“Making History”

There is a quarter lying in the packed soil just to the side of the foot path around Fort Sewall. I first noticed it as I walked by with our dog recently, to watch progress on the renovations and improvements going on up there. Had it been a silver dollar or a gold crown it would surely have wound up in my pocket. But I was intrigued by the thought of a team of archeologists discovering that coin hundreds or thousands of years from now, so I left it there. Maybe it will remain undisturbed through the centuries until sometime in the unknowable future it is found and becomes a priceless artifact. It is remotely possible that someone will dig it up someday and puzzle over the inscription “In God We Trust” under George Washington’s chin. A future civilization might surmise something about us because of that coin. Each time I walk by now I smile at the thought that by resisting the urge to pocket twenty-five cents, I just might have become a file clerk in the archeological record of human civilization. What a concept!

On a less fanciful level, history is being made all the time. Most of us will have slight, if any, impact on recorded history – which may be why people do things like scratch their initials in wet concrete or spray paint their “tag” on the schoolyard wall. The fact is, however, in the age of this global pandemic, it’s more likely we’re thinking about how history impacts us, rather than the other way around.

But beyond that, it is possible that we each have an unimaginable effect on the lives of those in our immediate circles, on their personal histories. In this respect, what we say and do is of profound significance. I am struck by how often people can point back to a specific conversation or event when asked about the turning points in their lives. Imagine: something you say or do in the next hour, the next day, the next week, could help shape someone’s life. It is entirely possible.

In these challenging times, I encourage you to help make history. An act of kindness toward a neighbor in need, a phone call or note to someone self-isolating alone, a smile and encouraging word to a stranger – little gestures can make a huge difference in the life of another human being. They shape us as individuals too. That’s how we can each and all make history – history that really matters. 
Making history that really matters: it’s a lot better than hoping someone will find that quarter up at Fort Sewall someday and figure out what we meant by “In God We Trust.”        

In faith, hope and love,
 Dennis B. Calhoun, Senior Minister  

Sunday, May 3, 2020

Fourth Sunday of Easter
Communion Sunday

This week's worship video will be posted by 10am this Sunday.
Please click here on Sunday morning to view the service.

Make sure you set your table for communion when you join us to worship on Sunday. Any bread (cracker, cookie, taco shell, rice cake...) will do, and any drink (wine, juice, water, tea...)

Please click on "Show More," found below the youtube video, if you would like to access the "Suggested Listening" portion of our online services.

Scripture Lessons: Psalm 23 and John 10:1-10
Rev. Dr. Dennis Calhoun will be offering the Meditation

Please click here for a copy of Sunday's bulletin.

Our Latest News and Activities
Worship Service and Coffee Hour Links

The early church met in houses, instead of in sanctuaries; in this pandemic time, we'll be bringing you worship from our houses, for you to participate in from yours. This Sunday's worship will be on YouTube, and can be found by clicking  here or by entering this link in your browser:
It will be posted by 10am. 

After worship, at 11am we'll gather for coffee hour via Zoom, an online meeting platform. You can call in with your phone, or join with video and audio from a smartphone or computer. It'll be a little weird, and a little clunky, but it will be so nice to see your faces. (You'll have to make your own coffee). Here's the Zoom information: 

Either click here or enter this link: https://zoom.us/j/566308766
Or call this number: 
    +1 312 626 6799 (Meeting ID: 566 308 766)

Children’s Faith Formation

Stories Under the Tent with Karen, All are invited!
This Week: Sunday at 4:00 and Wednesday at 4:30

This week we will be planting little gardens together! I invite you to bring a pot or dish, a spoon, some soil, some little plants from your garden - moss, grass, seeds and I will bring mine too!

We will take time to hear each others stories and offer prayers too.

I will send out a ZOOM invitation on Tuesdays and Saturdays. If you are not on the ONC Children’s email group and would like to join in, please send me an email and I will add you. All are Welcome!
Ways to Connect With Us During the Week

So that we might stay connected, we've set up several times throughout the week to gather on Zoom. You can join from a computer, iphone, or ipad using the links below, or you can call +1 929 205 6099 and enter the meeting ID (listed with each event). 

Lectio Divina (Tuesdays 9am)
https://zoom.us/j/532654567 (Meeting ID: 532-654-567)
A time of contemplative prayer, with scripture and poetry, led by Dennis. 

Breakfast Group (Fridays 8am)
https://zoom.us/j/568995512 (Meeting ID: 568-995-512)
A time to gather with one another, with your breakfast and coffee. 
Coping with Stress and Grief during a Pandemic
Wednesdays at 8pm

Join us on Zoom every Wednesday at 8pm for a brief gathering to reflect on the grief and difficulty of these days, share how we're coping, and get support. All of the TV commercials are telling us that we'll get through these uncertain times together (thanks, banks and car dealerships and Coca Cola for the encouragement!), and--all joking aside--it's good for us to see each other's faces and connect. Lindsay will lead these sessions. Join at  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88362537082 or by calling 929-205-6099 and entering Meeting ID: 883 6253 7082

If you're interested in this group but the time doesn't work for you, email Lindsay ( lindsaypopper@gmail.com ) with a couple suggestions of times that would work. We want to support you and cheer you on in these hard times! 
Thank You Volunteers!
Last Saturday, a group of volunteers came to spread mulch in the church garden beds as well as the parking lot. Thank you to our wonderful volunteers: Bill and Linda Duvel, Barbara and John Tatum, David and Marcia Bennet, Dave Hostetter, Lynda Hare, Judy Conner, Barbara Day, Rick and Ginny VonRueden, and our ever-helpful church neighbor, Laurie Boggis. Stow Walker ordered the mulch and negotiated a discount price.

