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Jan 6 - 12, 2020
New Module! Registration requested

Current Topic: Death meditation and dissolution of the elements


Upcoming Calendar Items
Starts tonight
Assemble the tools you need to develop a successful daily practice and find out the elements necessary to generate realizations. Get some tips for making every action meaningful.
When: Jan 6 - Feb 10
Join Geshe Gelek as he guides us to selected points in the road to enlightenment.
Current topics: 
Death meditation and dissolution of the elements.

When: Wednesdays 7- 8:30 pm

Doing Tara practice clears obstacles in our spiritual lives and helps us attain our positive goals, both spiritual and mundane. In this one day mini-retreat, Geshe Gelek will lead us in Tara retreat as it is traditionally practiced - beginning before dawn and ending after sundown. 
When: Jan 18

Thank you to all that have pledged and/or given to make this year a success. We raised $181,000 out of $200,000!!
You are all greatly appreciated!
Practices to offer
Our spiritual director, Lama Zopa Rinpoche, advised us to recite 100,000 of these praises to create the causes for the next Light of the Path Retreat. Enter here. Our progress as of today: 600,904
Enter your 2020 Mandala Offering Pledge count here! We'll offer them all to Geshe-la at the end of the year. We have 13 as of today!
Merit Makers & Side Notes
Thanks go out this week to Joey Gooch and Patrick McGinity for steadfastly, year after year, preparing our fire pits for the Dorje Khadro Fire puja on New Year's Eve. They take the time to set up the fire pits, maintain the fires for us and then clean up after. We are grateful to you guys for making it easy for us to burn away our negative karma and start each year with a clean slate. You are both appreciated!
Written a 2020 on a note, email or document yet? Every year it’s a strange feeling to acutely notice...
Family Program
Classes resume January 12 - "How We Relate to Others"
Sunday morning classes begin at 10:30
Our Sunday Program is a vibrant mix of drop-off and family programming. Much of our curriculum content is based on the 16 Guidelines .
Outreach Opportunities
The holidays are over, but hunger persists for too many members of our community.  You can help.
Listen to your heart and make a food donation to Kadampa Center's SHARE THE LOVE Food Drive. Your generous donation of non-perishable food items will be collected in the Kadampa Center lobby through Feb 12.
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