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January 18, 2023

Our Transitional Work at Saxe Gotha,

Part 2: “I’m so glad you’re here!”

As I’ve started to learn the ropes here at Saxe Gotha, folks here have been incredibly welcoming and encouraging. I’ve gotten so many offers of help that I’ve lost count. But the one thing I’ve heard people say, more than any other, is “I am sooooo glad you are here!” Whenever some say it, there seems to be an implied “finally!” or “… and none too soon!” that follows it. I sense your excitement and hope. I also sense desperation.

I’ve resisted the urge to ask, “Why?”

Why are you glad I’m here?

What do you hope will happen, now that the Transitional Pastor has arrived?

One reason I resist asking is because, frankly, you may not exactly know why—or aren’t sure how to put it into words. You just know that you want things to change for the better. You want to see growth, health and new life. You just want more of what you feel certain God wants for Saxe Gotha.

When people do get around to telling me why they are glad I’m here, there are a few phrases I hear over and over:

• We just need to come up with a clear vision.

• We just need more leadership.

• We just lack clarity about roles and responsibilities.

• We just need to fix (or fix up).

• We just need to get back to doing things the way we used to.

What these phrases have in common makes them both incredibly important to transitional work as well as incredibly difficult: The belief that they are things we can “just” do—as if all that was needed was someone at the top to say, “go do it.”

But intuitively we know: If it were that easy, we would have done it by now.

What is needed is a willingness to accept that getting where we want to go will require us to resist easy answers or quick solutions. Instead we will…

… courageously consider together

… how we got here together

… so we can create a new way of being together

… in order to move forward together!

To do this, we must work from the assumption that no one person or group is ever “the problem.” The problem is inevitably something we have all unwittingly contributed to. It is our shared problem, so we all have a share in solving it.

So while I am glad that you are glad I’m here, I am even more glad that WE are here, doing this work together!

-Pastor Morgan

Prayer focus for January:

The Persecuted Church

Christian Love is extended to Melissa Kyzer on the death of her sister, to the family of Francis Griffith on her recent passing and to Sheila Kinard on the death of her mother. Please keep these families in your prayers.


Passing - Dr. Linda Johnston (wife of Former Pastor Rev. Dr. Bill Johnston) passed away on October 24, 2022.

All are invited to join the Foundations Sunday School class on Sundays at 9:45 am in Light House Room 138. They will be discussing the church-wide Sermon Series "WITH" that Pastor Morgan will be covering in the worship services. We would like to welcome anyone looking to join a Sunday School class.

Brand New Saxe Gotha Orchestra

Begins Sunday, January 29

Are you currently playing or have played a musical instrument before? Do you have passion and heart to play musical instruments? Look no further, Saxe Gotha is looking to form an orchestra drawing from the five main instrument families: woodwinds, brass, strings, percussion and keyboards.


Whether you are a student or an adult, we have place for you to lead worship with your instrument. Arrangements of music will come from Lorenz, Lillenas and PraiseCharts. Rehearsals will be Sundays at 12:15 pm for forty-five minutes in the 2nd floor Music Suite of the Main Campus starting on January 29. The regular orchestra season would be from mid-September and conclude in May. The orchestra will help lead worship periodically through the church season and using a variety of musical styles driven from traditional music. Rehearsal CDs and downloadable MP3s will be provided. Come to a place that finds joy playing unique and glorious music that celebrates God! If you would like more information, please contact Garth Olson, Director of Music and Worship Arts Ministries at [email protected] or 803.359.7770, ext. 113.

Child Development Center - Afterschool Position Open

Saxe Gotha CDC is looking for an Afterschool teacher to work with our 2nd grade class. This is a part time position, Monday-Friday with typical hours of 2:00-5:30 pm. On days that Lexington School District 1 is out for teacher workdays, the scheduled hours may vary. We are looking for an individual who has a love of children and desires to guide them in a positive, Christ-like manner. Please contact Hope Andrews at [email protected] or 803-359-2058 for more detailed information.

