This Week at Midreshet Moriah
  • Parshat Tzav 24 March, 8 Nisan
In Poland with Vicky
Dvar Torah:
R. Uri Cohen
From Dena Terebelo - Eim Bayit
Dear Parents,
Wishing you all a wonderful uplifting pesach! 

Some of our students are in Poland right now. I will meet them in school on Monday morning G-d willing and I'm looking forward to hearing their thoughts and insights from the places they're seeing and experiencing now.
They are learning about and experiencing a harsh time in our history. There was tremendous horror and devastation. it's unbelievable that your children are learning in Israel in a country our ancestors could've only dreamed of seeing!!  

May we all merit to be released from our own personal bondages and enslavements during this time period, and to merit the Geulah on a national level.
Some Pics of the Girls in Poland
Mazel Tov to Ashley Lauer ('15-'17) on her engagement
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