This Week at Midreshet Moriah
Parshat Mishpatim February 22, 27 Shevat
From Yaakov to Yosef with Rav Eitan:
We were learning about the first time Yaakov Avinu met the love of his life, Rachel Imenu.
Introduction to Gemara with Rav Jason: We were learning about Birkat Hamazon.
Devar Torah:
Leora Bednarsh
Our Beit Midrash
Learning with the Rakazot
Shabbat Yom Iyyun
Shabbat Makeup
Workshop on how to make our Shabbat even better
Mazel Tov Kayla Soclof on making ALIYAH!!
Shalom Task Force at Midreshet Moriah
Every year we invite Shalom Task Force to run a workshop to teach about healthy relationships and abuse prevention. We want to make sure that the girls have the tools, communication skills and self-awareness to avoid such relationships and to help friends who find themselves in this dangerous reality.
More Eilat Pics
Rabbi Lerner, Rav Rafi and Mickey are in the US!!!
R. Rafi learning with alumnae at Stern College
R. Lerner at Stern College
R. Lerner in Maryland
Welcoming our Alumnae
At Michal's
At Bracha's
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