This Week at Midreshet Moriah
Parshat Vayakhel Pikudei March 21, 25 Adar
Dear Parents,

Starting Sunday morning, we began using the "Zoom" platform to deliver all of our classes online. Zoom enables us to use video and audio so that teachers and students can fully interact. With Hashem's help, in the space of just one day, we went from zero to sixty, putting everything online in just one day.

Teaching in this new mode is challenging for our teachers, who are not digital experts and must do a great deal of technological learning in a hurry. Most have used Skype or Facetime, but this is a whole other level. On the other hand (as I always tell them), this is the most devoted group of educators I have ever known, and they have risen to the challenge beautifully. 
YU and Touro will grant credit for our online learning as long as we have a method for knowing who viewed each class, and teachers are therefore following each of their classes with a set of three questions on the class for students to answer by email and then be marked present. 

These are trying times and your daughters are impressing us with their dedication to learning and their desire to be in touch with each other and with us over learning Torah. We, their teachers, are gaining so much strength and inspiration from them as we meet in our "zoom rooms" to learn together and continue the growth they have invested in this year. 
We would like to invite you to join us for our classes over Zoom. The same way we invite you to Rechov Azarya #1 and enjoy meeting you and including you in our live shiurim - so too, now, if you would like to sit with your daughter at the desk or kitchen table and learn along with her, please do!
Looking forward to continued nachas from your daughter!
May the learning we are all doing give us extra merit for refuah for all. 

Shabbat Shalom!

Eitan Mayer, Menahel
Bracha Krohn, Menahelet
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