Purchase Tickets Here

One Church App

Stay connected to our church wherever you go by downloading the free My One Church App for iPhone and Android devices. Use it to communicate with your groups, RSVP to events, update profile information and more.

With One Church, you can connect throughout the week and know what’s happening:

• Groups—Keeps everyone up-to-date with the latest posts, information and events for your group and for your church as a whole 

• Events—See event details (date, time, location, etc), submit your RSVP and make payments for events

• Service Opportunities —Volunteer with Saxe Gotha, make a donation to a local or international mission and join a Congregational Care team 

• People—See names and basic profile details for church members or groups, based on their privacy preferences 

Upcoming Sermon Series

WITH: Cultivating a With-God Life


Audience: Anyone who has been disappointed that their relationship with God and with how church has not lived up to what they imagined or hoped it could be. 


Purpose: To illumine (or even expose) the ways we relate to God that are less than the Biblical vision for a with-God life, and far less than God’s best for us. 


Description: From the Garden in Genesis to the New Jerusalem in Revelation, the Bible presents a vision of God and humanity being in loving communion with one another. In Jesus Christ as Immanuel, we have the clearest demonstration of God’s desire to be fully “with” us. Why is it then that we have settled for a relationship with God that is far less intimate and so disconnected from this vision? Instead of a with-God life, we tend to settle for lives that are under God, over God, from God or for God. Drawing heavily from Skye Jethani’s book With: Reimagining The Way You Relate to God (Thomas Nelson, 2011), we will discover how we all tend to settle for these lesser relationships, the huge price we pay for doing so, and how we can enjoy the life Jesus always wanted us to have. 


Five Sermons :

Jan. 22 WITH is better than Under

Jan. 29 WITH is better than Over

Feb. 5  WITH is better than From

Feb. 12 WITH is better than For

Feb. 19 WITH Faith, Hope & Love


Benefits: Understanding the difference between an authentic With-God relationship versus the ones we settle for: 

  • Life Under God: If I obey God’s rules and stay inside God’s boundaries, then me and mine will be protected and blessed. 
  • Life Over God: If I follow the right principles for success, then I will have a good life. 
  • Life From God: If I stay on God’s good side, then I can get the things I want for a happy life. 
  • Life For God: If I accomplish great things for God, then God will love and accept me. 

Drive Thru Prayer: Tuesday, February 21

(7:15-8:15 am)

(3rd Tuesday of the month) 7:15-8:15 am, SGPC Parking Lot.  Join together as we love and support community members in need of prayer. We will need prayer warriors, enthusiastic sign holders and traffic directors. 

January 17 Update: Today at Drive Through Prayer we had 9 volunteers, 6 cars and one Kleenex. What? Did I read that right? One Kleenex?


Let me tell you a story. One of our volunteers has chosen to stand across the street from the church on Hwy 378. He stands there on a regular basis holding a sign and waves at traffic passing by. Occasionally, upon seeing his sign, someone will turn from the opposite side of the street into our parking lot, fighting traffic all the way. But today, we had someone that needed prayer and took a different approach.


A mother was in traffic and was concerned about her child. She saw our signs offering prayer. As she sat at the red light in a long line of cars, she pulled out the only piece of paper she could put her hands on. She took a pen and hastily scribbled a note requesting prayer for her daughter. As traffic proceeded through the intersection, and she made her way towards our volunteer standing across from the church. She slowed down, and then came to a stop in front of our volunteer just long enough to roll her passenger side window down, reached her arm across and handed him her note. Then she asked, "Would you please pray for my daughter?" Then, she drove away as our volunteer held her note in his hand, written on a clean nicely folded Kleenex.


I can't help but ponder how many times I have prayed for my own children as I thought about what was going on in their lives. I can't help but to put myself in her place and wonder how desperate she might have been.


Friends, we had numerous mothers asking for prayer for their children today. Please remember that we have many mothers, fathers and people from all walks of life in our community that are desperate for prayer and a relationship with God. Please lift them up as you bow your head in prayer today.


