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Tomorrow is Senior Sunday
and Ed wants to tell you all that is planned.
Senior Sunday
St. Luke’s congratulates our seventeen (!) high school graduates. Joe Earles (8 a.m. and 9 a.m.) and Adam Miller (11:15 a.m.) our “senior preachers” have grown up at St. Luke’s. All the graduates, are very familiar faces! Keep an eye out for more on each of these young people in the June 1 edition of the Shepherd's Voice . We are excited about their future pursuits but will miss them around here! Join the graduates, their families and friends in the Bell Tower for a reception at 10:15 a.m.
5th Grade Celebration
Members of our 5th grade Sunday School class will celebrate the culmination of their time in Children’s Ministries Sunday at 10:15 a.m in the Garden.  Each child is recognized with the presentation of a Bible and then the group is welcomed into EYC, our youth group. Invite your godparents! It is our tradition to have the kids' godparents make the presentation.  
Search Update in the Parish Hall
The search committee is hosting a parish-wide meeting at 10:15 a.m. in the Nave.  The committee will share updates on: the search process (key components and high-level timeline); parish survey key themes; and focus group plans. It is a "busy Sunday" at St. Luke's, but please join us!
Opportunities and Announcements
Act III Spring Luncheon ... Join us in the Parish Hall on Wednesday, May 15 at noon for lunch and “Welcoming Elderhood: Lessons from Ed’s Journey.” Interim Rector Ed Bacon will share his stories and wisdom. RSVP by May 10 online or by phone: 404-873-7777. $8 per person. Friends are welcome!
Fill the Outreach Baskets   In May we’re collecting items for New American Pathways to support their work with refugees. Please fill the baskets with cleaning products, food storage bags, trash bags, shower curtains/rings, towels, and washcloths.
Sunday, May 19
Bishop’s Visit with Confirmation

Sunday, May 26
  • Mass on the Grass at 10 a.m.
  • Parish Picnic
  • Water Fun Carnival for the Kids
  • Loaves and Fishes
Holy Comforter Dinner ... All are welcome to join us at Holy Comforter to serve dinner this Wednesday, May 15 at 6 p.m. Holy Comforter is a parish in Ormewood Park in which about 60% of the congregation live with mental illness. In support of the work of the parish, St. Luke’s serves dinner one Wednesday most months. It is a ministry not only of food but also of presence and fellowship. Questions? Contact Connie Wooten (404-432-0733/ ) or .
The Universal Christ by Richard Rohr
Led by Ed Bacon
Thursdays in May | 6:45-8:30 PM | Parish Hall
Soup & Salad Bar beginning at 6 PM

Ed will teach the first part of each session and then we'll break into small table discussions.

Note: The recording for Session 2 will posted next week.
Director of Music Arlan Sunnarborg is making available online all of the St. Luke's Mass movements. If you'd like to watch the videos - or even download a score go to

This link is also available on the music page of the church website.
Looking ahead to summertime
Beginning May 26 and continuing through July we will worship at 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. There will be education offerings at 9 a.m.

This Summer you will be invited to hang around on Sundays after worship for refreshment - the food kind as well as the fellowship kind - and some fun.  No set “program” as each Sunday will bring something new.  Up first on June 2 and 9 will be St. Luke’s Little Library . We’ll set up on the front lawn with drinks and snacks and you can peruse the books and choose summer reading. Starting this week, we’re welcoming book donations -- this is your chance to make room for new books on your shelves.  

Donate something you’ve already read and then join us on June 2 and 9 following the 10 a.m. service to pick out new titles for yourself. Please place the books you are donating in the appropriately labeled box in the Reception Area and Narthex.
Kickball is back!!! ... Beginning Sunday, June 16 at the Active Oval in Piedmont Park. Our co-ed recreational league will have a seven game schedule with all games on Sundays at either noon or 1:30 p.m.. New this year: a picnic for our fans, families, and friends at each game!!! We may even invite our opponents so they can meet all these awesome people from St. Luke’s! Please email Mignon Crawford ( ) or Keith Roberts ( ) if you are interested in playing or joining the fan club! League rules require players to be 21, but our fans can be any age!
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