened activity of each Tara.

When: Sat, Feb 15
Save the Dates!
Registration opens Feb 16.
Light of the Path Retreat 2020 is the sixth in a series of teaching retreats led by Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche in Black Mountain, North Carolina, USA, and hosted by Kadampa Center.
Practices to offer
Our spiritual director, Lama Zopa Rinpoche, advised us to recite 100,000 of these praises to create the causes for the next Light of the Path Retreat. Enter here. Our progress as of today: 602,116
Enter your 2020 Mandala Offering Pledge count here! We'll offer them all to Geshe-la at the end of the year. We have 42 as of today!
Merit Makers & Side Notes
Thanks go out this week to all of you who attended our Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service. We completed tasks, areas were cleaned and Dharma burned! It was fun to hang out and chat with all who stopped by to offer their kind generosity of service. Thank you to: Pam Shengler, Brady Lorenzen, Zane and Kai Perryman, Chase Haddix, Sherri Harmon, Jackie Loy, Mangus, Roald, Avelyn and Christy Batts, Brian D, Joey Gooch and Erin Sloan. Looking forward to next year!
Went to see the movie Dolittle last night and while the reviews were less than kind, it served its purpose for me. The very last line seems like...
Family Program
Winter Session - "How We Relate to Others"
Sunday morning classes begin at 10:30
Our Sunday Program is a vibrant mix of drop-off and family programming. Much of our curriculum content is based on the 16 Guidelines .
Outreach Opportunities
The holidays are over, but hunger persists for too many members of our community.  You can help.
Listen to your heart and make a food donation to Kadampa Center's SHARE THE LOVE Food Drive. Your generous donation of non-perishable food items will be collected in the Kadampa Center lobby through Feb 12.
Be inspired by leaders involved in local interfaith initiatives. Learn how you can connect with others and be part of a positive change!  
Where: The Hindu Society of NC
Social Opportunities
Would you like to meet other Kadampa Center friends to share a hobby or interest in a small group setting?
The hospitality team has expanded our social activities to include small groups with common themes, hobbies, interests or lifestyle.
Groups will meet informally and as often as you like.
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