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July 26
The Rev. Deborah Seles

August 2
The Rev. Andrew Butler

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Worship this Sunday includes The Rev. Deborah Seles, nd inspirational music recorded by John Wright and Revae Reynolds, Linda Morgan and Nice Benvenutti.

Watch email for link.

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Prayer Team Ministry Continues

If you would like someone to pray with you and for any reason or concern, please contact Debby Jansma at debbyj@stmargarets.org to be placed on the prayer list. For Pastoral Care, please contact The Rev. Patricia Horkey at patriciah@stmargarets.org.

Youth & Family
Children's Chapel Bulletins & Activity sheets: ( worship lesson in kid friendly language) Available.


Contact Chet for more info: (760) 346-2697 ext. 102

July 24, 2020 


The Rev. Andrew Butler begins his ministry at St. Margaret's next Saturday, August 1st!   Fr. Andrew will preach his first sermon that weekend, delivered on YouTube, and available via link in Saint Mail, beginning Saturday afternoon.  We look forward with excitement to hearing  Fr. Andrew's opening words to St. Margaret's!

When it is safe to do so, we will celebrate Fr. Andrew's new ministry in person-in grand style-but for now, St. Margaret's will celebrate Fr. Andrew's arrival in a new and creative way.

Join fellow parishioners in a  Welcome Parade and Canned Food Drive on Sunday August 2nd from 9-10 a.m.  You and your household are cordially invited to join a procession of cars which will pass by a shaded viewing area in front of Meyers Hall where Fr. Andrew and his fiancé, Olly, will be waving and exchanging socially-distance greetings with us. Please bring canned goods such as Canned Chicken, Soup, Chili, Stew, Hash, Spam, Tuna, Salmon, Beans and Legumes  as part of a parish-wide food drive to support our community members in need through St. Margaret's Neighbors-4-Neighbors program, whose client family population has soared to than 650 families a week as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.
What:   A  Welcome Parade and Food Drive  in our vehicles 
When:   Sunday, August 2, 2020.   9-10 AM (or conclusion)
Where : The parking lot at St. Margaret's

More information and details coming soon!
Pastoral Care
What is pastoral care and when should I call?  Our Pastoral Care Associate, the Rev. Tricia Horkey wants to hear from you about any challenge affecting your spirits.  Often, it is a health issue. Pastor Horkey leads a team who give continuing support to anyone facing a challenge. Call her at (951) 522-2595.  Pastor Horkey has many excellent contacts for resources to help if loved ones are experiencing Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, or  dementia.  She is eager to offer prayers and anointing for any important moment such as before surgery. The traditional prayers for the time of death can be very comforting, and we encourage you to reach out if a loved one is in this tender time.  As hospitals deal with pandemic demands, they may not call us; we encourage you to call Pastor Horkey directly on her cellphone about yourself or loved ones.
St. Margaret's Prepares Racial Justice Series
St. Margaret's is launching  a ten-part series of small groups in September called
Sacred Ground.

This initiative focuses on the challenges of race and racism, and invites us all to enter a respectful and transformative dialogue.  Participants will walk through history in order to peel away the layers which shape individual perspectives on our shared American story.  

Powerful documentary films and readings are the jumping off point for dialogue.  Key chapters of U.S. history on race and racism will be explored, as well as some of the latest thinking by scholars.   Personal story-sharing and deepening relationships are at the center of the
Sacred Ground experience.

Check out one of the YouTube videos that is part of the curriculum, a brief 7 minute video titled
Guns, Germs, and Steel:  How Europeans Came to Dominate the World.   Click here for link.

Watch for the announcement of sign-ups.
"Forward Day by Day"
The newest edition of "Forward Day by Day" is available. Contact Debby at debbyj@stmargarets.org to receive a copy.
Christian Formation during Covid19
What's happening with Christian Formation during Covid? Maybe that's not the first (probably not the 19 th ) thing you're wondering about these days! Perhaps you've been inundated with INFORMATION and are hoping for a breather. On the other hand, perhaps you're seeking a Christian perspective on current events.
Here are some resources for you:
  • Mondays at 3:00 p.m. or Wednesdays at 9:00 a.m. Zoom groups to discuss where we've met God during the week (through daily reflections, sermons, scripture readings). Judy Burton, Chris Davidson & Rick Martin facilitate the Monday group. Email Mother Deb (deborahs@stmargarets.org) to be join or form a group.
  • Becoming Beloved Community: The Episcopal Church's wealth of resources athttps://episcopalchurch.org/beloved-community.  Stay tuned for details about the Sacred Ground experience! 
  • Brene Brown's podcast "Unlocking Us"https://brenebrown.com/unlockingus/.  Brene, an Episcopalian, social work researcher and author speaks with contemporary leaders about issues of the day. On racial justice, check out her interviews with Addison Channing Brown and Professor Ibram K. Kendi (author of "How to Be an Anti-Racist" and "Antiracist Baby".
Technology Coaching
Don't miss out on chances to connect and worship using a computer or smart phone!  The whole Altar Guild met last week on Zoom and had a blast.  If you either could use a little coaching or could offer some coaching, please contact Andrew Trofka at (902) 619-6392 or ajtrofka@gmail.com and he will make matches.  

Additional On-Line Worship Opportunities for July
Join us weekly on our Facebook page ( https://www.facebook.com/St.MargaretsEpiscopalChurch ) for Morning or Evening Prayer on Wednesdays and Compline on Sunday evenings:

July 26 - Compline
July 29 - Morning Prayer
Parishioner Database Updates
Debby is almost finished updating our database.  Do we have a photo of you in the directory? We want to make sure Andrew knows who you are!   Just email any favorite snapshot to Debby: debbyj@stmargarets.org
Neighbors-4-Neighbors UPDATE!
The Neighbors-4-Neighbors program continues to feed a hungry valley every Tuesday at St. Margaret's.

We desperately want to keep the doors open and the carts moving, knowing that many of our clients have been financially impacted during the COVID-19 pandemic. With so many families facing hardship, N-4-N is serving over 650 families every Tuesday. And while many regular volunteers are staying away during sheltering, many new ones have appeared. God continues to provide and make the seemingly impossible possible. Thank you Chet Hecht and all our volunteers and contributors!

How can you help? Are you, or someone you know healthy enough to safely volunteer? We have strict procedures in place to protect volunteers and clients. Can you make a special contribution to help with this vital Outreach?   Please respond generously by sending an offering with N4N on the memo line. Or use the easyTithe link on the homepage of www.stmargarets.org and note your purpose. 
Please note: due to our volunteer and space constraints, we are unable to accept clothing at  this time.
Readings for 8/2/20  
Psalm  17:1-7, 16
The First Lesson 17:1-7, 16
The Second Lesson Romans 9:1-5
The Holy Gospel  Matthew 14:13-21
For a direct link to the readings for next week, click here
Your 2020 Vestry and Their Ministry Areas
Click here for the names, contact information and ministry areas of your 2020 Vestry
7/26   Pamela Simply, Charlene Colburn, Kathleen Pipoly, Jennifer Beal
7/27   Jackie Conley, Brendan Regan
7/28   Rita Saari
7/29   Mary Pons
7/30  Fred Swann
7/31   Bonnie Ortale
8/1   Lucy Karns
Correction: 7/16   Ernest & Eileen George (72 yrs)

7/29   Ron & Liz Borson (48 yrs), Bruce & Judy Schwartz
7/30  Cash & Betty Baxter (61 yrs), Curt & Susie Gettis (42 yrs)
8/1  Stephen & Kathy Stone (61 yrs)
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