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Over the years, I have fallen into the social pressure of taking on New Year's resolutions, and like most, I fail at them within a month or two. Most of the resolutions are of the common variety, eat better, exercise more, be more disciplined. But last year, I learned of a new way to begin the year, one that could potentially be successful. It was choosing one word that would guide my priorities and actions. For 2020 I chose the word "Discipline." Throughout the year, I would like to say that I gained great discipline over my life and became truly John Wesley-like and methodical. But alas, full confession, I did not experience great success. Not one to give up easily, I decided to choose another word that would guide my life and actions for 2021 and so I chose the word "Love." 

What do I mean by love? Surely the words of Jesus come to mind, "love God," "love your neighbor as yourself." So too, do the words of Paul, "Love is patient, love is kind..." But what about loving your enemy, do good to those who hate you, turn the other cheek? What about that kind of love? The love that Jesus taught and embodied was not an idealistic, warm-fuzzy kind of love. It was a hard, messy, practical kind of love. The kind of love that spoke of mercy, compassion, and peace even in the face of opposition, hate, and difference. 

The kind of love that Jesus calls each Christian and Christian community to is a love that takes deep faith and conviction. A love that says the gospel message of Jesus Christ is the center of my life. Not my politics, not my job, not the differences I have with others, only Jesus and the love to which he calls us, regardless of what is happening in our world. I am shocked and deeply saddened by what we witnessed at our nation's Capitol this week. I am saddened for those who lost their lives, for our government officials who feared for their safety, for our nation which is broken and in need of healing. 

Love is not lived out in violence. Love is not shared with words of hate. Love is not harming someone because they choose to think or believe differently than we do. Love is about acknowledging our differences and loving even despite those differences. Love is uttering words of kindness, compassion, and mercy, even...even when we are mocked and reviled. Don't be fooled by this word love. Love is not easy, but if we call ourselves a Christian then the only choice we have is to love like Jesus. So, whether we like it or not, always we must love. I hope that you will join me this year in choosing love. 

Peace and grace,
Sunday, January 10 | Beloved
Mark 1:4-11

9:00am in Sanctuary
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Fusion Sunday School:
Sunday, January 10 | 10:10am
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