This Week at Midreshet Moriah
Yom Kippur, 30 September, 10 Tishrei
What we learned this week...
With Rav Yitzchok Lerner
"Hilchot Shabbat"
Discussing how to bring Shabbos into their lives and more specifically the halachot of squeezing fruits on Shabbos.
With Bracha Krohn:
"Women in Jewish Law"
'We discussed the idea of the need for fences around certain mitzvot to protect them from violation. In that context, we began learning about the Rabbinic prohibition "yichud" - i.e. that we cannot be alone in a closed or secluded place with someone who is forbidden to us from the list of Gilui Arayot (Vayikra Ch. 18)'
Dvar Torah:
Yom Kippur
Rav Jason Knapel
In the Beit Medrash...
With Batsheva Reinetz - Raketzet
...with Aliza Schwartz - Rakezet
Kumsitz with the Madrichot
CnC in the Beit Medrash
Selichot Monday 11:00pm at Migdal Oz
Lech Lecha Orientation
In Ein Telem in Gan Hakipod: Preparation for our Lech Lecha trip - October 17 - 20
Building the Sukkah!!!
Shana bet at Michal Porat-Zibman's house in Neveh Daniel for a Pre Roshanah 'shir and shiur': hearing a shiur about Rosh Hashanah and singing songs in preperation for the tefillahs.
Student spotlight - to follow
Maya Krohn Joyandeh ('06-'07) on the birth of a baby boy
Chana Rivka Rapp ('13-'14) and Yeshai Katz on their upcoming wedding
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