This Week at Midreshet Moriah
Parshat Va'era January 25, 28 Tevet
Special Class with Rabbi Fohrman.
Rav Eitan's "Yaakov to Yosef" class enjoyed a fascinating shiur by special guest speaker Rabbi David Fohrman, who gave us an entirely new perspective on Creation and how we re-experience it each day, weaving together Torah, tefilah, and the latest in astrophysics!
Dvar Torah:
R. Uri Cohen
Our Beit Midrash
Panel: Questions Answered by Alumni and Rakazot
Shiur Klali with Lavi Greenspan.
Lavi explained how he became blind in his 20's and how it has brought him closer to Hashem.
He showed us how he still has emunah that גם זו לטובה. He learns Torah, davens, works and passed the bar exam to be a lawyer, but he chose instead to become a social worker.
Welcoming our Alumnae
Masada Shabbaton

רפואה שלימה
The father of an alum was in a very serious car accident.
Please daven for Moshe ben Shaindel
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