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What's Happening
at St. Wilfrid's Episcopal Church and School
June 4, 2021 - June 10, 2021
St. Wilfrid's is a Christian community seeking to know and unconditionally share God's unfailing love.

Join us for in-person services this Sunday, June 6th. We have a 9:00 am service and a 10:30 am service both inside the main sanctuary.

Reservations are no longer required but we are asking everyone to sign in at the greeters' table. We are still required to maintain a list of attendees for contact tracing in the event with have an exposure.

If you are unable to join us for our in-person Sunday services, we welcome you to join us for our pre-recorded service. The service will be available on our website Sunday morning by 8:00 am for you to view at your convenience.

Rest in Peace Gillian Mize
The funeral for Gillian Mize
will be held next
Saturday, June 12th @ 11:30 am.

Thomas, Gill's husband, is requesting you RSVP (by Monday, June 7th) if you wish to attend the lunch after the funeral.

Please email Terry at

Is someone you know and love graduating this year? It might be anyone from pre-school to grad-school. If so, we would like to recognize this milestone moment for them on Sunday, June 13. It may be a child or grandchild… or it even may be YOU! They don’t need to be present, but we would like to include them in our prayers that day. 

So… please contact Steve Swartzell ( no later than Monday June 7, 2021. We will need to know the following information: the graduate’s name, a picture of the graduate (if available), and the school from which they are graduating. 

In advance, thank you for giving us an opportunity to celebrate our graduates this Spring.

The Wednesday Morning Prayer at 7:15 a.m. in the chapel, is an opportunity to connect with God and others to be spiritually nourished mid-week.
A welcoming time of worship, the service begins with a thoughtful exploration of Holy Scripture, Eucharist and concludes with a meaningful time of prayers of intercession for God's people.
Evening Prayer
On Wednesday evenings at 8:00 PM, evening prayer services led by Rev. Nancy will be broadcast on our Facebook page. Services will alternate between Compline and New Zealand Night Prayers each week. Join us virtually on Facebook on June 9th, at 8:00 PM, for a service of Compline.

A Facebook account is not necessary to watch our services. Click here to be directed to our Facebook page.

Can't make it at a specific time? The service was prerecorded and will be available on our website for you to view at your convenience. Click the link below to be directed to our website:
Coffee Hour Returns
Join us on the patio after the 9:00 am and 10:30 am services for coffee and fellowship. We need volunteers to assist with this important ministry. A sign-up sheet is located on the Greeters' table.
Cross and Bible
Upcoming Funerals

The funeral for Peter Kilkenny will be held on Saturday, June 12th @ 3:00 pm.

The funeral for Dave Hayward will be held on
Saturday, June 19th @ 11:00 am.

Here are a set of instructions for setting up and changing recurring pledge payments through CloverGive.
Scrip cards are now available for purchase on Sunday mornings. You can also stop by the office to purchase cards. Before coming, please email Terry at to check office hours and card availability.
Donation Checks
We are only depositing donation checks every two weeks in an effort to limit the number of people coming into the office. Checks sent to the church at this time will be deposited on June 15th and June 30th.
Resource Roundup
CDC, Mayo Clinic, LA County Health Dept. provide COVID-19 vaccine information

Vaccines for COVID-19 have been developed and are being distributed, but many people lack basic reliable information about their safety and efficacy.

Following are links to several useful fact sheets and answers to frequently asked questions from reliable sources, including the Center for Disease Control, the Los Angeles County Department of Health and the Mayo Clinic. They were collected by retired Archdeacon Joanne Leslie, who had a long career in public health, a field in which she holds master's and doctoral degrees.

COVID-19 Vaccine Eligibility for People with High-Risk Medical Conditions or Disabilities: This notice is to inform clinicians that people with certain significant, high-risk medical conditions or disabilities will become eligible for COVID-19 vaccination statewide on March 15, 2021. The California Department of Public Health requests that you reach out to your patients that meet the eligibility requirements listed below about their vaccination eligibility to help save the lives of those who are at high-risk of death and severe complications from COVID-19.

Covid-19 Vaccine Fact Sheet from the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Addresses concerns about the vaccine. This information is available in several languages.

Myths About Covid-19 Vaccines. This document from the Los Angeles County Department of Health debunks misinformation about the safety and effectiveness of vaccines. For more resources in English, Spanish and several other languages, click here.

CDC Covid-19 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) This resource from the Center for Disease Control is designed for physicians, and so far is available only in English.

COVID-19 vaccine myths debunked, from The Mayo Clinic. This article addresses common mistaken information and fears about the COVID 19 vaccine.

Answers to common questions about whether vaccines are safe, effective and necessary. This additional article from a Mayo Clinic review team is a narrative discussion of vaccine efficacy and safety.
Education on how it is spread and emphasize prevention:

How to identify symptoms:

What to do if you are sick:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Be Mindful of Media Exposure
It is important to keep up to date on the frequently changing information regarding COVID-19 and the measures being put in place to keep everyone safe and healthy. As you are likely aware, it’s hard to turn on the TV or open the internet without being exposed to 24 hours of breaking news banners, podcasts, memes, and stories from around the world. The more we watch or listen to this media, the more it can affect our mental health and stress. You may feel better if you limit your exposure to this kind of media, and use reputable sources (i.e. WHO, CDC, OC Health Agency).
Here are some links to the above mentioned health related resources:

Mental Health Resources During School Closure
Important reminders:

1.  Accept your emotions. Anger, fear, anxiety, etc. are all normal. Be gentle on yourself and offer patience to others. We’re in this together!
2.  Limit exposure to media and remember that official communications from the CDC are the best source of up-to-date information (more info on that below!)
3.  Move! (more info on that below!)
4.  Connect with others (more info on that below!). It helps improve your physical health and psychological well-being.
Families can call 211 from any phone in OC for help with anything from legal aid to mental health emergencies to housing and transportation.

Positive Coping Skills
  • Reach out for support; text/call friends or a supportive person
  • Acknowledge your emotions and find active ways to divert your attention
  • Meditation--this can help create a healthy immune response and reduce anxiety
  • Deep Breathing; Inhale 4 seconds, hold for 4, exhale for 4. There are a lot of variations, so find what works best for you
  • Use an app to relax or connect to emotional support
  • Take time to rest and stay healthy
  • Focus on things you can control; wash hands, hydrate, and nourish
  • Create a routine and structure for your day at home
  • Play with a pet or take your dog for a walk
  • Exercise (run, walk, find a youtube workout)-- only if you are feeling well.
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