Tuesday Night Join "Thieme Hall" for Karaoke/Open Mic 7pm

Best Entertainment Downtown

Tuesday: Open Mic/Karaoke 7pm
Wednesday: Sweetgrass Revival 6pm
Thursday: Sweetgrass Revival 6pm
Friday: Catch N Release 7pm- Dueling Pianos 10pm.
Saturday: Dave Crawford 1.30pm- Josh Robich 6.30pm- Dueling Pianos 10pm.
Sunday: Dave Crawford 1.30pm- Finbar and Ringo Irish Show 5pm.

Join us for all Sports all the Time, Soccer, Rugby, Gaelic, Hurling, Football, Baseball, Nascar etc.

Our own Charleston Hurling Just won the Holy City Cup.

Charleston Battery Soccer will face Harrisburgh this Friday 7pm. Game will be Broadcast Live here at Molly's.

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Many Race deals are being Discussed however PK is Waiting for the Right fit. Currently he is focused on his new Company Nootelligence
More News from the B/S Corner this Week.

Danbury B/S has Invaded North Myrtle Beach. Rumor is NMB is Winning in the Witty Quotes Segment .

The Rumor that a Private Pilot contracted to Nascar and Jeff Gordon was making an attempt to purchase the "Joe Biden" CTS are so far untrue. The Car is still available however. People have Backed out for various Reasons. Finbar was looking for a Two Tone Color One Instead. A Picture of Sarah and I taken with "Joe Biden" was Stolen from the Car though. The Picture that the White House, FBI, Secret Service, Homeland  etc,could never seem to locate after our Meeting at the Port of Charleston is obviously a Treasured Item of the VP and May Actually be worth more than the Car. Battery Soccer Captain "Colin Falvey" also reported Interest, His Wish was to Paint it Black and Yellow and circle Blackbaud Stadium Duing Irish Night is so far our Best Lead.........

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