This Week at Midreshet Moriah
  • Parshat Mishpatim 10 February, 25 Shvat
Yom Iyyun about Shabbat
Dvar Torah:
R. Zvi Ron
Matzah Baking with R. Ashi Taragin
For the past week we've been learning the halachot of Pesach. To fully experience and understand the halachot we performed the baking 'lemaaseh.' While making the matzot under 18 min we could feel the pressure and tension similar to the חפזון of יציאת מצרים
Pink Day - for Breast Cancer Awareness
Shabbat with Faculty
At Rav Lerner's House
At Batsheva Reinitz's House (Rakezet)
Aviya (Fried) Goldstein ('14 - '15) is mourning the passing of her father Yossi Fried
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