This Week at Midreshet Moriah
Parshat Nitzavim, Sept 28, 28 Elul
Philosophical Issues in Modern Society with R. Jason Knapel:
We were learning about whether doubt and questions are acceptable in Judaism or not and if we do have doubts how do we approach them. Is there a systematic way to deal with them?
Talmudic Tales with Neima Novetsky:
We were learning the story of Elisha be Avuya and questioning why sometimes it is so difficult to change .
Dvar Torah:
Bracha Krohn
With Aliza Schwartz - rakezet
Learning in the Beis with R. Berglas
Manny's Booksale @ Midreshet Moriah
Shana Bet 2 day tiyul to the North - More Pics
Lech Lecha - Day 3
Rabbi and Vicky Berglas on the Pidyon haBen of their great grandson
Rabbi Eli Wagner (faculty) on the birth of a baby boy
Rebecca Finkelstein ('15-'16) on her engagement
Atara Solomon ('16-'17) on her engagement
Nitzan Schiffmiller (madricha 5779) on her engagement
  Danielle Zukerman ('16-'17)  on her engagement to  Daniel Schopf
Chloe Thall ('16-'17) on her recent marriage
  Kayla  Rush ('17-'18) on her engagement to Joe Muskal
Denny Tammam ('16-'18)on her engagement
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