In His Hands,

Drive Through Prayer Team

To Volunteer, contact Loretta Gobbel at 319-4608 or Pete Eckert at 608-9835 or email [email protected].

Widows in Group Share

WINGS (Widows in Group Share) provides support and fellowship to widows. The group is made up of Saxe Gotha widows and their friends who are also widows. We will continue to meet the 2nd Saturday of every month for a time of Christian fellowship and sharing.    

Please contact Carol Harden at 217-652-2768 to let her know if you are able to attend. We look forward to seeing everyone!

Prayer Shawl Ministry

This ministry meets on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays from 10:00 – 11:30 am in Room 154 in the Main Building.

The Prayer Shawl Ministry will not meet on February 2.

Just bring needles and learn to knit. The shawls made are blessed and given to members in need. Everyone is welcome to serve in this ministry, no experience required. Questions? Contact Renee Starnes at [email protected] or 803-359-7770, ext. 137.

AWE Contemporary Worship Music Set List

If you would like to preview the music that will be included in the AWE Contemporary Worship Service this week, click on the link below.
This Week's Set List

We're looking for AV Professionals and Teachers!

We are looking for a Part-Time AV Technician. If you are interested in joining our team, please contact Alisha Hudson at [email protected]. See below for complete job descriptions.

**Looking to gain a new skill and work with some of the best! We are looking for AV Tech Volunteers, please contact Alisha Hudson at [email protected] if you are interested.**

The CDC is always looking for individuals who are interested in teaching preschoolers. Experience working with children is preferred. If you are interested in possibly becoming a part of the Child Development Family please send an updated resume to Hope Andrews at [email protected]. Sharing the love of Jesus is one of our priorities!

Complete Job Description
Caring Connections Brotherhood:
Men - looking for a local band of brothers? This group of gentlemen meets weekly to provide fellowship and support for men in our church family and in the greater community. Join them each Tuesday at 12:00 noon at the Flight Deck Restaurant here in Lexington (109-A Old Chapin Rd.). The Brotherhood does more than just meet for lunch and laughter – on occasion they also have special speakers, take day excursions and visit other men who are homebound. To get involved, please contact: Mike Graves (703-481-8166) or at [email protected].

Kids Sunday School

Preschool Sunday School meets in the Nursery Area @ 9:45 am.

Room 214: 2-3 year olds

Room 224: 4-5 year olds

Nursery for 3 and younger will be in Room 215.

Join us as we play our way through the Bible! Parents please pick up by 10:40 am. 


We want YOU to serve our 2s and 3s Sunday School Classes.

Requirements: Review prepared lesson each week to teach our children as they journey through the Bible. Each lesson includes Biblical truths, scripture, games and activities.

Hours: 9:30 - 10:30 am on Sunday Mornings.

Search: Find another person or couple to team teach every other Sunday with you.

Reward: You will delve deeper into God's word as the kids learn along with you.

Questions, please contact: Erin Stoudemire​.

Sunday Nursery and Preschool
Nursery is available for ALL services and Sunday School. Friends ages 3 and younger can join us in Room 215 during the worship services.

Preschool Sunday School for ages 2 through kindergarten will be meeting in rooms 214 and 224.

Please contact Sara McCarter if you have any questions.

Sunday Afternoons Restart on January 22!

Small Groups Restart January 17 & 18!

Thursday morning Bible Studies Restart January 19!

Sunday Afternoons Restart on January 22!

Please refer to the schedule below for Weekly Events 


Tuesday Evenings, 6:30-7:30- The following Small Groups meet in the Light House

Middle School Girls - The Well, Room 148

High School Girls - Room 138 

High School Boys - LH Cafe


Wednesday Evenings, 6:30-7:30- A Small Group for Middle School Boys meets in LH Cafe


Thursday Mornings- Morning Bible Studies

6:45-7:45 am Middle School Bible Study meets in the Light House Atrium

7:00-8:00 am High School Bible Study meets at the Thomas' house


Sunday Mornings, 9:45-10:30- Sunday School meets in the Light House

Middle School - Room 144

High School - Room 143

Confirmation - Room145/146


Sunday Afternoons, 4:00-5:30- Sunday Afternoon Groups meet in the Light House

Oasis (Grades: 6-8) - The Well, Room 148

Refuge (Grades: 9-12) - Room 138 


Details, contact Justin Hall at [email protected].

