This Week at Midreshet Moriah
Parshat Haazinu Oct 12, 13 Tishrei

Matan Torah Today with Michal Porat-Zibman: Learning about Yom Kippur as a recipe to discover greatness in ourselves as we try to emulate G-d.
Women in Jewish Law with Bracha Krohn: Learning about the Keriyat Ha-Torah for Minchah on Yom Kippur ,which includes the prohibition of "Negiah".
Devar Torah:
Parshat Haazinu
Rav Jason Knapel
Rakezet meeting with Aliza
Selichot in Migdal Oz
OU Event on the Yamim Noraim
Ea ting out after Kapparot
Please Daven for a Refuah Shelaimah
Chanah bat Rachel
Rifkah bat Rosie
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