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at St. Wilfrid's Episcopal Church and School

September 16, 2022 to September 22, 2022

St. Wilfrid's is a Christian community seeking to know and unconditionally share God's unfailing love.

This Sunday, September 18, 2022

The Fifteenth Sunday after Pentecost

In-Person Service at

9:30am (1 service this week)

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  • Sunday, September 18th:

Homecoming Sunday, 1 service @ 9:30 am.

Church Directory Picture Sign-Ups, before and after the 9:30 am service, in the Narthex.

Church Directory Picture Day, 10:30 am to 3:00 pm, Chapel (see below)

  • Tuesday, September 20th:

Grief Group Meeting, 9:30 am in Sacquety Hall.

Rector's Bible Study, 11:00 am in Sacquety Hall.

  • Wednesday, September 21st:

Finance Commission Meeting, 6:00 pm in Father Nathan's office.

Laundry Love, 6:00 pm - Huntington Coin Laundry 234 Adams Ave. HB 92648

  • Friday, September 23rd:

Episcopal Church Dodger Game Night

  • Sunday, September 25th:

Adult Forum "Why We Do What We Do" 9:45 am in Sacquety Hall.(see below)

Church Directory Picture Day, 9:30 am to 3:00 pm in the Chapel (see below)

  • Monday, September 26th:

Vestry Meeting, 6:00 pm in Sacquety Hall.

  • Tuesday, September 27th:

Rector's Bible Study, 11:00 am in Sacquety Hall.


  • Saturday, October 1st:

Blessing of the Animals,10:30 am in the Rose Garden.

  • Sunday, October 9th:

Feast Day of S. Wilfrid's, One Combined Service at 9:30 am followed by a Chili Cook-Off. Chili cooks needed. Please contact Steven Nadolny at (714) 536-5172 for details.

  • Sunday, October 16th:

Flu Clinic: On Sunday, October 16th, your parish nurses, in partnership with Hoag hospital, will be providing the current flu vaccine. We will be offering the regular dose and the senior dose vaccines. More information will follow.

GODLY PLAY BEGINS AT 9:30 am on 9/18

Then beginning Sunday, 9/25 forward

8:30 and 10:30am

Room 9

  • Ages 4 years to 5th grade
  • Visiting children are welcome
  • Montessori based
  • Bible story, art and prayers
  • The children will join families for the Eucharist


10:30 am

St. Wilfrid's

Rose Garden


This Sunday is our Homecoming Sunday! As we kick off our program year with the return of Godly Play (our Sunday Program for children aged 4 to 10) and the return of the St. Wilfrid’s choir. Join us for one service at 9:30 am this Sunday. This week’s worship service combines our two distinct musical styles (the 8:30 am Table Singers and our 10:30 am choir). Not only will our students and preschool teachers be blessed in the service, but after the service there will also be opportunities to learn about various parish ministries at our mini-ministry fair, face-painting and games for children, an opportunity to sign up for directory photos, and a chance to shop the African Team Ministries table. Our fantastic Hospitality Committee will be providing sandwiches and other delicious treats after this service, so be sure to stick around. Since we are combining our Sunday services this week, there might be several people that you don’t know, so be sure to introduce yourself. 


We couldn’t put on this Welcome Back Sunday without our many, many talented volunteers and staff. I am so thankful for each of you who are helping prepare for this event.


One of the great things about our Episcopal tradition is our focus on the beauty of God’s creation. On Saturday, October 1st, we will be blessing a part of God’s creation; we will bless the animals that we care for. Returning to a long-time St. Wilfrid’s tradition, the Blessings of the Animals will be held in the Rose Garden just outside the main entrance to the parish office. I hope that you will bring any creature that you care for and let your friends and family know about this opportunity for the animals, that they love, to be blessed. This is a fun and joyous service so if you don’t currently care for an animal, you are more than welcome to join us.


Many blessings to each of you,

Fr. Nathan+

At St. Wilfrid's Episcopal Church, our transportation ministry provides a means of transportation for all who are in need and desire to come to worship at St. Wilfrid’s or a St Wilfrid’s event. Our volunteers are eager to help by providing a safe and convenient way for anyone interested in attending various church services and functions. If you are in need of our transportation ministry or know someone that is, please feel free to contact St Wilfrid’s Church at (714) 962-7512 during office hours.


 Please sign up in the Narthex to have your picture taken for our new church directory. Sign ups will take place after both services on:

August 28, September 4, September 11and September 18th

Pictures will be taken in the chapel on September 18 and 25, with make-up sessions on October 2. Any questions? Please contact Connie Hornyak, conniehornyak@icloud.com or (714) 785-3407.

And receive $100 off your

next month tuition!

(Per Enrolled Family)

Expires December 31, 2022


Young people love to sing and St. Wilfrid's has loved to hear them sing! It's been 3 years since we heard them sing and we're looking for interested families. Do you have school age children who would like to learn about music, attend rehearsals once per week and sing for worship one Sunday per month? If so, let Fr. Bill know right way. (william@stwilfridschurch.org). The program would run September 15 - May 25 and tuition costs would be low so that all children could participate. We would need interest from several families to make this program a success.

A Direct and Laundry Love Story (August 2022) -

A most pleasant heartbreak (by Jim Schweitzer)

I met a woman at our August Laundry Love event, I will refer to her as ‘D.’   When I met D, I recognized the Wisconsin accent.  She told me the story of her family living on a boat and getting into transitional housing that day. She had a ton of clothes and she wanted to get the salt-water smell out of the clothing and bedding. She heard of Laundry Love HB earlier in the day. She was relieved that she could get her laundry done.  She had a total of 12 loads of wash.

When she arrived, she was calm but clearly stressed. I got to see her stress melt away as she had a slice of pizza and got to work. Each milestone (clothes in washer, clothes in dryer and folding) was a step towards peace for D. 

Her story was heartbreaking, but to see D get to a place of peace and comfort while folding her children’s close was beyond uplifting. She had the typical mom smile of satisfaction, her smile brought tears to my eyes.

I owe St. Wilfrid’s a HUGE thank you.  Thank you for supporting Laundry Love. Thank you for giving people like ‘D’ a space to care for her family and reach a peaceful state. Thank you for allowing me to witness her transition into a peaceful place.

Our goal is to keep hosting laundry love events every 3rd Wednesday monthly. Volunteers are welcomed and appreciated.

If you have any questions about Laundry Love, please chat with Steven (714-536-5172 steven@jimbocosw.com ) and Jim (714-614-1468 jrs@jimbocosw.com)

The Wednesday Morning Prayer at 7:15 a.m. in the main sanctuary, is an opportunity to connect with God and others to be spiritually nourished mid-week. A welcoming time of worship, the service begins with a thoughtful exploration of Holy Scripture, Eucharist and concludes with a meaningful time of prayers of intercession for God's people.


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