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May 10
The Rev. Deborah Seles

May 17
The Rev. Kathleen Kelly

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Worship this Sunday includes The Rev. Deborah Seles, Preacher, and some beautiful music, including Fred Swann playing the postlude.

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Need Prayer? 
Let us pray for you!
Prayer Team Ministry Continues

If you would like someone to pray with you and for any reason or concern, please contact Debby Jansma at debbyj@stmargarets.org to be placed on the prayer list. For Pastoral Care, please contact The Rev. Patricia Horkey at patriciah@stmargarets.org.

Youth & Family
Children's Chapel Bulletins & Activity sheets: ( worship lesson in kid friendly language) Available.


Contact Chet for more info: (760) 346-2697 ext. 102

May 8, 2020 

Let's Share Some Selfies
We are all missing each other, so let's share some photos to bridge the distance as we shelter-in-place. Email us fun photos of what you and/or your pets are doing while in  quarantine. We'll share them and put together a slide show. Email them to  Debby at  debbyj@stmargarets.org
Zoom with Us!
If you would like to join a weekly Zoom group to share about how the weekly sermon or daily reflections connect with your life, please respond to  kathleenk@stmargarets.org.  Zoom tutorials will be available! If you would like to facilitate a group, please let that be known as well.
Neighbors-4-Neighbors Update
Miracles continue to happen every Tuesday at 
St. Margaret's through Neighbors 4 Neighbors. We desperately want to keep the doors open and the carts moving, knowing that many of our clients have depended on the jobs hardest hit during the pandemic closures. With so many facing hardship, the number served has generally doubled from what was typical before. And while many regular volunteers must stay away during sheltering, new ones have appeared.   God continues to provide and make the seemingly impossible possible. Thank you Chet Hecht and all our volunteers and contributors!
How can you help? Do you know someone healthy enough to safely volunteer? We have strict procedures in place to protect volunteers and clients. Can you make a special contribution to help with this vital Outreach?   Please respond generously by sending an offering with N4N on the memo line. Or use the easyTithe link on the homepage of www.stmargarets.org and note your purpose. 
Please note: due to our volunteer and space constraints, we are unable to accept clothing at this time.

New Forward Day by Day Devotional Booklets
Even though we are not in church together, you can still access the new Forward Day by Day devotional booklets.  The online version is available on their website www.prayer.forwardmovement.org , or contact Debby for help, and she will be sure you get one!  Debbyj@stmargarets.org
Tapping our Playfulness in Anxious Times

Feeling stress over all the things we have not?  Mother Deb is offering a session on Facebook each Tuesday and Saturday to share how exploring the wisdom of our bodies can give us MORE, not less:

--more energy
--more grace
--more joy
--more fun
--more peace

Using the principles of InterPlay/Body Wisdom, Mother Deb will help everyone (of every physical ability) to trust our body's wisdom, becoming more spontaneous and expanding our awareness and confidence. Postings will explore embodied spirituality, Sabbath-keeping, Table Graces, the use of Holy Water, Counting Prayers, Welcoming God, Walking Prayerfully.
Parishioner Database Updates
Debby is busy working on updating our database and we want to include an updated photo of you! Just email any favorite snapshot to Debby: debbyj@stmargarets.org . Have an updated phone number, address or email? Send those updates too!
Readings for 5/17/20  Easter 6
Psalm  66:7-18
The First Lesson Acts 17:22-31
The Second Lesson 1 Peter 3:13-22
The Holy Gospel  John 14:15-21
Your 2020 Vestry and Their Ministry Areas
Click here for the names, contact information and ministry areas of your 2020 Vestry
5/10   Robert Teal, Mary Arteche
5/11  Bob Archer, Bruce Fowler, Gary Donnelly
5/12  Dave Gellatly
5/13  Daryl James, Jr., Jay Scott
5/14  Marcia Hatfield, Pamela Williams
5/10   Thomas & Terry Carmello (45 yrs)
5/13  John McCarthy & Carole Shawver (42 yrs)
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