O God, who on this day taught the hearts of your faithful people by sending to them the light of your Holy Spirit: Grant us by the same Spirit to have a right judgment in all things, and evermore to rejoice in his holy comfort; through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord, who lives and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.
Thank You | Fr Steve Rice
Thank you so very much for the kind words expressed in the numerous cards given to me at the Pentecost Picnic this past Sunday. It is sometimes hard to believe that I have been blessed to be your rector for ten years. It truly does feel like yesterday that Cherilyn, Abby, and I (Walker was in the womb and Luke was a loooong way off) moved to Winston-Salem. St Timothy's isn't just "a job," it is our home too. We are grateful for this parish and each of you.

We've had a lot of good experiences the past ten years. You've also been very gracious with my short-comings and mistakes, but I do believe we have been preparing for something extraordinary. Even though ten years is a relatively long time for rectors, it feels as if we are just beginning. That feeling feeds and fuels me because it let's me know we aren't done. As much as I have loved the past ten years, I am more excited for the next ten.

Thank you for this journey. Thank you for taking it with us.

With gratitude and love,
Fr Steve, Cherilyn, Abby, Walker, and Luke
Photos by Beckie McLean
Lord Jesus Christ,
who hast built thy Church
upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets:
mercifully grant that building upon thee, the chief
cornerstone, with beauty and substance,
we may raise here at St Timothy's a
faithful people and a holy temple to thy glory.
May we and generations yet to come learn to praise thee
more and more in spirit and in truth.
Pentecost Music Notes | Christin Barnhardt
This week for Trinity Sunday, we will sing "Holy, holy, holy!," one of the hymns found in hymnals of many Christian denominations. Hopefully you know it well and can lift your voice loudly in song whether or not you think you sing well.
The choir will sing Henry Smart's setting of the "Te Deum," which is a canticle of praise named for its opening words in Latin, "Te Deum laudamus," translated "We praise thee, O God." It appears as Canticles 7 and 21 in the BCP (pp. 52-53, 95-96). Unlike most canticles, such as the Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis, the Te Deum is not based on scripture. Also now known as the "Ambrosian Hymn" or "A Song of the Church," the Te Deum is an early hymn of praise. First attributed to Saints Ambrose, Augustine, or Hilary, it is now accredited to 4th century Nicetas, Bishop of Remesiana. It is sung at Morning Prayer and is traditionally used as the hymn of praise following the pontifical blessing and dismissal at the ordination of a bishop.

Holy, holy, holy! Lord God Almighty, No. 362
Sing praise to our Creator, No. 295 
I bind unto myself today, No. 370 
O praise ye the Lord! Praise him in the height, No. 432 

During the summer months, St Timothy's choirs take a well-deserved break from mid-week rehearsals. But we still strive to have beautiful music at the 9am and 11am masses each and every Sunday. How can you help make that happen? Contact me at christin@sttimothys.ws or 336.406.0134 to express your interest.

Suggest a hymn that is meaningful to you!
Is there a hymn that you would like to sing in mass this summer? Share why is it meaningful to you or write a blurb about it for the News & Notices. If it is a hymn that fits well in one of our summer masses, we will certainly include it.

Sing in the choir!
Summer Sunday Singers (all ages and abilities welcome!) will help lead the hymns, psalms, and anthems this summer. 

June 10-September 2
Rehearsals are 8:25-8:45am or 10:25-10:45am in the Choir Loft 
You may sing any Sunday that you are able whether that is one Sunday or all summer.

Practice your musical instrument!
Summer is a perfect time to give your musical skills some exercise and to share your musical gifts during mass. You could play or sing a prelude or during communion, and I am happy to help you find music. 

Attend Evensong at Duke University Chapel!
Sunday, July 15 at 4pm

Two of St Timothy's Choristers, Vivien Hines and Ella McFerrin, are attending the RSCM (Royal School of Church Music) summer course at Duke University this summer. The week culminates with Evensong on Sunday, July 15. Contact me if you would like to carpool to Durham to hear some of our choristers sing a beautiful Evensong.

Come to the "Old-Fashioned" Hymn-Sing in the Chapel!
Wednesday, July 18, 4-5:30pm (watermelon following)

Some hymns on the play-list are Blessed Assurance, I'll Fly Away, Victory in Jesus, 'Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus, In the Garden, Great is Thy Faithfulness, Softly and Tenderly, The Church in the Wildwood, Whispering Hope, Precious Lord, Jesus Loves Me, Deep and Wide, Jesus Loves the Little Children. Contact me by Sunday July 15 to suggest other hymns.

See you Sunday,
Stewardship & Giving
New and Improved Online Giving
Please visit our new and improved online giving portal at https://give.givingkiosk.com/sttimwsgive. You can also click on the Give button in this email and the Give link on our website.

This new portal is easier to use and, once you create an account, you can keep up with your giving history. You can also give via check online.
Give by Text - 336-697-6543
This is amazing. I never have cash or a check, but I always have my phone. You can now give to the work of St Timothy's just by texting. Here's how it works:

1. Text an amount to 336-697-6543
2. You will be sent a link to set up your debit/credit card (take a few seconds)
3. Once complete, your transaction will go through and you number will always be associated with the card.

