This Week at Midreshet Moriah
Parshat Mishpatim, 2nd February, 27 Shvat
Hilchot Shabbat with R. Lerner:
Guest Speaker Dr. Ilana Baltuch - Practising Doctor of Emergency Medicine speaking about pikuach nefesh and how to balance professional life and religious life.
She later spoke to the girls about medical ethics.
Troubling Texts in Tanach - Chabura with Bracha
Dvar Torah:
Parshat Mishpatim
Mickey Flaumenhaft
Guest Speaker: Lavi Greenspan
Lavi became blind in his 20's and has an unbelievable belief in and connection with Hashem. He learns Torah, davens, works and passed the bar exam to be a lawyer. But he's a social worker.
Optional Ulpan with Nitzan (Madricha)
Special Guest Mishmar with R. Efrem Goldberg
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