This Week at St. Mary's-in-Tuxedo
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Upcoming Calendar
Thursday, October 11
11am - Chapel for Preschool 2's
11:30am - Luncheon & Day by Day Reading Reflection Time

Sunday, October 14
8am - Holy Eucharist in the Chapel
9:50am - Infant/childcare available and Sunday School begins
10am - Bishop's Visitation, Holy Baptism and Eucharist in the Church with music
11am - Food and fellowship follows in Bentley Hall
11:30am - Vestry Meeting

Wednesday, October 17
10am - Holy Eucharist in the Chapel
11am - Chapel for Preschool 3's and 4's

Thursday, October 18
11am - Chapel for Preschool 2's
From the Rector
The Bishop is coming!

We rectors get a schedule every now and then of episcopal visitations. We usually see that on some far distant date, Bishop so-and-so will be stopping by for his or her "official" visit. This gets duly noted, but largely forgotten in the hustle and bustle of parish life--that is, until a few weeks out from the event.

A checklist is then sent to the rector detailing the do's and don'ts of the care and feeding of bishops. The list is very detailed, and contains things like: use the proper of the day, track 2. Use Eucharistic Prayer A., etc. I believe that this is due to a wide variance in liturgical expression in the diocese, and meant to spare anyone any embarrassment. However, the list is pretty much point-for-point the way things run at St. Mary's. In fact, our draft bulletins were just approved this afternoon. With all of this guidance and reassurance, one would think that after a decade of hosting these visitations, my anxiety level would drop. No such luck.

There are so many moving parts, and of course we all want to make the best possible impression on our visitor. I take a great deal of pride in my parish, and I know you do, too. However, a visitation is as much about receiving hospitality as it is giving it. We also ought to look forward to our time with Bishop Glasspool as a visible and incarnate sign of our unity through Jesus Christ with our diocese and the Church universal. There will be time for parishioners to speak with her, as well as the Vestry as a body. As one of her priests, I will also have some precious one-on-one time.

As we prepare to welcome an honored guest, remember to pray for our parish and our bishops, and the mission that binds us all together: restoring all things to unity with God through Jesus Christ.

Father Rick
St. Francis Sunday
In the spirit of St. Francis, our annual animal blessing took place last Sunday during the services. The “peaceable kingdom” was made up of dogs, cats, a lizard, several stuffed animals and photos. Fr Rick offered them all a blessing and a prayer for St Francis to watch over them in the coming year. Additionally, the children of the parish taught us about the life and ministry of St Francis, and offered prayers for animals of all sorts (see video here ). Many thanks to our Sunday School for the children's program, Calvin De Mond and George Thurston for taking video and photos of the pet blessings, Sandy Taylor for a great coffee hour, and everyone for participating!
EYF Cake Walk
Many thanks to our Episcopal Youth Fellowship who participated in Tuxedo Family Fun Day last Saturday by hosting a good old fashioned Cake Walk! A good time was had by all!! Please visit our Facebook page for photos of the event.
Progressive Dinner November 3rd
Wall Street titan turned scientist Alfred Lee Loomis created technology in his Tuxedo Park lab that helped turn the tide of WWII. Join us on November 3rd for a benefit where we celebrate this unique part of our heritage and get a glimpse inside the laboratory and home where history was made! Please visit PBS to watch the documentary or the publisher to learn more about the book by Jennet Conant.
Tickets are $175 per person and may be reserved at .
If you can't attend, please consider becoming a sponsor.
November at St. Mary's-in-Tuxedo
Thanksgiving scene
Fall is a particularly busy time at St. Mary's-in-Tuxedo. In addition to all of the events in this newsletter, we have four baptisms and two weddings planned. Please plan on joining your parish family on these important dates:
  • November 11 - Remembrance Sunday - remembering all those who have served
  • November 18 - Harvest Thanksgiving for all the blessings of this life, including stewardship ingathering
  • November 22 - Thanksgiving Day at St. John's in Arden
All are truly welcome at St. Mary's, which is located within the historic gates of Tuxedo Park and serves the entire Tuxedo community. Please tell the gatehouse you're going to St. Mary's, proceed thru the gates and we're on the right (plenty of parking available).
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