This Week at Midreshet Moriah
Parshat Shemot, 29th December, 21 Tevet
What We Learned This Week:
Practical Topics in Talmud with Leora Bednarsh
Reviewing the first Perek of Makkot
Dvar Torah:
Parshat Shemot
Michal Porat-Zibman
Rav Ashi Taragin's Class - How to be a Jew in Eretz Yisrael

R. Ashi's class went to the Herodian Center in the Old City and saw the ancient village of the Kohanim, possibly the Kohanim who made the Ketoret. Then they saw an inspiring movie at the Burnt House that demonstrated the type of life they used to live then and the story of the destruction. Then to conclude they met with his father Rabbi Taragin in Yeshivat Kotel who spoke about the zchut of living in Eretz Yisrael and how to stay connected even after leaving.
Nachlaot tour with R' Benji Levine
Mishmar with Rav Lerner
Making Potato Kugel for Mishmar
Affixing the Mezuzah to the Door of the Main Entrance
Greeting a Nefesh b'Nefesh Flight
We are happy to announce that this year, Midreshet Moriah will be officially joining with Team Shalva in the Jerusalem Marathon.

Over the past few years, many girls have taken upon themselves to run in the marathon and raise funds to support this amazing organization that for the past 28 years has supported and empowered individuals with disabilities and their families in Israel.

38 girls are taking part this year in running for Shalva and many others are running for various other worthwhile causes.

We are part of a team in memory of Sara Batya Mayers, Daughter of Bentzi & Elaine. Bentzi is the Midreshet Moriah caterer and provides us with our daily meals, always with a smile and with the concern of the well being of each girl. 
Please consider supporting our girls and help them reach their goal.
Ayelet Schabes (09-10) on her wedding to Binyomin Kreisberg
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