This Week at Midreshet Moriah
Parshat Vayeitzei, 26 November, 8 Kislev
What we learned this week...
With R. Eitan
"Peshat in the Parshah"
We discussed the shocking secret of what happened between Rachel and Leah on the night of the wedding to Yaakov

Learning in the
Beit Medrash with
R. Berglas
Dvar Torah:
Rena Coren
Yom Iyun - Interpersonal Relationships
Thanksgiving evening program
Participating in Color Run
 "the happiest 5,000 meters on the planet"
Rabbi Chanoch Teller (faculty) on the marriage of his son
Yedidya to Chana Miri Glazer  
Rebecca Yizhaky ('15-'16) on her engagement to Isaac Rosen
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