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Welcome to OLLI-UM This Week!

The OLLI-UM offices, located in the Turner Senior Resource Center, are open on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9am - 5pm. Masks are required, regardless of vaccination status per University policy.

Contact: 734-998-9351 or 

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The Turner Senior Resource Center and the OLLI-UM offices will be closed from December 26, 2022 - January 2, 2023. The OLLI-UM staff will not be available to assist members during this time. 

Summer Shared Interest Groups (SSIGs)

Summer is Short in Michigan

Spend it with Friends who Share your Interests!

OLLI will have new Summer Shared Interest Groups (SSIGs) from June 15 - August 15, 2023. Open to members and non-members for FREE! Summer Shared Interest Groups will be member organized and peer led with a focus on activities that are best experienced during summertime. We’re welcoming proposals from potential facilitators for Summer SIGs:

Bird Watching


Hiking Southeast Michigan

Plein Air Painting

Identifying Trees

Kayaking Lakes and Ponds

Fly Fishing

Looking Back on Travel

OR do you have your own idea?!

A SIG facilitator(s) is a person or persons with an idea for a Summer Shared Interest Group who would like to propose it. Proposals considered starting now!

Find the Proposal Form at:


 Archaeology and Heritage along the Nile in the Heartland of Ancient Kush

Speaker: Geoff Emberling

Tuesday, December 13

10:00 - 11:30 AM

Towsley Auditorium and ONLINE

$10.00 at door (Membership Required)

This talk will outline results of the past 10 years of our project’s work at two sites: the royal pyramid cemetery of the kings and queens of ancient Kush at El-Kurru, and our more recent investigations at the capital city of Jebel Barkal, including discovery of a previously unknown area of the ancient town. It will also describe how our project has worked to collaborate more fully with local communities.

Geoff Emberling is an archaeologist and museum curator specializing in the ancient cultures of the Middle East and Northeast Africa. Based in the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology at the University of Michigan, his current archaeological and heritage projects focus on the heartland of ancient Kush (sometimes also known as Nubia), located along the Nile River in northern Sudan. Some of this work has recently been featured in documentaries produced by National Geographic and others.


Will Democracy Survive?

Voter Turnout in 2022 and What it Means Moving Forward


David A. Dulio

Thursday, December 15

10:00 - 11:30AM

Towsley Auditorium and ONLINE

$10.00 at door (Membership Required)

Professor Dulio will summarize the results, the key voting patterns and voter rationale for the recent (11/8/2022) midterm elections in Michigan. He will discuss the changes that have occurred within each of the major political parties in this State and how those changes impacted candidate selection, campaign messaging, and turnout of targeted groups of voters. He will also will address efforts to restrict the franchise and other proposed changes in Michigan's election law. He is a frequent resource for journalists interested in discussing American political campaigns and government operations. Professor Dulio further directs Oakland University's Center for Civil Engagement. 

David A. Dulio is Professor of Political Science Department and Director of the Center for Civic Engagement at Oakland University. Dulio has published thirteen books, with two of his most recent being Under the Iron Dome: Congress from the Inside and Cases in Congressional Campaigns: Split Decision. He has written dozens of articles and book chapters on subjects ranging from the role of professional consultants in U.S. elections to campaign finance. Dulio is also a former American Political Science Congressional Fellow on Capitol Hill where he worked in the U.S. House of Representatives.


An Introduction to Quantum Computing

Thursday, December 15

1:00 - 2:30PM


Steven L. Richardson, PhD

$10.00 (online only)

Billions of dollars have been spent by companies, governments, and universities around the world on quantum computing. Hopefully these investments will create a new type of supercomputer which will revolutionize our ability to design novel drugs, forecast weather conditions, and create new materials for important applications in electronics and communications. These quantum computers could perform calculations in seconds that would take today’s so-called classical supercomputers hundreds of years to do. Advances in quantum computing are going to require the skills of computer scientists, physicists, engineers, chemists, mathematicians, and biologists. It is our goal in today’s lecture to explain to the non-expert how quantum computers are different from modern classical supercomputers. There still exist many challenges in designing quantum computers so you can not yet walk down to the nearest brick-and-mortar store to buy one or even purchase one on-line. Finally, we will discuss how quantum computing can help motivate a new generation of young people to pursue exciting careers in science and engineering.


The speaker, Steven L. Richardson, PhD, is Professor Emeritus of Electrical Engineering at Howard University and Faculty Associate in Applied Physics, Harvard University.


We are forming the committee now to create the program for 2023-24. This is your opportunity to have an impact on OLLI lectures. The OLLI Distinguished Lecture Series consists of ten lectures which are held on Tuesday mornings from 10:00 to 11:30 a.m., once per month from September through June. The speakers are well-informed experts who share their specialized knowledge in an engaging manner. Each lecture is just the beginning; a stimulating question-and-answer period follows each session! If you are interested in joining us, please reach out to the OLLI-UM offices at 734-998-9351 or email us at



As many of us are feeling the strain of increased prices, these stressors are compounded for families who experience food insecurity. This holiday season, U of M Geriatric Community Programs is raising funds and hosting a food and fund drive to help feed our community's families, children, individuals, and seniors. All donations benefit Food Gatherers, the food bank and food rescue program serving Washtenaw County for more than 30 years. We will be collecting items at the Turner Senior Resource Center from December 6, 2022 - January 6, 2023. Your donation of non-perishable food items is greatly appreciated!

Please also consider making a monetary donation and let Food Gatherers do the shopping for you. With their bulk purchasing power, they can really make your dollar stretch. ($1 = 3 meals!) Please scan the QR code below to give today.

As far as collecting donations, anyone who gives online will receive an email tax receipt. If you give cash or checks in-person at Turner Senior Resource Center, the donors who give by check will receive a mailed tax receipt letter when the checks are turned into Food Gatherers. They can also mail a tax receipt for gifts of cash, but please provide your gift amount along with your name and address when we collect the cash.


OLLI is Always Looking for Volunteers for Committees

Please contact Lynn Boyer on more ways to get involved:

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