This Week at Midreshet Moriah
Parshat Vayakhel, March 2nd, 25 Adar Aleph
The Well Educated Jew with R. Jason Knapel
In this course, we learn about phrases, people and books every Jew should know. In this class, we learned about the Chovot HaLevavot -- who wrote it and what it teaches us.
Dating and Marriage in Jewish Law with Leora Bednarsh
We learned about the difference between love and affection and the value of being 'shomer negiah' (avoiding physical contact before marriage). We also discussed problematic relationships.

Dvar Torah:
R. Uri Cohen
Hilchot Shabbat with R. Eitan
In this class, we're learning about "bishul," the prohibition of cooking on Shabbat. As you can see, in this session we brought things to life by cooking chicken soup together and enjoying it as we learned!
Baking Hamantaschen!
R. Lerner's Motzai Shabbat Shiur in the US
Thank you to the Thall Family for hosting us. May they be zocheh to continually use their house to spread Torah.
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