St Joseph High School - A Catholic College Preparatory Community
Dear Friends,
Good day, St. Joes. I hope that all is well with your family.
We began the month of March with a weeklong celebration of SJHS community cultures, ethnicities, and heritages. Throughout our Multicultural Week (March 1-5), students and faculty led daily prayer in different languages, performed musical pieces, prepared and sampled culinary delights, highlighted unique academic accomplishments of world leaders, shared personal family traditions, and extended community outreach and love through the creation of bilingual cards for the homebound. Some of the many vibrant activities were captured on our website.
As our March 17 full return to in-person learning approaches, the Campus enthusiasm and excitement among SJHS adults and students is palpable. Your participation in our brief survey, thoughtful questions and concerns, and continued engagement in this process is invaluable to our planning and successful forward progress. Though we are counting down the days to full return, we will not let our jubilation result in complacency or a careless lessening of our mindful commitment to safety and mitigation strategies.
Last week, we continued to earnestly prepare for our March 17 transition with the reconfiguration/redesign of classrooms and common spaces (media center and dining areas) to ensure 4-6 feet of social distancing across the Campus, with a minimum of 6 feet in all dining areas for students and adults. Students and faculty will actively practice any modifications to hallway and stairwell traffic flow and new classroom seating charts are being developed. We are also evaluating and recalibrating our daily cleaning protocols and sanitization schedules.
I wish your family a fulfilling and happy week ahead. We are blessed to have you as partners in this important work, and we appreciate you more than mere words can properly convey. Thank you!
In Faith and Fellowship,
David J. Klein