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June 24, 2020
Are you spreading seeds? For the past two weeks, the parables we covered in worship dealt with seeds. Last week, we took a closer look at the Parable of the Sower, where seed is scattered on different ground: from the path, rocky dirt, thorn infested ground and fertile soil. This week, our journey through the parables brought us to the mustard seed and the capability of such a tiny seed to produce a much larger plant. These “seedy” ideas are tumbling around in my head as we launch into our first ever week of Virtual Bible School. Like many of you, I truly miss the laughter, singing and general joyous commotion we would normally have on campus this week. Instead, we have utilized technology and ordinary boxes (that we call toolboxes due to our Concrete & Cranes construction theme) full of various items and instructions to spread seeds of faith. Two hundred and fifty toolboxes were created and released into our community, a few even to other states! All boxes have been sent out into the wild. 
One aspect of the Parable of the Sower has always stuck out to me. The farmer did not just target the fertile soil. He was almost careless in how he cast out the seed. What prudent farmer would be so careless in wasting valuable seed? The reality is that our God is that “careless.” What I mean to say is that God’s Good News about Salvation, Redemption and Grace through Jesus Christ is a message that is shared on a regular basis without concern for the condition of the receiving soil. Our job as disciples is to cast the seed wherever we go. Our job as followers of Jesus is to look for those sprouting and budding seeds and provide water. As Paul reminded the Corinthians, “ I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the growth. So neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but only God who gives the growth. ” ( 1 Corinthians 3:6-7  ESV ) We should be less concerned about the condition of others’ soil, and more concerned that we are scattering and watering, because the growth belongs to God. 
I am excited to hear the stories that will emerge from this week (and the weeks to follow since the videos and virtual materials will remain online to be used when convenient) as these seeds of faith are scattered onto new ground, perhaps never reached before. The seeds may seem small at first; but much like the mustard seed, they have the potential to grow well beyond their beginning. As Pastor Jim reminded us Sunday, “We can count the seeds in an apple, but we cannot count the apples in each seed!” And so we labor, pray and hope for a new crop of spiritual fruit…BUT it all starts with planting a seed. Will you join us as we scatter the seeds of the Gospel, one “toolbox” at a time? 
For information about our Virtual Bible School (VBS) please visit  for links to the videos and downloadable content.  
Grace & Peace, 
Patrick Cherry 
Associate Pastor of Next Generation Ministries 
Church Safety Plans for In-Person Worship:
There are 2 services: 8:30 am Traditional in the Sanctuary and 11:00 am AWE (Contemporary) in the Light House. This arrangement allows us to use the facility once a week, since it would be impossible to sanitize the Sanctuary and AWE Auditorium for a subsequent service.

To keep participants safe, social distancing, masks, and use of hand sanitizer are required. The pews and chairs are staggered and set-up for social distancing, and family units are asked to sit together. To keep everyone safe, we will not be doing any congregational singing at any of the services. Also, we are not offering nursery or children’s church. In addition, please note that during services to help make sure that the speakers can be heard, masks will not be worn by those speaking or singing on stage, but 3 times the recommended spacing is utilized as a precaution. 
Current Sermon Series - Stories that Matter
Everybody loves a good story and Jesus was a fantastic storyteller! This summer we will be studying the parables of Jesus. We, of course, will not be covering all of the 40+ parables that Jesus told, but we will be studying 12 of them. A simple definition of a parable is that it is an earthly story about spiritual things. Consequentially, these stories matter -- they have eternal significance! So, please plan to join us as we listen to our Master Storyteller tell us stories that can transform our lives.  
God at Work T-Shirts - Order by this Friday, June 26
God is at work in our church, in our community and in each one of us! Join us as we are God's hands and feet! Contact Meredith Cully if you are interested in getting involved!

If you would like to purchase a God at Work t-shirt, please click below. The proceeds will benefit Saxe Gotha Missions.

The goal of these shirts is to show us together as a united front when working on our campus and out in the community. We would love to see service groups at Saxe Gotha purchase these shirts and wear them for events, especially visible events (both in-person and on social media) like Mission Lexington Food Drives, VBS, Drive Thru Prayer, Nailbenders and more. 

We would also love to hear stories of how God is at Work on your frontlines. Please send those to: .
Upcoming Events:
Rising 6th Grade - 12th Grade

July 3 - The world needs more happy little trees, so let's do our part! We're going to host a Bob Ross painting night from 7:30-8:30 pm in the back parking lot of the Light House. 

July 8 - We're going to split up and have a Guys Night and Girls Night hosted by the interns. We'll have more details to come on these closer to time, but we wanted to get on your calendars early.

