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What's Happening
at St. Wilfrid's Episcopal Church and School
May 20, 2022 to May 26, 2022
St. Wilfrid's is a Christian community seeking to know and unconditionally share God's unfailing love.
This Sunday, May 22, 2022
The Six Sunday of Easter
In-Person Services at
8:30 and 10:30 am
GODLY PLAY BEGINS AT 8:30 & 10:30 am
Room 9
  • Ages 4 years to 5th grade
  • Visiting children are welcome
  • Montessori based
  • Bible story, art and prayers
  • The children will join families for the Eucharist
I began reading the newspaper when I was a teenager. My reasons for beginning my quest to stay informed and up-to-date on whatever was happening in the news stemmed from reading a verse of Scripture. Jesus said in Mark 13.33 to “Be alert. You do not know the time [Jesus’s returning] will come.” At the time, I understood this passage of Scripture literally, so that I needed to be always on guard that Christ could return anytime. I thought, if I could just puzzle out when Jesus might return, I could be ready. 
Now days, however, I see Jesus’ imperative statement – “Be alert” – to mean that I need to be aware and watchful of what is happening in the world. Not only do I need to pay attention to how God is working in my own life and through my own relationships, but I also need to be aware of what is going on in the broader world so that I can pray and act for those people and situations. By being attentive to the actions that God is doing in the world (for example, stirring up people for better care of God’s natural world or bettering the lives of those on the margins), and by also looking for ways that God is actively working to undo or minimize the damage of selfish behavior or evil in the world (for example, the war in Ukraine or the Chinese government’s oppression of the Uyghurs in China), I can be more alert to these situations and challenges so that I might actively engage in them. With so many different worthy places that I see the Spirit of God bring to my attention, I need the Holy Spirit’s wisdom and discernment. Like you, I cannot engage in every cause or help everyone who comes across my path, no matter how much I want to. Instead, I ask God to give me wisdom to help me decide how to act, how to give, and how to respond. 
To me, being alert means that I am actively engaging with the Holy Spirit so that I might know where to spend my energy and my resources. I am convinced that God is continuing to use the Church, which includes St. Wilfrid’s, to reach people who are hurting and who desire healing. Everyone experiences pain and disappointment in life. We, as people of God, have a beautiful and wonderful opportunity to reach out to those who visit us and those who are with us each and every Sunday. We can keep showing each other love and kindness. We can keep being gracious to others, even when we may not feel like it, because our graciousness and our ability to care for others might be the only act of kindness or love that someone feels all week. We have been entrusted with the Holy Spirit – a Spirit that embodies God’s desire for connection. The Spirit was given to us so that we might be more closely connected to God.  
Being alert is more than just gathering data, which is what I thought that this verse meant when I was a teenager reading the newspaper. But being alert is about being attentive to God’s Spirit. Noticing when the Spirit is speaking or moving. God’s Holy Spirit has been at work for thousands of years, making the world a better place. Yes, things are difficult now, and things may look dark, but the Holy Spirit is still with us, still guiding and speaking to millions of people around the globe. We are a part of the mystical body of Christ. Together, we are helping restore creation and heal the people of the world.
God’s blessing be upon you,
Fr. Nathan Biornstad+
  • Saturday, May 21st:
Celebration of Wisdom Lunch, 11:30 am in Sacquety Hall.
  • Monday, May 23rd:
Vestry Meeting, 6:00 pm in Sacquety Hall.
  • Tuesday, May 24th:
Rector's Bible Study, 11:00 am in Sacquety Hall.
St. Wilfrid's Ladies Night, 5:30 pm, The Prescott Home (See below)
  • Saturday, May 28th:
Maude Grover's Funeral, 11:00 am in the church followed by a reception in Sacquety Hall.
  • Monday, May 30th:
Happy Memorial Day! Church and Preschool Closed.
  • Tuesday, May 31st:
Rector's Bible Study, 11:00 am in Sacquety Hall.

Episcopal Night at Dodger Stadium to return Sept. 23

After a two-year Covid pandemic-imposed hiatus, Episcopal Night at Dodger Stadium will be back on Friday, Sept. 23. The home team will play the St. Louis Cardinals, and the game, win or lose, will be followed by fireworks.

Ticket sales will be handled by congregational representatives. Watch here for more information, and save the date.
The Wednesday Morning Prayer at 7:15 a.m. in the main sanctuary, is an opportunity to connect with God and others to be spiritually nourished mid-week.
A welcoming time of worship, the service begins with a thoughtful exploration of Holy Scripture, Eucharist and concludes with a meaningful time of prayers of intercession for God's people.
We are in need of volunteers for the following ministries:
  • OFFERING COUNTERS - volunteers record the weekly Sunday worship contributions and prepare the bank deposit each Monday morning. Counters are scheduled on a rotating basis. To inquire, please contact Terry:
  • SCRIP MINISTRY - volunteers sell Great Lakes Scrip gift cards each Sunday morning. To inquire, please contact Sharan @
  • SOUND CREW - volunteers are trained to monitor and run the sound system during Sunday worship services and other events taking place in the church. To inquire, please contact Jim:

United Scottish Society Volunteer Opportunity
The United Scottish Society that puts on the Scottish Fest, which is a huge Celtic festival that is held at the Orange County Fairgrounds on the Saturday and Sunday of Memorial weekend. We are having difficulty finding enough volunteers to help with some positions during the weekend. The main area is scanning tickets at the main gate. For 4 hours volunteering, the volunteer receives a free ticket to the event. If are interested, please contact Kathy Eisel at
We’d like to let the congregation know about your child’s (or perhaps, your!) accomplishments. We will be celebrating graduates on Sunday, June 12th. Send us the name of the graduate, a picture, the name of the school and plans for what’s next ie. college, trade school, travel or work etc.
Please submit this information to Terry:
by Monday, June 6th
 Do you speak an international language? We need your skills and talent for the Day of Pentecost on Sunday, June 5th. Readers will together offer a
lesson from Acts in myriad languages, reenacting the coming of the Holy Spirit that enlivened the early church in Acts 2. Please email Terry: if you are interested in being part of this special annual Day of Pentecost.
The next opportunity for the Sacrament of Holy Baptism is Pentecost Sunday, June 5th. Please contact Father Steven if you are interested.
Please stop by the Scrip table to purchase or order cards. Proceeds from sales benefit building and grounds projects. Thanks for your support!
Donation Checks
Donation Checks will now be deposited each Monday beginning, Monday, May 23rd. If Monday falls on a bank holiday, checks will be deposited on the following Tuesday.
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