This Week at Midreshet Moriah
Parshat Vayeshev, 9 December, 21 Kislev
What we learned this week...
With Rebecca Shmuel (Sepha's Class)
"Leadership in Sefer Bamidbar"
(Such Nachat! Rebecca said that her favorite story is the Meraglim so I offered to let her teach it-she taught the whole period and did an AMAZING job! - Sepha)
This week I had the amazing opportunity of teaching my fellow classmates a few different ideas I prepared about the story of the meraglim. My goal was to give them a better understanding of some crucial characters in the story line that many people don't really focus on such as Caleb and Yehoshua. I prepared a few Rashis which really gave us a better understanding of how they stepped up to the other meraglim in order to convince the nation that the land is as good as HaShem says it is and that they, with the help of HaShem can conquer it from the nations that occupied it. This also teaches us that in times when most people don't have faith or start to question we should step up and be the Caleb of our generation.
Dvar Torah:

Adele Chabot
Shiur Klali with Shana Bet Panel
Yom Iyun - Bein Adam Le'Atzmo
Round Robin
With Abby Dishi
Using the meditative light of Chanukah to find your strengths, values and passion to move forward in life.
With Malka Hubscher
Learning to leave your comfort zone and to say 'yes' to things that are hard

In the Beit Medrash
With Dr. Aviva Goldstein: We learned about the research from the field of positive psychology on character strengths. We analyzed how our own character strengths manifest in different arenas of our lives, and how we can use them to become more self aware in our cultivation of self actualization and building nurturing relationships with others.
Late Beis learners with R. Lerner and Michal
At Rav Eitan's for Shabbos
Sarah Chubak ('13-'15) on her engagement to Mike Sherman
Dafna Secemski ('14-'15) on her engagment to Avi Lent
Judith Moher ('15-'15) on her engagement to Danny Bloom
Arielle Zinraech ('12-'13) on her marriage to Dani Secemski, Dafna Secemski's brother
Ariella Freiden ('05-'06) and Alan Schwartz on the birth of a baby girl

Baruch Dayan haEmet
Heartfelt condolences to Faigie Samet Reves ('99-'00), Chavi Samet ('06-07) and Rachael  Samet ('07-'08) on the loss of their mother Baila (Barbara) Samet.
May they be comforted among the mourners of Israel.
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