This Week at St. Mary's-in-Tuxedo
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Upcoming Calendar
Saturday, April 28 - Blessed Virgin Mary
11 am - Funeral for Joseph Hlavka

Sunday, April 29 - The Fifth Sunday of Easter
8 am - Holy Eucharist in the Chapel
9:50 am - Infant/childcare available; Sunday School starts
10 am - Holy Eucharist in the Church with choir and organ
Food and fellowship follows in Bentley Hall
11:30 am - Outreach Meeting

Wednesday, May 2 - St. Mark the Evangelist
10 am - Holy Eucharist in the Chapel
11 am - Chapel for Preschool 3's and 4's

Thursday, May 3 - The Finding of the Holy Cross, 335
11 am - Chapel for Preschool for 2’s
11:30 am - Soup & Sandwich Luncheon and Day by Day Reflection Time
From the Rector
Dear Parishioners and Friends,

One of the main focus points of my still-new rectorship of St. Mary's has been an improvement in the ways that we communicate. It is important to understand that different types of people communicate in different ways. As for me, I feel like I communicate well in my sermons and one-on-one. However, I sometimes feel that in everyday life my messages are not always understood or received. Perhaps you do, too. I am by nature a private person who is quicker to listen than to speak. I prefer to size up the room and master all of the information before opening my mouth. This is often a difficult position in which to be when so many others prefer to speak first and tease out information verbally. Understanding different ways of communicating is key to building new relationships.

Born and bred in the Midwest, I was raised to "mind my own business" and to "stay out of people's way." What I consider courtesy may be seen by others as aloofness or at worst, an uncaring nature. As a priest, I understand that I have a "pass" to be nosy and to interject myself into other people's lives in a way that would otherwise seem inappropriate. To be honest, I struggle with this balance between pastoring and pestering. With this in mind, I would find it helpful to know when you are in want of pastoral care. I am always available. Despite the demands of running a parish, anything can wait when it comes to pastoral needs. If you wish to see me in the office, you can usually expect to see me there during the posted office hours of 9am to 1pm, Tuesday through Friday. Monday is my one day off, though that is often given over to duties. If I am not in the office during those times, it means I am off saying mass at one of two retirement communities, visiting the sick, attending a meeting, or otherwise engaged in the work of the church. Unlike past priests, I do not drive to the church. Why would I? I could roll down the hill faster than it takes to even start the car. So the lack of my car in the parking lot does not mean the lack of the priest in the church. I am always available at other times by appointment to suit the needs of working people. My telephone number is pasted to the door of the church office, and is printed in every Sunday bulletin, but in case you don't have it, please put (917) 658-6314 into your smart phone, flip phone, or old-fashioned address book.

It is a joy to be the priest of St. Mary's, and I look forward to building more and stronger relationships as we move forward together in Christ.

Father Rick
The funeral mass for Joseph Hlavka will be held at St. Mary's on Saturday, April 28, at 11am. Joe was a long-time resident of Tuxedo Park who died on Saturday January 27 after a short illness. He was 90 years old. He was a former Senior Warden and Chairman of our Outreach Committee.

Joe was born in Franklin, New Jersey in 1927. He served in the Army and was educated at Rutgers University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he received a doctoral degree.

He taught at the Imperial College in London and spent most of his career as a Senior Scientist at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals in the area of drug development for infectious diseases.

He is survived by his daughter Sarah Clark of Califon, New Jersey, his son Matthew of Tuxedo Park, and four grandchildren: Billy, Nick, Amanda and Perrin.

May Joe's soul, and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.
Coffee Hour
Many have called coffee hour the eighth sacrament in the Episcopal Church, and it is indeed a great opportunity for informal community building at St. Mary's. It is held immediately following the 10am service in Bentley Hall, and we need hosts for several upcoming Sundays. Please let  Lisa  in the office know if you can take one of these Sundays.
Tuxedo Park School Benefit
All members of the community are cordially invited to Tuxedo Park School’s annual Benefit on April 28. It promises to be a fun event with exciting live and silent auction items such as hosting a private dinner party at Dottie Audrey’s, beautiful paper goods from local artist Elizabeth Grubaugh and much, much more! To learn more about attending or donating items to the auction, please contact Fiona Duffy .
Tuxedo Fire Volunteers
The Tuxedo Park Fire Department is hosting an open house as part of RecruitNY-2018. This is a state-wide program to encourage volunteers to join their local volunteer fire departments. Please visit our firehouse to see our facilities including fire trucks and equipment and our historical collection, meet your neighbors who already volunteer, learn how rewarding it is to serve as a volunteer firefighter plus find out how you can help. There will be light food, beverages and photo opportunities for adults and children
All are truly welcome at St. Mary's, which is located within the historic gates of Tuxedo Park and serves the entire Tuxedo community. Please tell the gatehouse you're going to St. Mary's, proceed thru the gates and we're on the right (plenty of parking available).
How to contact us...
Office: 845.351.5122
PreSchool: 845.351.2389
Physical Address: 10 Fox Hill Rd, Tuxedo Park, NY 10987
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 637, Tuxedo Park, NY 10987