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This Week at Pender
June 10, 2021
By following Jesus
and reaching out to others,
we seek God's transformation
of ourselves and our world. 
Sunday, June 13, 2021
Pastor Will White will preach on "Growing in the New Creation"
based on Mark 4:26-34.

Worship this week is about growing into the new creation that we are called to be in Christ. So, think about talking about growing. Those who are raising kids find themselves telling stories about the latest thing, the latest mischief, the latest accomplishment that their child has gotten into. We need stories to help us see what living as a disciple is like. We tell our stories, and we tell stories of others as examples of a faithful life.

From the Series:
When the Spirit Moves

When the Spirit moves, amazing things happen. But they happen through the people who allow that Spirit to motivate them, to guide and direct them, to empower them for the work of making disciples for Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. This isn’t a small thing, not just a personal, in-house thing. This is a transforming the world thing. And all would agree that this needs transformation. This series is about what can happen when a people submit to the Spirit. It is a journey through the lectionary texts that will help us see and understand how to be a Spirit-filled people of God. We are equipped to be communities of faith who are ready to go when the Spirit moves.

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Attend the 9:00 Traditional Worship service.
The Common Ground Contemporary Service is live streamed at 11:15 am on Sundays.
From last Sunday, June 6, 2021
Pastor Will White preached on
"Being Renewed"
based on Mark 4:26-34.

Worship is, of course, about God and not about us. And yet there is a dimension where when we come to completely focus on God, and God in Christ, then we are renewed in the Spirit to continue our discipleship path. So, while we don’t measure worship by how it makes us feel, there is a correlation between being built up and the worship experience where we encounter God.

Attend the 9:00 Traditional Worship service.
The Common Ground Contemporary Service is live streamed at 11:15 am on Sundays.
Prayer Requests
"Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances for this is God's will for you in Jesus Christ. " 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 

Pender is a church committed to the power of prayer. Our "prayer chain" is a group of church members constantly in prayer for the needs of our congregation. To make your prayer needs known, you may email the prayer chain by clicking here to send an email to our group of prayer warriors.
Pender needs your help!

Current needs:

Digital Missionaries. See below.

Summer Sunday School. Learn more and sign up at

Vacation Bible School. Learn more and sign up at
Digital Missionaries
We’re in Need of Digital Missionaries!

Pender has an exciting new outreach tool and we need your help to launch it!

You may have noticed our Facebook page has had some new activity. Every day, we’ll be posting an inspirational, scriptural or conversation post to help our Facebook page reach more people in our community.

Here’s how you can help! Go to our Pender Facebook page and check out our daily posts. The more you like and share our graphics, the greater our reach and impact can be on Facebook!

When you share our daily graphics with your friends, they’ll see the posts in their newsfeeds as well. Not only will your Facebook friends see our church name, they can then like, share or comment on the image, giving Pender the opportunity to reach those that are hurting, need some encouragement or don’t know Jesus yet.

As you share the post, please take a moment to pray for those who will see it. Pray that they will be encouraged and challenged. Pray
that God will use these simple posts to draw others closer to him. This is a great way to be actively engaged in praying for our friends
who may not be Christians or go to church regularly.

Share our inspiring daily posts every day or as often as you can to help us reach new people in our community and help introduce
them to Pender.

Thank you!
The Pender Hill School has been updated! See more images at
Join Miss Jane in making a fun sunshine craft!

All you need is 3 pieces of paper, some markers, scissors, and a glue stick or tape!
Every Sunday: Sunday School
Children's Sunday School Class meeting on Zoom at 10:00 am.

Contact the webmaster for the link.

Every Friday: Fun with Music
Fun with Music. Music and fellowship for children (ages 0-5) and their parents and/or guardians. Contact the webmaster for more information.

June 13: Bike Rodeo
See information below.

June 20: Special event for the children at the Sneak Peek luncheon. More information above.

June 21-25, VBS (Vacation Bible School) Mystery Island. Please join us for Pender's Mystery Island VBS on June 21-25, from 9:00 - 11:30am each morning!  

We will learn about the amazing attributes of God through daily lessons, music, crafts and activities.  

We plan to spend much of our time outside, and masks and social distancing will be required. Space is limited this year, so please register soon! 

VBS is open to children age 3 (must be potty trained) through rising 6th graders.

The VBS fee will be $20 per child, payable by check or cash on the first day of VBS. 

If you have questions, please contact Sarah Hocker or Ann Hines.

Sign Your Child up for VBS - Only 4 spots left!

If VBS is full, sign up for the Waitlist by contacting Sarah Hocker or Ann Hines at (703) 352-6204.

Children's ministries collaboration with the Fairfax Police Department to promote bike safety and healthy summer activity.

Presentation by the Fairfax, VA police department, this is open to all ages. Fun activities.

Please bring a helmet - and your bike.

