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Filadonna  Filadonna Pinot Grigio
Pinot Grigio is much-maligned. Honestly, most of the time the scorn is deserved. Not here. Northern vineyards, warm enough to ripen the grapes, and cool enough to retain some acid. Yields low enough to make a wine with some cojones. Peach, melon, citrus, and mineral. Crisp and cool. Everything you want to drink on a warm summer day!

Ron Diaz  
Ron Diaz Coconut Rum
What sets this apart from the leading National brand of coconut rum? It tastes like coconut, not sugar. Think coconut cream pie, coconut milk: rich and delicious but not cloyingly sweet. Try it this way:
1 oz Ron Diaz
1/2 oz triple sec 
dash of bitters
4 oz pineapple juice

FYI, this is also a LOT more cost effective than that national brand. We love that.

July 28, 2013
The Grape Crush (What Caught our Attention This Week)
Does a Bear Drink Vodka in the Woods? And if He Does, Why?
Bear Drinking Beer
Why do you drink what you drink? Well, there's always quality, which we try to keep first and foremost.  But we also have a firm belief in the 'story' behind a product. So we carry Hook & Ladder wines because we love the idea of Cecil DeLoach still crafting excellent Russian River Valley creations (even if someone else owns his name). And we love Tito's Vodka because it's an American-made-in Texas!-small-batch spirit. And we love the weird and nearly undecipherable stories behind the names of our Maine Beer Co brews. This is a significant part of how we do what we do; we tell the story.
Apparently, we have it all wrong. What we should be doing, according to a recent Atlantic article, is selling through anthropology. The 'done' thing in many companies -Absolut Vodka,for one example-is to hire an anthropologically trained ethnographer to do site studies of how people perceive your product. (What's an ethnographer? Someone who uses qualitative research to explain and quantify cultural phenomena.) Then you use this info to craft a marketing campaign for the product or products. Sounds complicated, and a tad invasive, too. Absolut hired ethnographers to attend home parties whose hosts had agreed to and were paid for the intrusion.
For me, the most interesting part of the article was the conclusion that the Absolut marketing team drew from their ethnographic data. Their customers were not very interested in the market positioning (6 times distilled! Very clean flavor! We have the best celebs in our ads!) No, they were interested in the story. Who are the people and the idea behind this bottle? And frequently, it was their own story that mattered most. Where was I when I first drank this? My graduation party? On vacation with family or friends? Some place that brings back great memories every time I taste this?
At the end of the day, I think smell, taste, memory, and sentiment will trump 'marketing' every time. We'll keep on telling the story.

Beer Journal
Sam Smith- an OLD favorite!
yorkshire square  
Sometimes, you don't want to mess with tradition. If tradition has given you overwhelming success, stick with it! In a nutshell. that's the philosophy behind Sam Smith's. They've been making beer(s) the exact same way for the last 250+ years.These may just be some of the best values in the store. 
The beers are fermented in 'Yorkshire Squares', solid slabs of granite with an open top. The result is a beer with more body and a great creamy head. We love love love the Oatmeal Stout, no matter the season, but then there's the Nut Brown, the Taddy Porter, Organic to choose? I particularly like their IPA, a balanced, British style. We may have to add it to the pouring table for IPA Day.

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