This Week at
Midreshet Moriah
Parshat Miketz Dec.27, 29 Kislev    
Mishlei with Rav Rafi Rosenblum: Learning how to get a deeper understanding about not what we do but why w e do it.    
Questions in Emunah with Rav Shvat: Learning about how
we know that religious Zionism is correct.

Devar Torah:
Parshat Miketz

Neima Novetsky
Going up North to Tzfat
for a Great Shabbaton!
It's Chanukah 
at Midreshet Moriah!
Handcrafted Menorahs! Lighting Candles!
Celebrating with Staff at their Homes!
A Chagigah! A Super Fun Carnival for Kids!

Chanukah Menorahs
made by the girls!
Lighting in the Dorm
and at School
At Michal's and at Aliza's - a real treat!
It's Time for a Carnival!
Thank you Julia and Gabby for taking the lead and for your organizational skills! All the amazing booths were made by the girls. The kids who came had lots of fun :) Such a nice way to give back to the community!
Chana Kontokanis Silverman ('12-'13) and husband Noam on the birth of a baby girl

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