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Upcoming Calendar
For your safety, the church building, preschool and office are closed during the pandemic. All services are being live-streamed on Facebook (you do not need a Facebook account to participate).

Thursday, April 23
5pm - Evening Prayer

Friday, April 24
5pm - Evening Prayer

Saturday, April 25
9pm - Compline

Third Sunday of Easter, April 26
10am - Holy Eucharist

Monday, April 27
5pm - Evening Prayer

Tuesday, April 28
10am - Morning Prayer

Wednesday, April 29
5pm - Evening Prayer

Thursday, April 30
10am - Morning Prayer
From the Rector
Dear Parishioners and Friends,

Like all of you, I am learning new things every day and trying my best to make sense of what will be our reality for some time. There have been moments of challenge, frustration, and anger, but also of great grace, inspiration, and joy. Our virtual services are reaching many people far beyond Tuxedo, and Facebook informs me that my mom is a "Top Fan," which I already knew anyway. Thanks, mom!

We are all balancing self-care with our concern for others in new ways. It is encouraging to note that Tuxedo has really come together, and that most needs are being met by dedicated volunteers. It makes my heart swell to know that St. Mary's and her people are, as always, at the heart of it all.

But still, as the psalmist said, "How long, O Lord?" Today I was a part of a wonderful Zoom conversation between our three bishops and the clergy of this region of the diocese. We are all facing similar challenges, and all doing our best to meet the need. Bishop Dietsche's leadership is to be commended, and as a priest, it was good to be at least virtually connected to my bishop. The $64,000 question of course, is when can we get back to something like normal. The Bishop's original projection of May 17 is likely to be extended well into June, with a definitive directive coming soon. Even when we can come back, it won't be a "fling wide the gates" situation. There will be a gradual return with cleansings of the church after every gathering, at least for a while.

For now, I want you to know that the various committees, the vestry, wardens, and I are doing all we can to steer our beautiful, creaky old ship through this storm, which we will do together. Stay safe.

Sloatsburg Food Pantry
Outreach Update
Thanks to the generous people who have donated to St. Mary’s Outreach, we have been in a position to help our neighbors in so many ways. Operation Love Thy Neighbor is an excellent example of community groups working together for the common good. Remember, for help, call your neighborhood coordinator or email .

The Tuxedo School District Transport Department is delivering children’s meals three times a week to twenty-six families who, at this time, are in need of help. St. Mary’s is able to supplement this assistance with grocery cards, and, through the Sloatsburg Food Pantry, food parcels to those who cannot get to the pantry themselves. Dog and cat food is also available and being delivered through the Hudson Valley Animal Shelter. And families, who, due to temporary unemployment, are unable to pay their utility bills are getting help from St. Mary’s.

The next Sloatsburg Food Pantry drive-through is on April 28, from 1pm to 6pm. Tuxedo residents are eligible. Please visit their website for more information. We are supplementing the food parcels with ‘Stay Safe’ care kits that include gloves, masks, disinfecting wipes, etc. plus anti-bacterial soap and toiletries put together by our volunteers to supply the expected 300 plus families. On the last opening 324 families were served and 340 is the estimate for next Tuesday. If anyone still has spare toiletries from hotels or airlines we would welcome donations of these into the receptacle provided on the chapel porch at St. Mary’s.

Tomorrow we are making our second large donation of cookies and cereal bars to the Helping Hands breakfast/lunch program for the homeless in Spring Valley. Thanks to the team of bakers and especially Dottie Audrey’s!

Our liaisons and shoppers in all areas of Tuxedo continue to be active and caring, so we hope everyone in any sort of need is being reached. Donations can be made at and will help us keep supporting our neighbors until everyone is back to work and we see what the new ‘normal’ will bring.

Thank you all!
Sue Heywood, Outreach Chair
Expanded Service Offering Online
For your safety, the church building is closed during the pandemic. Services continue online at St. Mary’s Facebook page (you do not need a Facebook account to participate). Join us for services daily, especially Sundays at 10am for Holy Eucharist (bulletin is at ).

In an effort to broaden our offering and create a deeper connection with the Book of Common Prayer and our Anglican heritage, we will be expanding our services to include Morning Prayer and Compline. Please see the calendar at the top of this email for the schedule.
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