This Week at Midreshet Moriah
Parshat Ki Tavo Sept 21, 21 Elul
Thought of Rav Lichtenstein with Leora Bednarsh:
Learning about changing one's path, not just one's deeds -- growth happens gradually, not necessarily all at once, and often entails changing yourself in such a way that you have a higher threshold for what it would take to get you to sin.
Advanced Hilchot Shabbat with R. Eitan Mayer:
Learning about the concept of "borer," the prohibition of sorting items on Shabbat.
Dvar Torah:
Ki Tavo
Estie Fried
Learning in the Beit Medrash
With Rina Zinkin - rakezet
Learning b'chavrutah
With Vicky
With R. Jason
Lech Lecha Day 1
Lech Lecha Day 2
Shana Bet Tiyul to Har HaZeitim
Shana Bet 2 day tiyul to the North
Esti Rubenstein (alumna '13 - '15, madricha 5780) on her recent marriage

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