This Week at St Timothy's
Set us free, O God, from the bondage of our sins, and give us the liberty of that abundant life which you have made known to us in your Son our Savior Jesus Christ; who lives and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen.
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This Week
Tonight's Schedule
5-5:45pm   Cantate (Youth Choir - grades 6-12)
5-5:20pm   Pre-K Godly Play in C-3 (Caregiver/Child)
5:15-6pm   Dinner in Drake Hall
5:45-6:30pm  Pre-K Formation & Nursery; Grades K-2 Formation; Grades 3-5 St. Francis Choir
6-7pm     EYC (Grades 6-12) & Adult Formation
6:30-7pm   Pre-K Formation & Nursery; Grades K-2 Cherub Choir; Grades 3-5 Formation
Wednesday Adult Formation
Tonight's Adult Formation is a Bible Study on the Temptation of Jesus from Matthew 4. If you can, bring your Bibles. If you don't have time to bring yours, copies of the text will be available.

Teacher: Fr Steve
Location: ECW Hall
Time: 6-7pm (after dinner)
Liturgical Kalendar
Wednesday, February 7
Intention: for the Abraham Project

Thursday, February 8
Intention: for the Confraternity of the Blessed Sacrament

Friday, February 9
Intention: for shelter volunteers

Saturday, February 10
Intention: for those returning to the Faith

Sunday, February 11

Monday, February 12
Intention: for married couples

Tuesday, February 13
Commemoration of Absalom Jones
Intention: for preparation of a Holy Lent
Words defined:

Intention: In the Holy Eucharist we receive remission of our sins and "all other benefits of his passion." In the celebration of the Eucharist, we apply those benefits to a particular intention. You can see examples of masses for particular intentions on pages 199-210 in the Prayer Book. 17th century Anglican divine Jeremy Taylor wrote, " "It follows then that the celebration of this sacrifice be, in its proportion, an instrument of applying the proper sacrifice to all the purposes for which it was first designed. It is ministerially, and by application, an instrument propitiatory; it is eucharistical; it is an hommage and an act of adoration, and it is impetratory, and obtains for us and for the whole church, all the benefits of the sacrifice, which is now celebrated and applied; that is, as this rite is the remembrance and ministerial celebration of Christ's sacrifice, so it is destined to do honour to God... to beg pardon, blessings, and supply of all our needs" (Discourse XlX, 4).
Stewardship & Giving
More Than Enough
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From the Choir Loft | Christin Barnhardt
This Sunday as we celebrate the the last Sunday after the Epiphany, we will sing the hymn "Songs of thankfulness and praise," which we sang on the first Sunday after the Epiphany. This hymn references several of the Gospels lessons that we heard throughout Epiphanytide. From the Psalter Hymnal Handbook:

Christopher Wordsworth, nephew of poet William Wordsworth, wrote "Songs of thankfulness and praise" and described the text as follows:
It is a "recapitulation of the successive manifestations of Christ; and anticipation of that future great and glorious Epiphany, at which Christ will be manifest to all, when he will appear again to judge the world."

The text teaches the meaning of Epiphany - the manifestation of Christ in his birth (stanza 1), baptism, miracle at Cana (stanza 2), healing of the sick, power over evil, and coming as judge (stanza 3)." Stanza 4, added later by F. Bland Tucker, refers to Christ's manifestation in his transfiguration on the mountain and looks ahead to his death and resurrection. While many of our hymns are prayers and songs of praise, this him is certainly a hymn that teaches us and reminds us who Jesus was and what he did as a man on earth.

The Children and Youth choirs will lead our 9am mass and will sing "The Heavens Declare the Glory of God" by James Brighton, "Alleluia," a round by William Boyce, and "We are Marching in the Light of God" (Siyahamba), a South African song.

Ciacona in F Major, Johann Pachelbel

Songs of thankfulness and praise, No. 135
Christ, whose glory fills the skies, No. 7
Fairest Lord Jesus, No. 383
O wondrous type! O vision fair, No. 137 

Alleluia, William Boyce
The Heavens Declare the Glory of God, James Brighton 
We are Marching in the Light of God (Siyahamba), traditional South African

Hymn-Prelude on Wareham, Healey Willan

Sunday afternoon for Evensong, the choir will sing prayers, psalms, and canticles on your behalf.
Harrison Oxley Responses
Psalms 59, 60, 51
Orlando Gibbons Canticles

Christ, mighty Savior , No. 35
O blest Creator, No. 28

See you Sunday,
Young Adult Small Group | Fr Steve Rice
The Young Adult Small Group will meet tomorrow night at Krankies (please notice the venue change) at 7pm. Fr Steve will facilitate this week's meeting whilst Fr DJ in on pilgrimage.
Priest and a Rabbi Schedule
Looking for a place to serve?
Children's Formation is looking for a few more volunteers for Sunday mornings during the 9am mass and during the formation "hour". Please let Katie Bryant know if you are willing to help in a Godly Play or Catchesis of the Good Shepherd group (no training necessary--we will tell you all you need to know to assist.) ​
Our Common Life
Requiescat in Pace | Harold Redmon
Of your charity, please pray for the repose of Harold Redmon, who died Tuesday, February 6. Funeral arrangements are not known at this time. Please also pray for Harold's wife, Faye, and their children. May light perpetual shine upon him and may he rest in peace.
Youth Parents: Potato Bar on Feb 7
Hello Youth Parents,

On February 7, the youth will provide dinner for Wednesday night. The menu is a potato bar. CLICK HERE to sign-up to bring an item or two. 

Please have all items to Drake Hall by 4:45. Youth will be responsible for set up, serving, and clean up. Parent help with the last part is appreciated! Please bring hot items in a container that will keep them warm. 

Kelly Hines
Write to Graham Green in Iraq
Our own Graham Green is a Lt Col in the Army National Guard and is currently deployed in Iraq. We are proud of Graham, his wife, Shannon, and children Garrison and Julia. We will continue to surround them with prayer. He is able to receive letters at the address below. Please use the address exactly as it is printed.

LTC Graham Green
HHC 449th CAB
Camp Taji
St Timothy's Stickers
We have a limited number of St Timothy's stickers (perfect for car windows). If you would like one, they will be in the office and in the narthex on Sunday. We will reorder to meet the demand.

If you put the sticker on your car, send us a picture!
Mass & Mammon
Candlemas, February 2: 56

February 4, 2018

Morning Prayer: 3
7:30 Low Mass: 37
9:00 Low Mass: 140
11:00 Sung Mass: 62
Mass Total: 225 (not bad for freezing rain!)
Average Attendance for 2018: 312

Offering: for week ending at 2/4: n/a
Altar Flowers

The altar arrangements are given to the Glory of Almighty God and in memory of Joel A. Weston, Sr., & Joel A. Weston, Jr. by Claudette Weston

Shrine Lamps

The St Timothy Shrine Lamp is given to the Glory of God and in honor of and in gratitude for Adrienne Beauchamp for her seven years of service to The Abraham Project by The Abraham Project.

The Sanctuary Lamp is given to the Glory of God and in honor of our daughters, Kelly & Erin
by Gini & Ken Gerrity.

The Lady of Walsingham Lamp is given to the glory of God and In honor of Ella & Katie McFerrin by their parents. 

The St. Michael the Archangel Lamp is given to the Glory of God and with prayers for the protection of LTC Graham Green and all those in our armed forces by the women of St. Timothy’s.