Annual Meeting of Old North Church

The 336 th annual meeting of the First Church of Christ in Marblehead was the first of its kind, and was a great success! Eighty-six members of Old North Church assembled  Wednesday evening via Zoom, exceeding by a substantial number our attendance at recent annual meetings. In addition to electing officers and board members for the coming year, hearing updates on church finances and property maintenance needs, we also received two new members into our fellowship, the Rev. Lindsay Popperson, and Blair Lord. Apart from not being together physically, the biggest difference between this and other annual meetings in recent memory is that we didn’t get to adjourn to the Parish Hall afterwards to enjoy Don Morgan’s legendary homemade ice cream. Maybe next year! Thanks to all who attended. 

Sunday, June 28, 2020
Fourth Sunday After Pentecost

Readings: Psalm 13 and “Dirge Without Music ” by Edna St. Vincent Millay
Rev. Lindsay Popperson's Sermon: "How Long?"

This week's worship video will be posted by 8am this Sunday.
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Please note that the zoom Coffee Hour will now be held at 9:30am!

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Our Latest News and Activities
Worship Service and Coffee Hour Links

The early church met in houses, instead of in sanctuaries; in this pandemic time, we'll be bringing you worship from our houses, for you to participate in from yours. This Sunday's worship will be on YouTube, and can be found by clicking  here or by entering this link in your browser:
It will be posted by 10am. 

Coffee Hour Time Change!
After worship, at 9:30am we'll gather for coffee hour via Zoom, an online meeting platform. You can call in with your phone, or join with video and audio from a smartphone or computer. It'll be a little weird, and a little clunky, but it will be so nice to see your faces. (You'll have to make your own coffee). Here's the Zoom information: 

Either click here or enter this link:
Or call this number: 
    +1 312 626 6799 (Meeting ID: 566 308 766)

Children's Faith Formation

Sabbath for All

“Remember the sabbath day, and keep it holy.” Exodus 20:8

Faith Practice Spotlight: Silence. A minute of silence. How long is a minute? What does it mean to have a “Sabbath Minute” Find a comfortable place to practice being quiet or silent for a full minute. How does it feel?

Suggestions for ways to setting aside time for Sabbath

• Set aside certain periods of the day where all electronics are turned off, and family members spend time together in conversation, relaxation, and prayer.

• Take one day out of the week that is dedicated to church and family.

• Talk about what feels restful to your family and make a plan to try different restful things.

• Make it a habit to have an extra special family meal one day per week. The meal doesn’t have to be fancy in order to be extra special: just spend time together! Perhaps use special plates or candles.

• Spend some time in nature on your Sabbath day. Go on a nature walk, or simply spend time in your own backyard.

Rev. Traci Smith, Treasure Box Tuesdays
Author of Faithful Families

Welcome the Stranger Update
Sharing some good news!

On some rare days, we receive news that makes our heart sing, news that represents the culmination of a long, arduous effort. Last Monday was one of those very special days: Danie’s application for Asylum has been approved and she and her family can now live permanently and legally in the US!!!

Please take a few moments to pat yourselves on the back and take in what you've accomplished over the last 4 years. Three congregations (with the help of a fourth congregation; the Clifton Lutheran Church) working together welcomed a stranger from Haiti; and now that stranger is truly our friend and neighbor.

We don't have the words to express our gratitude to all of you for all of your hard and heartfelt work. We are proud to live in such a generous community.

Danie’s gift to us is serving as the focal for creating this interfaith partnership
of our faith communities.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts

WTS Steering Committee
Marcy Bernstein     Temple Emanu-El
Lynda Hare            Old North Church
Steve Hahn           St. Andrews Episcopal Church
Deahn Leblang       Temple Emanu-EL
Richard Thibedeau  Old North Church
Deb Seiberg           Temple Emanu-EL

Thank You to Our Bell Ringers!

Since mid-March, Deacons and church volunteers have been ringing the church bell every evening at 6pm as a reminder that we are here to serve the needs and lift the spirits of the community during these trying times. Other churches have joined us in ringing their bells. We will be suspending the nightly bell ringing at the end of June, as is St. Michael's church. Thank you to everyone who has participated in this project!
All Hands In For Peace

Although we are apart let us join together for a virtual art project! Please send me a selfie of your Hand, a high five, a fist pump or Peace. I will join them together to create a piece of virtual art. Please text me at 978-335-6244 or email . Or send an outline of your hand to my home at: Karen Kilty, 14 Carolyn Drive, Danvers MA 01923.

 I look forward to weaving our hands together in peace.

Special Offering for June: One Fund

Church, thank you for your generous support of the Marblehead Food Pantry in April (about $10,000 to feed our neighbors!) and for your continued faithfulness in supporting the ministry of ONC. So many of you are asking for ways you can continue to help. This month, the Leadership Board and Outreach Ministry are inviting you to support the One Church Fund, a project of the Massachusetts Council of Churches. 

The One Church Fund aims to provide financial and practical support to churches that have been especially hard-hit by this pandemic and unable to access state and federal funds; their focus is on immigrant, black, poor, unhoused/homeless, and unaffiliated churches. Many of these churches provide critical support in their communities: providing education, banking, health care, food, clothing, mental heath and spiritual support. Old North Church will survive this pandemic--and come out stronger and more faithful--and we want to ensure that other churches do, too. 

