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Upcoming Calendar
Services are being live-streamed online on Facebook (you do not need a Facebook account to participate).

Sunday, June 6
10am - Holy Eucharist (in-person and online)
11am - Rectory Garden Tour (all are welcome)
2pm - Ochieng Baptism (in Middletown)

Tuesday, June 8
5pm - Evening Prayer (online only)

Wednesday, June 9
10am - Holy Eucharist (in-person and online)
2pm to 6pm - Sloatsburg Food Pantry is open (in Suffern)

Thursday, June 10
5pm - Evening Prayer (online only)

Friday, June 11
10am - Tuxedo Park School Graduation

Saturday, June 12
11am - Diaz Baptism

Sunday, June 13 -- honoring the Thurstons
10am - Holy Eucharist (in-person and online)
11am - Reception (Sue Heywood's garden)
From the Rector
Dear Parishioners and Friends,

Today is the feast of Corpus Christi. This feast has roots going back to the Middle Ages, and while it is not officially one of the prayer book feasts, many Episcopalians around the country observe the day with great solemnity. I can remember serving at St. Clement's Church in Philadelphia on a particularly hot June night with a cast of thousands. We had not only a glorious mass with full choir, but also a "figure eight" procession around the large church which moved at the pace of a very devout snail. I got off easy, having only to walk beside my colleague, Fr. Adler. He had the somewhat painful honor of carrying the Sacrament, which was housed in an enormous bronze d'oré monstrance. We were sometime workout buddies, and though he had recently competed in a strongman contest, he confessed that his arms nearly fell off!

As the name implies, the "Body of Christ," that is, the consecrated bread of the Holy Eucharist is the focus. It is the only feast day dedicated solely to a sacrament. Coming as it does after the Ascension and the Day of Pentecost, we are reminded of Jesus' promise to his disciples: Now the eleven disciples went to Galilee, to the mountain to which Jesus had directed them. When they saw him, they worshipped him; but some doubted. And Jesus came and said to them, ‘All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything that I have commanded you. And remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age.’ (Matthew 28:16-20)

Christ's gift of the Holy Eucharist is the manna of the new covenant. It is our sustenance as we travel through the desert of life on our way to the promised land. And it is truly the fulfillment of his promise to be with his disciples, then and now, even to the end of the age. As they say in España, Feliz Corpus!

Father Rick
COVID Precautions
We recently relaxed some of our COVID precautions. Effective May 23, 2021, people who have been fully vaccinated against the coronavirus for two weeks or more may attend services and other indoor activities without wearing a mask or maintaining physical distance. Unvaccinated individuals (2 years of age and older) must continue to physically distance and wear a mask. We understand that many vaccinated people will still want to wear their masks or distance for some time, and we certainly respect that choice. May we enjoy our new freedoms responsibly and respectfully, and continue to hold one another in love.
Rectory Garden Tour this Sunday
As you may know, Fr. Rick has been working diligently over the last four years to restore the extensive gardens at the rectory. This has involved everything from eradicating invasive vines, to restoring rock terraces, to planting thousands of bulbs. This year, the garden is really starting to look like something, and he and Pete would like to invite you to come up and tour the grounds this Sunday after the 10am service. Light refreshments will be served. Please walk up Fox Hill Road, or take the path up from French House.
Honoring the Thurstons on June 13th
Please join us on Sunday, June 13th, at 10am as we honor George and Prudence Thurston for their more than three decades of service to St. Mary's. After the service, a festive reception will be held in the lovely cottage garden of Sue Heywood. Please let Sue know if you're able to attend. All are welcome.
Helping St. Luke's in Kenya
Parishioner Elizabeth Ochieng's hometown parish of St. Luke's in Kenya has almost completed an extensive renovation, and the only thing left to do is the floor. St. Mary's Outreach has committed to providing a portion of the nearly $4,000 needed to complete the project. If you are interested in helping our Kenyan brothers and sisters complete the work on their church, please see Sue Heywood or donate now. St. Luke's is part of the vibrant Diocese of Bondo that just consecrated the first female bishop in the Anglican Church of Kenya, the Reverend Dr. Emily Awino Anyango.
Reimagining our Ministries -- Coffee Hour Returns!
Later this month, we will restart and reimagine Coffee Hour after the 10am Sunday service. It will be held outdoors on the Great Lawn (Bentley Hall in case of rain). Coffee Hour is a great, informal opportunity for food and fellowship -- catch up with friends on the events of the past week (or year), share upcoming plans, and get to know new people.

Please consider volunteering for this important hospitality ministry. Many have called Coffee Hour the eighth sacrament in the Episcopal Church, and we at St. Mary's have historically hosted some legendary ones. But much like the Anglican liturgical tradition, coffee hour can be as simple or as over the top as you would like to make it. As long as the essentials are there (gather as a community, break bread together, go forth strengthened), that’s what matters. So don’t stress about it, just feel free to express your creativity. We even have Coffee Hour experts (Lili, Pete, Wendy) to help guide you.

If you are interested in hosting, please talk with the experts or visit to sign up. Schedules will be made out several months in advance so you can plan your calendar accordingly. Please visit to learn more about all of our ministries.
Memorial Day in Tuxedo
The Town of Tuxedo Annual Memorial Day Ceremony was held last Monday at St. Mary's, with Father Rick serving as the master of ceremonies. Thank you to everyone who attended this solemn occasion to remember those who gave their lives in service to our country. Please see our Facebook page for photos and video of the day's ceremony.
In Memoriam
It is with sadness that I share with you the news that parishioner Fred Wibiralske has died. He spent the last year in quarantine with his daughter, Anne. Though we could not see him in person, we remembered him in prayer each Sunday.

Fred led a life of service to his community as well as his beloved Episcopal Church. Among his many contributions were serving on a diocesan anti-racism committee, as a trustee of the cathedral, and as a driving force behind the founding of the diocesan Rural and Migrant Ministry. He also participated in the Temple of Understanding, a group based at the cathedral which sought through dialogue and personal connections to bring differing religious groups together. This led Fred and his wife to visit the Holy Land, as well as eastern Europe. Fred was also a recipient of the Bishop's Cross.

But aside from his accomplishments, we at St. Mary's knew him as a kind man who loved being in church whenever he could be, often perching in Bentley Hall for coffee hour wearing a big smile.

Funeral arrangements are still in the planning stages, and details will be announced at a later date. May Fred's soul, and the souls of all the faithful departed, rest in peace. Amen.
Sloatsburg Food Pantry
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