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October 16, 2019
19th Sunday after Pentecost
9:30 am
Pray always. Do not lose heart. This is the encouragement of the Christ of the gospel today. Persistence in our every encounter with the divine will be blessed. Wrestle with the word. Remember your baptism again and again. Come regularly to Christ's table. Persistence in our every encounter with the divine will be blessed.
Sunday's Givers (Part 1)
 Thanks to Amy Asato & Tim Barron  for furnishing candles in celebration of their 26th wedding anniversary and to  Sandi Kottman for providing flowers to honor Victoria's birthday.

We offer our gratitude to  Pastor Brent for again  hosting fellowship following worship..preparing the coffee and snack to share with our guests.  The only thing left to do is to come and enjoy!
Sunday's Givers (Part 2)

In order to assist on Sunday mornings (and receive the kind of recognition noted above!) simply signup in the narthex to bring flowers, sponsor candles ($10 in the offering), or host fellowship by offering the goodies to share...we provide the coffee.

Our visitors and guests will know we care when they see the above attention we give to the aforementioned.  
We Welcome Our New Bishop

Last Saturday, October 12th the DC Metro Synod celebrated the installation of Bishop Leila Ortiz along with her chosen assistants at 10:00 am.  The Bishop of the ELCA Elizabeth Eaton presided.  The service took place in the chapel at the University of Maryland, College Park.  Pastor Brent participated and Carrie & Debbie sang in the Mass Choir.  The event was well attended, joyful...and not all of it in English!  

We lift our new partners in the synod office in our prayers...and look forward to the fruits of our affiliation.  The church is dynamic and change is in the is the Holy Spirit that take us by the hand and leads us into our tomorrows!  
October Sunday School 
Blessing: Jacob
Genesis 25:19-28; 27:1-40; 32:22-31

A blessing from God marks us.  It sets us apart and calls us into the tribe of God.  In the story of Jacob the children will hear how Jacob's journey shows God's blessing does not render us perfect people.  Instead, God uses imperfect people who wrestle with the challenges of carrying out God's work of love and service.  In the previous class, we asked the children to explore Nativity and identify places, people, or things that make them feel most welcome.  Now the children will complete their book of how they belong to their church community at Nativity and in God's kingdom. 

When:  October 20th, 9:00-9:30 am
Where:   Green classroom
Who:   All children are welcome and adults are welcome to volunteer.
Questions:   Contact Megan Armenti or Suzanne McKillop

Good News!

We have exceeded our campaign goal of $20,000...on our way to 30!

20 + 4 20+ endeavors to bring the resources of both joy and money to bear for the work of Nativity by the close of the year 2020...we will build through your gifts a bridge to the future.  Reaching this initial benchmark has now triggered "matching funds" from Pastor Brent, who will trim his compensation  in 2020 by at least 20 k.

Leadership's pledge is to have any number of possible new directions for your voting approval along with a realistic spending plan to achieve our objectives at our Annual Meeting this November 24th.  Your willingness to assist today helps ensure our accomplishments tomorrow. 

It is right to include the "+" sign after both 20's to indicate that we are both embrace exceeding the stated sum and our intention to be around in 2021 and beyond!  You may see a plus sign...or a you may see a cross!

We are aware that a good number of our members still intend to contribute.  All should know your gift of any amount is still most welcome...we hope all would desire to participate in order to share in the positive results of our generosity.   
New Directory

Please take a look at the Church Directory in the narthex and make any changes to addresses, phone number and email' we can update and print a the new 2019-2020 directory before the end of the year.

Thank you for your assistance.

United Community
UC celebrates its 50th year with a new name and logo...Nativity will also be looking at creative ways to offer our support.  At least one ministry will remain unchanged...
The UC Food Pantry always has need for heart healthy food items. Some of  the items that are always needed Include-

      -canned tuna (or other meats) in water
      -whole wheat pasta
      -low salt canned goods
      -low sugar cereals
      -canned beans or dry beans
      -olive oil or canola oil for cooking
     -unsalted nuts and seeds 

Thanks to Bob for delivering our latest donation.
Next time you are grocery shopping fill a bag for UC...hundreds of families depend each week on our generosity in order to feed their children.  Drop your donation into the now empty carts located in the narthex.  Thank you in advance! 

Please Join Us!

Poverty is no laughing matter, but the annual  Capitol Steps United Community Benefit has raised funds to help families in need for decades.

The 28th annual performance of " The Capitol Steps"...the group "who puts the MOCK in democracy" will take place on November 3rd at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office at 5:00 pm.

Doors open at 3:45 pm for Food, Fun and Fellowship!     Admission is $80.00 (includes appetizers, beer & wine).  Tickets can be purchased online at   h ttp://

The event sells out quickly!  Purchase your admission today!
Nativity Book Club

On Sunday, November 17, at noon, Nativity's Book Club will meet with a discussion of the book "A Gentleman in Moscow" by Amor Towles.  We will meet at the home of Tess and Joe Mattis.  Please come and join us.  We always have a great time and invite everyone regardless of whether they have the time to read the book beforehand.  The food and drink will be provided.
If you have any questions feel free to contact Barb Gigure at 703-915-9066 or email her at

"Non-profit Service Dog Training for Veteran/First Responders'"

  In this space we thought we could provide "snapshots" of some of the groups that share our grounds and building at Nativity.So far we have introduced "Mom's & Tots",AA, Yoga, and Music we highlight one of our newer partners...TADSAW. traumatic stress syndrome.  We love over veterans and service members...and we like to think that it's more than words or feelings.  So Nativity offers its space to do something to help.  Jennie, representing an organization that addresses the problem, conducts dog training so that those afflicted would have a helper and companion to combat the anxiety and pain that stands in the way of recovery.  Because the future often looks bleak for these folks you have to work "backwards" to recover the affection and trust they knew before the trauma...with a reliable and loyal companion they can begin to see a way forward.  Working backwards can be a good know what you get when you spell GOD in reverse!  