Learn more about the fund, and donate or volunteer your time, at

ONC Reading Group- Wednesday
July 8th at 8:30 am via Zoom

This is the latest of a series of meetings on preservation of our democracy and environment that have been hosted by the ONC Men’s Group. The discussions are supported by background reading assignments. You are invited to participate regardless of the amount of reading you have done. At this meeting we will discuss the book, How to Be an Antiracist, by Ibram X. Kendi. We may also begin discussion of the book, Not Born Yesterday: the Science of Who We Trust and What We Believe, by Hugo Mercier, which is a candidate for reading during the following month. Undoubtedly, there will be much discussion of current world and local affairs. To join the Zoom meeting, on July 8 th please click on the following link :

Art From the Heart: Reflections From Quarantine

We are living in extraordinary times. Our lives have been forever changed. Our very sense of our “selves” has been challenged. And yet, we persevere and prevail.

One of the greatest ways to study history, is through art. From the first forms painted on caves we have shared our lives through art. To pass on the essence of ourselves, in our own way, to the future. In this light we invite EVERY member of ONC to share their “Art from the heart: Reflections from quarantine.” While the final project ideas have not been nailed down, we would like to start receiving digital copies of anything you have done during the quarantine. Art is a form of meditation. It is in no uncertain terms God's work though your own mind and hands. But art isn’t confined to conventional ideas. We want to see “you” through the wonderful, joyous, splendor of Gods Grace. Have you written a poem, story, song or piece of music? Have you planted a garden? Did you cook a new recipe or perfect an old one? Did you discover an old place on your regular walking route that you never noticed? Did you do your children's art assignment with them just so they wouldn’t work alone (I've done many) Did you knit, sew, sculpt, clean? Did you restructure your company to aid in the fight against the virus? What have you done during this time that best shows “you”. The possibilities are endless.

There are different ways that ONC would like to use these artistic expressions. Some ideas have been as a video background. Website for the Church. To be archived in our history. In a time capsule. A picture book. But we need material first and this is where everyone counts. Each and every piece, provided it can be transmitted in some digital form, is welcome. We can provide assistance on how to make that happen. From uploading a performance to transmitting a picture of your favorite meal. Personal stories and reflections via audio or text will be greatly appreciated as well.

Thank you, I very much look forward to working with everyone on this project. You may email your submissions to Karen Kilty,

James Horgan
Thank You!

The Music Committee wishes to thank all who made a recent contribution to the Music Patrons Fund, which supports the extra costs of special endeavors such as this year’s “Jazz Sunday”and for other musical enrichment throughout the year. All services can be revisted by searching for "Old North Church Marblehead" on youtube. Jazz Sunday (Music Sunday) was posted on 5-10-20, and the following week's guest appearance of renowned pianist Jacqueline Schawb is on our 5-17-20 online service. We are most grateful for your ongoing support. For more information, Please click here to read the Music Patrons Fund letter.

Ways to Connect With Us During the Week

So that we might stay connected, we've set up several times throughout the week to gather on Zoom. You can join from a computer, iphone, or ipad using the links below, or you can call +1 929 205 6099 and enter the meeting ID (listed with each event). 

Lectio Divina (Tuesdays 9am) (Meeting ID: 532-654-567)
A time of contemplative prayer, with scripture and poetry, led by Dennis. 

Breakfast Group (Fridays 8am) (Meeting ID: 568-995-512)
A time to gather with one another, with your breakfast and coffee. 
Call For Selfies and Videos

So that we might see each other's faces, we're looking for either selfies, or videos of you praying the Lord's Prayer. We'll use these in our worship services! You can send selfies to  

If you record a video of yourself or your family saying the Lord's Prayer, email it to Lindsay at and we'll create a video collage. 

Here's the text of the prayer we're using:
Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name; thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread; and forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil, for thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever and ever. Amen.

Tips: Record using your cellphone, laptop or tablet, shooting in landscape mode (sideways). Shoot from straight-on (not looking up or down at the camera), with your torso and head in the shot, with light in front of you, not behind. 

Church Building Access and Office Hours

We are limiting access to the church and office buildings to critical business needs only. Our office is closed for normal business but some of our staff are in periodically to ensure that critical operations are maintained. Please reach out to us via email at if you have any questions. Thank you for staying home and staying safe!
Do You Need Assistance? Here are some Resources.
We are sharing a list of resources which Gordon Lothrop thoughtfully shared with us from the Marblehead Masonic Lodge.

List of Resources
  • Swampscott Council on Aging: click here
  • Marblehead Council on Aging: click here
  • Marblehead Community Support Forum:  click here
  • Nahant Council on Aging: click here
  • Anchor Food Pantry Swampscott: click here
  • The Nahant Veteran’s Food Bank operates the first Wednesday of the month for veterans living in Nahant.
  • Marblehead Food Pantry, 80 Atlantic Ave. (781)631-5335: click here
  • Town of Marblehead:  click here
  • Town of Swampscott: click here 
  • Churches
  • Synagogues
  • Schools
Contact Us: 781-631-1244

Church Address: 35 Washington St., Marblehead, MA 01945
Mailing Address: 8 Stacey St. Marblehead, MA 01945