Services Available Online: We livestream our 8:30 am Traditional Service and our 10:45 am AWE Contemporary Service. If you prefer to view the Traditional Service at 11:00, you can re-play the 8:30 service at that time.

To view the Saxe Gotha Services and other resources, please go to:

Click Here for the Upcoming Sermon and Scripture Schedule
Click Here for the Online Traditional Bulletins

Meet at 8:00 am (January 14, the 2nd Saturday of the month) at the church outdoor patio in front of the Light House and bring a sack breakfast to eat, then leave from there to assist individuals in need. Contact Keith Hall with questions: [email protected].

Did you know that Saxe Gotha has its own customized library on Right Now Media?

Here is the specific link to it if you already have your account set up: Right Now is like the Netflix of Christian media and Bible studies. And if you're already tired of watching TV and scrolling the internet, then feed your mind and heart with good stuff! We have several different channels within Saxe Gotha's custom library: Adults, Youth, Children, Worship and the Arts, Missions and Outreach, Marriage and Parenting. 

If you need help setting up your Right Now account, you can contact one of the following:

Helen Harrison Ham: [email protected]

Patrick Cherry: [email protected]

Justin Hall: [email protected]

The studies and videos inside Saxe Gotha's library on Right Now are just suggestions from our staff. Please feel free to explore and enjoy the many wonderful videos on Right Now while you are at home!

Two Options for Monday Morning Men’s Bible Studies:

The 6:30 am Monday Men's Bible Study will be led by Brad Farrar in Light House Room 112-113. Contact Brad Farrar with questions: [email protected].

The 8:30 am Monday Men's Bible Study meets virtually for a brief lesson and to pray for each other and for other people. Contact Scott Welborn at [email protected] for meeting information. This Bible study is open to men of all ages.

Women’s Bible Studies

Debbie Knight's Monday Morning Bible Study is held on Mondays at 10:00 am in Room 152 - Library. Studying "Blessed" based on Revelations.  

Diana Patterson's Friday Morning Bible Study is held on Fridays at 10:30 am at O'Hara's Bakery Café.

Remember All in Your Prayers!
  • Allison Floyd
  • Bob Arrowsmith
  • Bob Hinson
  • Grayson Sarvis
  • Jimmie Rooks' sister
  • John Rooks' brother
  • Marcy Hall's sister
  • MJ Hutto
  • Rhonda Russell
  • Rusty Sarvis
  • Wylie Roberts
  • Carolyn Brooks
  • Jody Sullivan's husband
  • Julian Mims
  • Melinda Martin & Ronnie Scott’s brother
  • Peggy Wehunt's mother
  • Ransom Cooper
  • Scott and Marilyn Welborn
  • Sunny Jewell's father
  • Tripp Hunter
  • Ray Hammond's nephew
  • Aaron Thies
  • Andrew Tuttle
  • Adam Gilmore
  • B. J. Manis
  • Bob Rabon
  • Brian Bishop
  • Evan Camp
  • Greg Adams
  • Jamie Glatz
  • John "Tripp" Bartlett
  • Jordan Graham
  • Josh Lance
  • Ken Culbertson 
  • Kyle Peck
  • Marcus McGill
  • Matthew Rivers
  • Michael Smoak
  • Robert Holder
  • Ron Culbertson
  • Sean McIntyre
  • Sean Spence 
  • Steven Shealy
  • Sumner Thomas  
  • Tony Guy
  • William Moore 
  • William Rivers

Please call the church office to make updates to our prayer list: 803-359-7770.

Prayer Website

First Impressions Teams:

1/22: Team 1, 1/29: Team 2.

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