We are created in God's image. We honor Him when we keep our bodies healthy.

Fun With Music, Playing, and Fellowship
Fun with Music Update
We resumed on May 28th with our final session on June 18th before we take summer break. Pender Hill Preschool completed their semester on May 28th whereas FCPS end theirs in mid-June. Hopefully this schedule might allow some of our alumni to join us for a session or two. 

Given the UMC evolving rules on social distancing and such, we are unable at this time to make any real decisions about how, if at all, to proceed next fall. We will just have to see how things develop over the summer and what the ground rules are for next fall.

We want to take the opportunity in this email to express publicly our heartfelt thanks to Miss Emily for volunteering to lend her expertise and assistance in organizing and supervising the Zoom extension of FWM when we had to stop in person sessions. (Gratitude, of course, won't stop Mr. Jim from stealing some of the new songs she introduced.)

Turning Point Youth
Sunday School
Topic: Youth Sunday School
Time: Sundays @ 10am-11am
At Pender

Sunday Night Youth 
Turning Point Youth Group: We are having youth group as usual this Sunday in the church parking lot, and Robert will be leading. Please bring a lawn chair and dress for the weather and games (tennis shoes!). We look forward to seeing you there from 7 PM to 8:30 PM. 
GBE Backpack Collection
Pender is working with WFCM to supply backpacks for our partner school, Greenbriar East Elementary, for next Fall. 

The school has requested 35 backpacks for boys and girls in lower and upper elementary grades.  

If you would like to purchase a backpack, please sign up on the Sign Up Genius form to ensure we get the correct amount of each kind needed. Or you can make a monetary donation, and we can shop for you! Donations can be made electronically via your Pender account (note "UMW Backpack Purchase") or by check made out to Pender UMW ("Backpack Purchase" in memo line). Checks can be mailed to the church, attention: UMW, or placed in the UMW mailbox in the Narthex. 

All donations are due no later than August 1 and can be placed in the collection bin outside the church entrance. 

Please contact Ann Hines with questions. 
Our very talented Director of Music, Brian Stevenson, also has a band. They will be performing at Pender on June 27 at 12:30 pm. Bring a chair or blanket and a picnic lunch and let's enjoy this time together! Brian's band will be playing a combination of Blue Grass, Pop and Contemporary Christian music! You won't want to miss it!
"When you shop for Father's Day gifts at, AmazonSmile will donate a portion of your eligible purchases to Pender United Methodist Church at no cost to you!" 

Dad (and others!) might like to know that our past interim pastor, Rev. Dr. Marg Kutz has written a book.

The never-before-told story of Reverends Lillian Russell and Mildred Long, the two earliest clergywomen in Virginia Methodism is based on years of research of primary sources.

During the Great Depression, against all odds, petite, teenage, Lillian traveled from church to church as a powerful, popular evangelist. Then she served as the pastor of the Blandford Methodist Church in Petersburg for thirty-five years covering the decades of World War II and the civil rights and women's movements, forging a path for other women to follow. When the voices of the world ridiculed and minimized her, closed doors, and questioned her basic right to be there, she had no doubt as to God's claim upon her life. Nevertheless, she preached.

After Mildred had attended six schools of higher education, been interviewed dozens of times, and attended hundreds of meetings , proving her competency time and time again to people over her, under her, and beside her; through hurled insults, closed doors, and unfounded doubts, she was granted the same clergy rights as men, opening another path for other women to follow. Nevertheless, she preached.

As you follow these women through fifty years of service to their God, you will laugh with them, cry with them, and feel their hurt, rage, faith, exhaustion, and strength. You will be inspired to nevertheless live your own destiny.

Find Marg's book on
Pender Book Lovers Club
Join us on Zoom for the Book Lovers Group. 

We meet the second Sunday of each month at 2 to 3:30 pm. Our next meeting is June 13. 

We will be discussing "A Most English Princess" by Clare McHugh: 

To the world, she was Princess Victoria, daughter of a queen, wife of an emperor, and mother of Kaiser Wilhelm. Her family just called her Vicky…smart, pretty, and self-assured, she changed the course of the world.

Contact Sue LeStrange for more information or the webmaster for the Zoom link.
Missionary Update
MORE STORIES ABOUT HOW GOD IS WORKING THROUGH Marek Glodek, one of Pender’s missionaries.  

Last year and this one as well was not easy for anyone, here in Poland and around the world. At the end of 2020, actually on its last day, I got my Covid test result and it was positive. I fell ill throughout January, but thanks to many prayers, good care by my wife Anna and God's grace, I recovered. It took some time to return to normal strength and to the pastoral ministry in real life.

