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Upcoming Calendar
Services are being live-streamed online on Facebook (you do not need a Facebook account to participate).

Fourth Sunday of Easter, April 25
10am - Holy Eucharist (in-person and online)
11:30am - Vestry Meeting (by zoom)

Tuesday, April 27
5pm - Evening Prayer (online only)

Wednesday, April 28
10am - Holy Eucharist (in-person and online)
2pm to 6pm - Sloatsburg Food Pantry is open (in Suffern)

Thursday, April 29
5pm - Evening Prayer (online only)
From the Rector
Dear Parishioners and Friends,

This week all eyes were on a courtroom in Minneapolis as the nation and the world awaited the verdict for the murder of George Floyd. For many in that city and throughout the country, the final decision brought with it a sense of relief and hope. For them it was a moment of justice and redemption, and in homage to Floyd’s famous last words, people on the streets said that now, “they can breathe.”

As a Christian, it is gut-wrenching to witness over and over again the last tortured minutes of one man’s life played out on the news. It is a challenge not to allow ourselves to become calloused out of an instinct for self-preservation. How can we when such imagery is an all-too “normal” a part of our lives?

What we can do is remember the events we commemorate every time we gather for the Holy Eucharist. We can think and pray upon the suffering of our Lord, which took place in the streets, perpetrated by the local authorities, and witnessed by crowds of bystanders. And we must put ourselves in the place of those ancient witnesses and ask, “am I like St. Mary, St. John, or Veronica and the women of Jerusalem, or am I an apathetic gawker, or worse, shouting ‘crucify him’?”

If we’re honest with ourselves, we have probably been in both camps at one time or another. Still, the vocation of a Christian, of Christ’s royal priesthood, is to proclaim his reign by standing and working for justice, peace, and reconciliation among all people. We must name the evil and strive for the good. 

As we continue to digest the news of the day, let us always remember the words of our Lord: A new commandment I give unto you, that you love one another as I have loved you. May the souls of the dead Rest In Peace, and may the hearts of the living be turned to the love of our God.

Father Rick
Gardening/Clean Up Day May 1st
Thank you to those who attended the Buildings & Grounds meeting this week, where we got caught up on where we stand with implementing what we learned from our historic preservation architect. Our next B&G event will be a Spring Gardening/Cleanup Day on Saturday, May 1st, from 10am to 1pm. Please join us for a safe, fun day of activity!
Memorial Tree Dedication May 9th
After the dedication of the Pam Cromey rose garden and the planting of a dogwood tree in her memory, Fr. Rick mentioned his vision for the creation of an allée of native dogwoods along the approach to the church on Tuxedo Road. The response was enthusiastic and donors asked that six more trees be planted in memory of loved ones. There are now a total of eight trees in place, with room for a few more in the future. The trees are not only beautiful, but will provide food for the birds as they prepare for their fall migration. The six new trees will be dedicated and blessed on Mother's Day, May 9th, immediately following the 10am service. The trees are given in loving memory by:
  • Inger Grüterich for her husband, Rolf Grüterich (1929-2016)
  • Nancy and Jim Hays for their son, Alexander M. Hays (1977-2018)
  • Sue Heywood for her husband, Alan Heywood (1939-2015)
  • Sally Sonne for her husband, Christian R. Sonne (1936-2019)
  • Serene Swirbul for her husband, L. Philip Swirbul (1931- 2016)
  • Sandy Taylor for her sister, Anne Louise McFarland Heigho (1935-2020)
Antiracism Summit May 22nd
Several congregations in the Episcopal Diocese of New York have groups focusing on racial justice and/or antiracism. Other congregations have members who would like to start such a group. They are looking for help and resources to do so.

With the help of the diocesan Antiracism Committee, a group of congregants from around the diocese are planning an online "summit meeting" on May 22nd for representatives from congregations who have existing groups or congregations which want to start one.

Please click on the link below to sign up for the summit and let Father Rick know if you'd be interested in starting such a group at St. Mary's.
Welcome to the Emporium!
We are pleased to introduce the Emporium at St. Mary's, a whole new way to shop sustainably while supporting a worthy cause! Need extra wine glasses? A paella pan or fish poacher? Silver candelabra? We can help you outfit your house; just send us an email and we can meet you and take you shopping! Fabulous items arriving weekly!

With Spring weather and the outdoor sports season opening, you may be interested in some of these bargains (see photos below):
  • Bikes in excellent condition (one for children ages 7-8, one for girls ages 10-12, one adult men's bike)
  • Barbie Dollhouse complete with dolls and furniture. In perfect condition.
  • Specialist drivers for all you would-be pro golfers out there
  • Beginner set of golf clubs -- it's never too late to start!

Please call (845) 351-2389 or email to make an offer or get more information.

Lili Neuhauser, Emporium Curator
Outreach Update
Much of St Mary's local Outreach is linked to the Sloatsburg Food Pantry, with parishioners and friends making financial donations, while also volunteering their time and expertise to help with packing and distribution. SFP is now distributing from All Souls Church in Suffern and providing food to around 340 families twice a month, currently via a drive-thru distribution. We are working to establish a 'satellite' storage space at St Mary's where Tuxedo families can get access to food and receive home deliveries in emergency situations.

We are also able to help individual families whose needs go beyond food. Recently, we have assisted in paying medical bills, given out Kohl's gift cards for those in need of clothing, and subsidized rent for families who could not raise the funds to meet their bills.

At Easter we distributed Shop-Rite gift cards to 48 families in need. Families with one child received a $50 gift card and those with two or more children, $100. Our total expenditure was $4,000. One teenager told me how, when she got home from school, her mother was smiling from ear to ear and waving the cards in the air and excitedly waiting to get a ride to the grocery store!

Several individuals in Tuxedo have been assisting others in scheduling vaccination appointments and accessing rides to keep those appointments. After some discussion, the Outreach Committee decided to make a donation of $1,000 to Médecins Sans Frontières, Doctors without Borders, for their work in contributing to the global access to vaccinations, particularly in areas of poverty. Covid19 can only be defeated by a global approach and we felt strongly that St Mary's had a responsibility to be a part of that effort along with our personal donations.

Donations to St Mary's Outreach efforts will be thankfully received at 100% of your donations go to those in need and our partner organizations, and the donations can be specifically designated.

Sue Heywood, Outreach Chair
Earth Day 2021
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