Pastoral Care Resources
  1. Riverside Office on Aging - Care Pathways: "Are you helping care for a family member over the age of 60? Free Online Classes for family caregivers." To register, please call (951) 867-3874. Classes start the week of September 21, on Zoom. (Technical assistance will be provided)
  2. Alzheimer's Association - Health and Wellness Virtual Lecture Series Each Month: Please contact Jennifer Zuckerman at (760) 996-0006 -ext. 8410, for information and resources.
  3. In-Home Care Assistance of Palm Desert - Virtual Lecture Series on Proactive Aging; What Are Financial and Medical POAs and Why are They Needed; The ABCs of End of Life Documents; and much more: Please contact Patricia Riley at (760) 345-0001, for information on these upcoming online health series.
  4. Parkinson's Foundation - Please contact their office at (877) 775-4111, or register on their website,  For information on weekly Virtual Series on Caregiving; Health and Wellness; Support Resources for those living with Parkinson; and much more.

If you have any questions, please contact The Rev. Patricia Horkey at (760) 346-2697 ext. 147. Or (951) 522-2595 - cell.
Parents and Grandparents Connections Group Forming
Are you a parent or grandparent with home-schoolers? Interested in forming a Connections Group to debrief, share ideas and support one another? Email Mother Deb with your interest at We’ll see about the interest level and discuss best days/times.
Update on Sacred Ground Series
We are excited to report that six Sacred Ground groups have been formed and will be launching at the end of this month or early October. If you have signed up for going on this adventure, you no doubt have heard from your facilitators already about your launch date. We have nine facilitators (Judy Burton, George Lynch, Lorraine Becker, Meredith Hardy, Mary Pons, Jane Hodnik, Susan Rigley, Marlynn May, and myself, Ellie Millam). We are busily finding three more facilitators who can handle the remaining 20 participants who are still on the sign-up list. Once those people are formed into groups, which will be soon, those signing up after September will be invited to either join a Book Study Group or wait until the New Year to join in the complete Series. We are rejoicing over the response thus far and hope to have 100 people enrolled by December.

Right now, a Newsletter is in the process of development called “Becoming a Beloved Community.” We hope to have it delivered to your doorsteps sometime later this month. It will provide a spirited piece by Father Andrew Butler on what it means to begin this journey, and will focus on more details about Sacred Ground and it’s happenings. We intend to share stories from peoples’ experiences and keep everyone informed about what is next in the process.

Stay tuned for announcements about Book Studies and other happenings as we proceed. 
Dr. Ellie Millam
Virtual Event: Truman Trivia with Harold Ivan Smith
Tuesday, September 15 at 4 p.m.

Harold Ivan Smith, a member of St. Margaret's, will present a zoom lecture for the Truman Presidential Library on his new book, Almost Everything Worth Knowing About Harry S Truman on Sept 15 at 4 p.m. (Pacific time). This presentation is part of the celebration of the 75th anniversary of Truman becoming president and the completion of a major remodeling at the Truman Library. The lecture will last an hour and registrations may be made by going to the Truman Presidential Library website:
There is no charge.
Children's (and the Young-At-Heart!) Worship Resources
We have begun an additional offering for the young and the young-at-heart: Mother Deb reading a selection from The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name. The link will be on the Children's Resources on our website (
Neighbors-4-Neighbors UPDATE!
The Neighbors-4-Neighbors program continues to feed a hungry valley every Tuesday at St. Margaret's.

We desperately want to keep the doors open and the carts moving, knowing that many of our clients have been financially impacted during the COVID-19 pandemic. With so many families facing hardship, N-4-N is serving over 650 families every Tuesday. And while many regular volunteers are staying away during sheltering, many new ones have appeared. God continues to provide and make the seemingly impossible possible. Thank you Chet Hecht and all our volunteers and contributors!

How can you help? Are you, or someone you know healthy enough to safely volunteer? We have strict procedures in place to protect volunteers and clients. Can you make a special contribution to help with this vital Outreach? Please respond generously by sending an offering with N4N on the memo line. Or use the easyTithe link on the homepage of and note your purpose. 

Please note: due to our volunteer and space constraints, we are unable to accept clothing at this time.
"Forward Day by Day"
The newest edition of "Forward Day by Day" is available. Contact Debby at to receive a copy.
Parishioner Directory is Updated!
The Directory is complete! If you would like a pdf of it emailed to you, contact Debby: Remember: we continue to update the Directory so be sure to email Debby with changes or new photos!
Readings for Next Sunday, 9/20/2020
Psalm 105:1-6, 37-45
 The First Lesson Exodus 16:2-15
   The Second Lesson Jonah 3:10-4:11
The Holy Gospel Matthew 20:1-16
For a direct link to the readings for next week, click here
Your 2020 Vestry and Their Ministry Areas
9/13 Eileen George
9/14 Alexa Frederick
9/15 Dan Koehler
9/16 Jane Melzer, Bill LaVoie
9/17 Kay Wallace
9/18 Cindy Thompson
9/19 Teresa Voss, Roger Dash, Gail Denker, Jack Jesus
9/13 Bruck & Helene Hanson (34 yrs), Masaru & Kelly Yamada (34 yrs)
9/17 Lenny & Karen Dobbins (43 yrs), Ralph Iannuzzi & Sybill Allen
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