Jennie has "graduated" a half dozen already and more are in the pipeline.  If you are ever at Nativity on a Wednesday morning, that bark you here is the sound of ministry.

(Next week,,,"COI" Christian Outreach International)         
The Last Word 

"It's as easy as 1-2-3!"  It's often a lot more difficult...but in the case of the final three weeks of the month the saying applies.  When lists are drawn of the people over the last two millennia who have most influenced civilization, three folks often top the list.  And while these three each have their 'big day" in October, we'll also take a bit of time to highlight their lowlights...mistakes, failures, and flaws both professionally and personally.  So we've come up with a new title for our column... T his Month in History.

Last week was Columbus Day... he's #2.  He deserves the distinction for "discovering" America...a "game  changer" for the world.  But we also know his mistake in naming the indigenous peoples already living here as "Indians"...and history has proven his treatment of them to mostly be reprehensible.  

This week we're onto #1.  Tomorrow we'll be in New York City to see the kids and grand kids...and Penny my grand dog!  If you've seen NYC at night, you'll probably agree with the choice.. Thomas Edison.  I, for one, am not about to argue with the invention of 
electric light bulb as the single most monumental advancement for these last 2,000 years.  If you think otherwise, think again when your power goes out!  So it was on October 21st, 1879 that Edison successfully tested an incandescent lamp with a carbonized filament at his laboratory in Menlo Park, NJ...keeping it lit for over 13 hours.

I want to also say that a person's public accomplishments should not be overshadowed by personal foibles and failures...and Edison had many.  When asked how he fashioned a successful lamp, he replied that he didn't fail in the first 10,000 attempts at it...rather discovered 10,000 ways  it wouldn't work!  His efforts toward marketing an ore-separator and electric pen weren't so hot...although his ideas, even if he couldn't pull them off, about a record of the month club and a talking doll were accomplished by others.  His biggest loss was in backing Direct Current in the war with Westinghouse and Alternating Current.  I'm certainly no scientist...look it up and read more about it.  But his broken promise to Tesla, his unfair business practices bordering on collusion, and his trying to undercut his competitor by electrocuting thousands of dogs (I hate him for that!) are legend.

We all do crummy stuff...I hope that in the end I might be remembered for the occasional positive thing instead of my manifold shortcomings.  Only one person has never had to worry about was all good stuff!  He wasn't given consideration or allowed on the list...the compilers thought he held an unfair advantage, you know, being God and all.  Jesus' accomplishment was lifted up when he was...on a cross.  So now while our flaws, foibles, and failures are not discounted, God just doesn't count them against us.  And even if we are way down on any such list of notables...because of Jesus' currency we are #1 in the sight of God.

We'll finish this out with #3 next week...

Hope you stay plugged in!

Pastor Brent,

October 20, 2019
Counter:  Council
Debbie Bowers
Joe Mattaino
Saturday, October 26th:    
Gunston Travel Soccer Team Car Wash 9:00 am-1:00 pm.

Sunday, October 27th : Festival of the Reformation.

Sunday, November 3rd:   All Saints' Sunday.
Daylight Savings Time (turn clocks back 1 hour)

Monday, November 11th: 
Veterans Day observed, Office closed.

Sunday, November 24th:  Semi- Annual Meeting of Nativity following worship.  Elections, spending plans, future direction and program possibilities are our agenda this day.  Mark your calendars! 


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STAR Mission Statement

SEEK to grow in God's Word

TELL the story of Jesus' love & forgiveness

ACT as God's Hands in the world

REACH OUT to welcome all

The Rev. Brent H. Thalacker,

Carrie Brutscher, Music Director and Council Secretary

Bob Kehler, Council President

Brian Bauman, Vice President

Debbie Bowers, Treasurer

Joe Mattis, Stewardship

Sandi Kottman, Council Member (at large)

Marianne Wendel, Administrative Assistant
Weekly Calendar
October 20, 2019 thru
October 26, 2019
9:30am: Holy Communion & Fellowship following  worship 
11:30 am:   COI Service
2:00 pm: Cristo te Llama
7:30 pm: AA Meeting

10:00 am:  Mom's & Tots
1:00 pm:   AA Meeting
2:30 pm: Teen Yoga with Amy
7:00 pm:   Cristo te Llama


9:00 am:     Music Together
1:00 pm: AA Meeting

10:00 am:  Marianne & Pastor Brent in office
9:00 am-12pm: 
Non-profit Service dog training for veterans/first responders in Fellowship Hall.


18:30 am:
 Music Together
6:00 pm: Energetic Yoga
7:00 pm: : COI Band Rehearsal


7:30 am:
Zenergy Yoga
9:00 am:
Music Together 


9:00 am:  Music Together
9:00 am- 9:00 pm:    Cristo te Llama fasting all day