This Week at Midreshet Moriah
Parshat Bo, 12th January, 6 Shvat
Advanced Gemara with Leora Bednarsh
Learning about self defense in the case of a robbery in the home.
Sepha Kirshblum teaching about Heroes and Heroines in Tanach
Dvar Torah:
Parshat Bo
R. Rafi Rosenblum
Shana Bet Preida
From R. Jason Knapel - Shana Bet Coordinator

This past week we said goodbye to a fantastic group of young women who decided to spend the last year and a half growing and learning at Midreshet Moriah. These talmidot not only focused on their own Torah but helped create an atmosphere of warmth and kedusha for the shana aleph girls as well. Each one developed in their own special way and we look forward to hearing how they continue to develop and grow and contribute in the future.
Mishmar with R. Lerner
Dear Aumnae,
We are really excited to share with you details about our Chanukat Habayit which will be on Sunday, January 20th. See details below.
We would love to see you here. So if you are going to be in Israel during this time please come and celebrate with us.
Hodaya (Fried) Stark ('13 - '15) Madricha (5778) on the birth of a beautiful baby!
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