Every day I make phone calls with people who call the helpline directly and share how they go through illness or the pain of losing a loved one to death. They talk about how they experience depression, burnout, or other difficult experiences. My role is basically to listen and conduct conversations to rebuild hope and trust in the person of the Lord Jesus. We often pray. Sometimes I have to refer someone to therapy, such as alcohol, or addiction to pornography and other human weaknesses. I am also trying to connect people in need with people (Christians) who are ready and prepared to accompany someone for some time in their experience and lead them to a relation with Christ. Since February, I have traveled to various regions of Poland, visiting people with various spiritual and life needs. They are mainly Christian leaders and their families. Christian leaders, pastors, missionaries, during Covid restrictions, when churches were closed and it was impossible to meet, they also experienced their own difficulties and life tragedies. I am a witness of spiritual tragedies - burnout, divorce, discouragement, resignation from service, depression, loneliness ... but I am also a witness to how a God in His power rebuilds the lives of such people. 

For example: A man in his thirties wrote a desperate e-mail to our e-mail address. He wrote –“help me while I'm still alive!” I immediately called him on the phone and he told me about how he was abandoned by his fiancée unexpectedly. It was his drama. He lost his will to live and he lost the meaning of life - he was on the verge of taking his own life. I think we met at the right time because I was talking to him on the phone not too late, sharing with him the seed of the Gospel. God was spreading these seeds in his mind, his spirit and the evil thoughts and hopelessness began to leave him. However, insomnia and internal pain made him unable to work and engage in other normal life activities. I encouraged him to see a doctor, and he did. He found a good doctor who helped him pharmacologically.

Combining spiritual therapy with me, along with medical care, today this man returned to normal functioning. He forgave his fiancée, called her, blessed her, wished her a good life. He himself trusted Christ to guide him further and that he would meet someone from God to share his life. I never met this man. He never met me. But we both were able to see the power of new life from above, from Jesus. 

Brothers and sisters from Pender UMC, I am asking you to pray for me, for strength, wisdom, patience, and vigilance. I am asking you to pray for our country, so that the Gospel that has power could reach those who are in need in our strange changing world.
Western Fairfax Christian Ministries
The WFCM blue cart is outside the church.

All donations of food and toiletries are welcomed and needed.

Please no:
* Expired food
* Glass jars

Thank you for your continuing generous support of WFCM.

We need your help! 
Please consider sharing your gifts of time and talent to serve on the
Fairfax County SAC. 

As you may recall, WFCM did not receive Fairfax County Consolidated Community Funds for FY 2021-2022 as it was assessed that the need was not great in western Fairfax County. While the County Executive has acknowledgd that the process needs to be improved and is working to revamp the process ("It is not appropriate for areas of the county to be left without any basic needs funding support, and that was an unintended outcome..."), we need to ensure that western Fairfax County residents are represented in the funding process for FY 2023-2024 so that funds are allocated for rent/utility and food assistance for residents in need in Centreville, Chantilly, and the zip codes we serve in Fairfax, Fairfax Station, Oak Hill, and Clifton. Please prayerfully consider serving on the Selection Advisory Committee or sharing this information with someone who would be a great representative from your church. 

Thank you!

FY2023-2024 CCFP Solicitation Process is fast approaching. Fairfax County Government staff are looking for eligible Fairfax County residents to serve as Selection Advisory Committee members (SAC) to evaluate proposals. For more information on the CCFP and where to locate a SAC application click the link

Western Fairfax Christian Ministries ("WFCM") Current Request for Donations

The WFCM Food Pantry is accepting outside donations at their address below. There is a greater need for food but fewer donations.

You can also help by ordering from Amazon for delivery to WFCM. Rice, beans, canned fruit, diapers (Sizes 4, 5, 6), pasta, pasta sauce, etc.

                   4511 Daly Drive, Suite J
                   Chantilly, VA 20151

Financial contributions are also accepted (cash, check or through our website). Please mark your tax deductible donation "WFCM Food Pantry." This will be recorded on your giving statement.
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Every Sunday - Streaming Services.
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  • Common Ground Contemporary at 11:15 am

Weekly Events

  • Sunday
  • Children's Sunday School Class meets on Zoom at 10:00 am.
  • The Cornerstone Class and Youth Sunday School Class meet at 10:00 am.
  • The Seeker Sunday School Class meets on Zoom at 10:30 am.
  • The Turning Point Youth Group None this week!
  • Monday
  • Mary Martha Circle meets on Zoom at 7:00 pm.
  • Boy Scout Troop 1530 meets in-person at Pender at 7:00 pm
  • Tuesday
  • Staff Meeting hybrid meeting at 11 am.
  • Christian Believer Class hybrid meeting at 2 pm
  • Adult Handbells in person at 6:45
  • Christian Believer Class hybrid meeting at 7 pm
  • Wednesday
  • Ruth Circle meets on Zoom at 10 am
  • Thursday
  • AV and Worship Team Rehearsals in-person at 6:00 pm
  • Friday
  • Fun with Music meets on Zoom at 10 am (Last session June 18)