This Week at Midreshet Moriah
Parashat Ha'azinu, 23 September, 3 Tishrei
Shana Tova from Yaakov Sofer:
What we learned this week...
With Michal Porath-Zibman
"Shemonah Esrei Plus"
Focusing on the central themes of the Shemonah Esrei of Rosh Hashanah and discussing that first we pray outward on behalf of mankind and only then do we turn inward and focus on ourselves.
With Leora Bednarsh:
"Gemarah (Adv)"
We learned about Eidim Zomemim: the principle of reciprocal punishment, and the importance of honest testimony as the basis of keeping order in society. We discussed the central theme of Rosh Hashana of who Hashem is and a vision of an ideal world, that should serve as the inspiration for self improvement.
Dvar Torah:
Torah as Shirah
Rav Uri Cohen
In the Beit Medrash...
Shiur Klali - Hatarat Nedarim
The entire student body participated in the annual custom of Hatarat Nedarim, annulling vows, observed around Rosh Ha-Shanah, enabling each individual to arrive at the New Year with a clean slate."
Selichot at the Kotel on Motzai Shabbat
Manny's Book Sale in the courtyard
Shana Bet at Bracha's
house for Shabbos
Student spotlight - to follow
Rachel Ohayon ('09-'10) on her engagement to Leo Loeffler
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