This Week at Midreshet Moriah
Parshat Behar, 5 May, 20 Iyyar
Our Two Day Trip to the North
Dvar Torah:
Rabbi Ashi Taragin
First Day
Second Day
We're Back
Candy Corner is very excited to be partnering with Midreshet Moriah on the Shavuot Campaign. A portion of each gift ordered will be donated to the school, specifically designated for their Scholarship Fund. As alumnae of Midreshet Moriah (Rahel Danzger Yaish - 1989-1990 and Tamar Parness Lustman - 1992-1993), we have remained connected to Midreshet Moriah over the years, and continue to support this wonderful center of Torah learning. Feel free to have a look around our site and order something special for your daughter who will be spending the wonderful holiday of Shavuot in Israel!
Jamie Miller Srulovitz ('01-'02) on the birth of a baby girl

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