Please contact Justin Hall with questions: .
Upcoming Events:
Rising 1st - 5th Grade (family friendly)

June 22-26 - Virtual VBS Week (Parking Lot Parties)
July 1 - Kids Day - Cowboy Water Day (10:00 -11:30 am) W e'll be riding riding the obstacle course on pool noodle horses, wearing good ol' cowboy and cowgirl bandanas, and playing lots of safely distanced water rodeo games. The interns created this idea and your youngin' is sure to love it! See you then!
July 9 - Kids Project Day (10:00 am - 12:00 noon, this time may change)

All of these events:
  • take place in the parking lot
  • follow church-approved and mom-approved safe/sanitized/distanced requirements
  • are organized and hosted by our interns
  • are geared towards 1st-5th grade, but include the whole family (so that we include all siblings (even preschoolers) and have extra eyes/hands on the correct distances and precaution measures)

Please contact Melinda with questions: .
Prayer Focus for June:
Muslims around the world.
Rescheduled Upcoming New Members:
Danny & Debbie Raines will be joining on Sunday, August 9 at the 11:00 am AWE Service.

Funeral Arrangements:
Ron Farrar, Saturday, July 25 th 11:00 am in the Sanctuary (Ron died 5/18/2020)
Mary Claire Fitts, Wednesday, August 5 th at 4:00 pm in the Sanctuary (Mary Claire died 4/23/20)
Indoor Garage Sale Update: Session has turned over the management of our annual Church Garage Sale to the Missions Ministry starting this year. All proceeds will benefit Local, National and International Missions. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the sale was scheduled for July 25, 2020. Consequently, we will postpone the sale until sometime in the fall. We expect to announce the new date in about 30 days. Please save your donations until we can start collecting them. For more information contact: Kathy Seymour 803-920-7385 or
Our Friendship Dinner friends greatly appreciated the bags that
Saxe Gotha recently packed and delivered to them.
Sermons Available Online:  To listen to past sermons, please go to . To watch past sermons, please go to our Saxe Gotha YouTube Channel and make sure to subscribe.
Prayerwalking in your Community
During our Friday devotion, HH will be discussing the practice of prayerwalking.  Prayerwalking involves taking our prayers out into our community where we desire to see God’s presence manifested and our prayers answered. We welcome you and your family to join us in praying for our community during this difficult time. Download the brochure below to get ready for this exciting message and to join with us across the midlands. To get your own copy of the Prayerwalking guide, please visit:
Are COVID-19 and Quarantine Affecting Your Marriage?
Are money worries, conflicts over chores or children, boredom or a lack of exercise and personal time causing understandable stress? Could your marriage use prayer and an encouraging focus? If so, request a copy of “30 Days of Marriage Prayers” by Dr. Tony Evans by sending an email to Renee Starnes at This booklet can bring God’s presence back into your relationship and offer you strength.
The Monday morning Men's Bible study is online!
They will be connecting at 8:30 am next Monday for a brief lesson and to pray for each other and for other people. Contact Scott Welborn at  for meeting information. This Bible study is open to men of all ages.
Daily Devotionals:
Welcome to our daily devotionals that your church staff will be offering. Our prayer is that you and your family will use these devotionals to enrich your family's spiritual life.  Perhaps these devotionals can be used as a conversation starter for your mealtimes together.
Our prayer is that you will look back on this crisis years from now and see that it was a turning point in your being the family God intended you to be - a family built on the foundation of Jesus Christ to love each other as Christ loves you.  
In case you have missed one of our daily devotionals, you can go to the Saxe Gotha Devotional Playlist. .
Did you know that Saxe Gotha has its own customized library on Right Now Media?
Here is the specific link to it if you already have your account set up: . Right Now is like the Netflix of Christian media and Bible studies. And if you're already tired of watching TV and scrolling the internet, then feed your mind and heart with good stuff! We have several different channels within Saxe Gotha's custom library: Adults, Youth, Children, Worship and the Arts, Missions and Outreach, Marriage, and Parenting. 

If you need help setting up your Right Now account, you can contact one of the following:
Patrick Cherry:
Justin Hall:
Melinda Boyle: 
Hal McIntosh: 

The studies and videos inside Saxe Gotha's library on Right Now are just suggestions from our staff. Please feel free to explore and enjoy the many wonderful videos on Right Now while you are at home!
The Saxe Gotha CDC is now open with important safety protocols in place.

Registration (2020-2021): 
Preschool (2 - 4 year old), Afterschool and Summer Questions? .
Nailbenders: Saturday, July 11
Meet at 8:00 am (the 2nd Saturday of the month) at the church outdoor patio in front of the Light House and bring a sack breakfast to eat, then leave from there to assist individuals in need. Contact Keith Hall with questions: .
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