Every square inch of the planting beds was covered as workers practiced required social distancing. Since the news starts every day with the latest stats, here are some for you…
  • 300 bags of mulch, 13 volunteers, 37 bags spread in the Memorial Garden and 22 bags of mulch in the front of the church
  • 255 bags were spread around the parking lot beds
  • 40-45 leftover bags of mulch were purchased by the volunteers and
  • The job was completed in 2 hours. Fantastic!

Would You Share Your Experience
of Living Through These Times of Covid-19?
Our Historian, Lesli Mead would like to record your thoughts, stories and photos to our Old North Archives of these times when we cannot worship together in the Sanctuary. Please email Lesli at Lmead6@gmail.com or send mail to Lesli's attention at the Church Office, 8 Stacey St. Marblehead, MA 01945.
Do You Need Assistance? Here are some Resources.
We are sharing a list of resources which Gordon Lothrop thoughtfully shared with us from the Marblehead Masonic Lodge.

List of Resources
  • Swampscott Council on Aging: click here
  • Marblehead Council on Aging: click here
  • Marblehead Community Support Forum:  click here
  • Nahant Council on Aging: click here
  • Anchor Food Pantry Swampscott: click here
  • The Nahant Veteran’s Food Bank operates the first Wednesday of the month for veterans living in Nahant.
  • Marblehead Food Pantry, 80 Atlantic Ave. (781)631-5335: click here
  • Town of Marblehead:  click here
  • Town of Swampscott: click here 
  • Churches
  • Synagogues
  • Schools
Call For Selfies and Videos

So that we might see each other's faces, we're looking for either selfies, or videos of you praying the Lord's Prayer. We'll use these in our worship services! You can send selfies to office@onchurch.org  

If you record a video of yourself or your family saying the Lord's Prayer, email it to Lindsay at lindsaypopper@gmail.com and we'll create a video collage. 

Here's the text of the prayer we're using:
Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name; thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread; and forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil, for thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever and ever. Amen.

Tips: Record using your cellphone, laptop or tablet, shooting in landscape mode (sideways). Shoot from straight-on (not looking up or down at the camera), with your torso and head in the shot, with light in front of you, not behind. 

The Bell of Old North Church is Ringing!

At the suggestion of one of the Deacons, the bell at Old North Church is ringing at 6 pm each evening as a way to reminder that we are here to serve the needs and lift the spirits of the community during these trying times. We have invited other area congregations to join us in this effort. If you would like to be a “ringer” please be in touch our Senior Deacon, Frank Arren at 617-448-6083 or email him at f garren1@gmail.com . What a great way to get involved in telling our story!

Clothing Drive for South Africa

Sadly, due to the uncertainty of traveling due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have made the difficult decision to postpone the trip until next summer. If you have sorted out clothes, we would still appreciate your donations for next year's trip. If you can hold onto them for now, we will update you on when and where you can drop them off for us.
Thank you, Ginny VonRueden
Nominating Committee: Volunteer Opportunities at ONC

My parents were life-long members of Monroe Street Methodist Church in Toledo, Ohio. They were always volunteering for one thing or another, and I witnessed how their service resulted in much learning and deep friendships. Volunteering at ONC offers the same rewards. 

If you wish to volunteer or have questions about service opportunities, please contact Martha Potvin ( bmpotvin@msn.com ) or me ( daveh.racer@gmail.com ). Thanks, Dave Hostetter, Nominating

Church Building Access and Office Hours

We are limiting access to the church and office buildings to critical business needs only. Our office is closed for normal business but some of our staff are in periodically to ensure that critical operations are maintained. Please reach out to us via email at office@onchurch.org if you have any questions. Thank you for staying home and staying safe!
Lifebridge Needs Our Help!

During this challenging and chaotic time , others are suffering and need our support . If you would like to help the Lifebridge community, here are a few ideas.

  • Food items especially looking for sliced bread, individual bottled juices, whole fruit (oranges, apples, bananas). They are doing to-go meals now that their day center is open 5 days a week in Salem, in addition to the shelter meals
  • Personal care items – socks, underwear, deodorant, razors, shaving cream, shampoo & conditioner, tissues, toothbrushes & toothpaste
Donations may be dropped off anytime at Lifebridge, 56 Margin Street in Salem. It is open 24/7 and there is someone at the front desk. Philanthropic donations can be made online or mailed to Lifebridge North Shore, Development Office, 56 Margin Street, Salem, MA 01970.
Contact Us: 781-631-1244

Church Address: 35 Washington St., Marblehead, MA 01945
Mailing Address: 8 Stacey St. Marblehead, MA 01945