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Lutheran Night at the Phillies Friday, June 8th!
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10am Worship
Sermon Series: "In Fear and Faith"
Examining Fear in our Lives 
June 10th-24th  
This Sunday, we celebrate the baptism of Daxton!   
Moment for Reflection- Giving Our World a Break  
This Sunday, despite the weather's refusal to cooperate with us, we celebrated the gift of God's creation from the comfort of our sanctuary. It was, as you probably know, our intention to worship outdoors.  
Though I and members of our church council and worship and music committee picked the date for our outdoor worship service, I decided to stick with the scripture readings assigned by the lectionary, the three-year cycle of readings followed by numerous Christian denominations, including ours. The readings for this past Sunday centered around the theme of sabbath, the weekly time of rest prescribed in Hebrew scripture, and discussed by Jesus in the Gospel of Mark.  
In the interest of reflecting on creation as a whole (which includes us as created beings), I posed the question of how we can extend the same need for rest beyond ourselves. God gave us this world to care for, as attested to in Genesis, but of late it seems to me we have put an incredible amount of pressure on our world. We extract so much from the world; is it possible the world needs the same rest we need for our own wholeness?  
Caring for creation this way can take a variety of forms. It can be as simple as buying reusable shopping bags and/or coffee cups, or as in depth as electric cars and solar panels. Whatever options might be available to us, we all can play a role in giving creation a break. Consider how you fit into this facet of Christian discipleship.  
God's peace be with you always.    
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