Plus, you can text "Funds" to see a specific fund. If you want to sponsor a lamp, you can text "25 st timothys" and it will go the St Timothy's Lamp, etc. If the fund isn't recognized, you'll get a list of all the funds and you text back the number of the fund you wish to give to

PS: This is not connected to your phone bill. It it connected to a card of your choice.
Holiness of Beauty | Capital Campaign
Raising a Faithful People and a Holy Temple
Dwayne and Amy McFerrin
I grew up in a very charismatic church whose building was constructed in the 1970s. Although it was a beautiful space to worship there was very little that would indicate it was a space set apart to worship our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I never realized how much a space specifically constructed for the beauty of holiness and adoration of Jesus Christ can draw you in until I visited Canterbury Cathedral in England. The instant I stepped inside the cathedral I knew that it was a beautiful and holy place which demanded reverence for Jesus Christ. I look forward to the opportunity of creating a space at St. Timothy's that is truly designed for the adoration of Jesus so that we may experience formation and be fully transformed into who God is calling us to be. This is why Amy, Ella, Katie and I support this Capital Campaign and hope that St. Timothy's will be a beautiful and holy place for generations to come.
Campaign Progress: $1,807,228.28!
Our Common Life
Society of St Joseph of Arimathea featured in national blog
Recently the Society of St Joseph of Arimathea was featured in the Living Church blog, Covenant. Click here to read the article by Fr Steve.
Law Enforcement Block Party Pictures
Photos also by Beckie McLean
First Thoughts From The Sheepfold:
Catechesis of the Good Shepherd
With the changing liturgical seasons - Easter Celebration into Pentecost into Growing Time - Children's Formation is also Growing and we need your help!

Over the last two years, we have slowly introduced Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (CGS), an approach to the religious formation of children rooted in the Holy Bible, the liturgy of the church, and the educational principles of Maria Montessori. Godly Play is actually derived from this "Gold Standard" in Children's Religious Education, which is why this will be an easy transition for our parish. However, the preparation of the room, called the Atrium, is not so simple. If you've wandered by the children's formation hall this year - you may have witnessed the Atrium with indirect lighting, lots of carpeting, and quiet children busy at work building the liturgical calendar, setting the model altar, or listening to the story of the Good Shepherd.

We look forward to sharing more information about this great work and invite you to become a part of this exciting growth in the coming weeks in this section of the newsletter, "From the Sheepfold." In advance, you may learn more about CGS by visiting www.cgsusa.org or taking a look at this video or this video.  

We have found that as the number of attendees grew and the knowledge of the children expanded, we would need a larger space. As we relocate the Atrium from C-4 to C-2 (currently the older toddler nursery), we will reset C-3 (currently Godly Play room) to become the Children's Liturgy room/older toddler nursery. Here is our plan for the summer, beginning Sunday, May 27:

9:00 AM to 12:00 PM - Nursery available to Infants through 3 years old in ​the Nursery

9:00 AM - ​PreK Formation-- (​3 years old and potty trained through Kindergarten) meet in Room C-3 for Children's Liturgy and will join their parents at "the Peace" during the 9:00 AM Mass

If you have any questions about Catechesis of the Good Shepherd or already know you are interested in helping us with this transition over the summer, please email Katie Bryant at katie@sttimothys.ws, Emily Ball at emilynball@gmail.com or Elizabeth Warfield at elizabeth101@me.com.

~Emily Ball
Lemonade on the Lawn
Starting this summer and continuing all summer long, you can join us for Lemonade on the Lawn between the 9am and 11am masses. Stop by the lemonade stand outside Gribbin Hall and enjoy fellowship with our parish family. If you'd like to help host, sign-up at www.SignUpGenius.com/go/10C0F4BA9A92BA3FB6-lemonade or contact Kristen Machado at kpmachado@gmail.com  
Costa Rica Golf Tournament
St. Timothy's 9th annual Costa Rica Golf Tournament to benefit Costa Rican mission projects will be held on June 8, 2018 at Salem Glen Country Club. Click the following link for more information and to register:

Resources on Holiness
For more resources on Gaudete et Exsultate and holiness, please visit this page on our website. You will also find archived reflections from Fr Steve on Pope Francis' apostolic exhortation.
From the Curate | Temptation and Grace
“Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you” (James 4:7-8a).

We read from Chapter 4 of St. James’ Epistle earlier this week in daily Mass, and these two sentences leapt out at me.

The Christian life is both easy and hard. It’s easy because what God requires of us is quite simple, and, with his grace, is easily within our grasp. As Jesus says elsewhere, “My yoke is easy, and my burden is light” (Matthew 11:30). What God asks of us, in the words of St. James, is simple. Resist the devil; draw near to God. But, as with so many things, what seems easy in theory often seems difficult in practice. Without God’ grace, it not within our grasp. Sometimes a temptation can seem so much stronger than our willpower, and sometimes it is. Sometimes it can seem like temptation is incessant. Conversely, sometimes it can seem like God is so far away.

But here’s the truth. We tend to attribute to the devil more power than he actually has. The devil is a lot weaker than we give him credit for. At the slightest resistance, he will back away. You can follow the example of Christ and remember words of Scripture when tempted (see Matthew 4:1-11). What’s more, with the slightest second thought, the temptations of the devil are revealed to be ridiculous. For that reason, if you can’t remember Scripture, remember the words of Thomas More, “The devil cannot stand to be mocked.”

On the other hand, at the smallest baby step toward him, God will pour upon us the abundance of his grace. God is reckless in giving out grace. Indeed, his grace works in us even before we take a step toward him at all, giving us the strength and will to do so. In every moment, whether joy or peace or temptation or sorrow, God is drawing us toward himself. To shift metaphors, the gap between us and him is too wide for the span of our arm alone. But God holds out his to us. If we take hold, he will pull us safely to himself.
Winston-Salem Dash Outing
Join your St Timothy's family for an outing to a Winston-Salem Dash Baseball Game

Thursday, June 14 at 7pm
The Dash vs Wilmington

Purchase your tickets online at https://groupmatics.events/s/email/Sttimothys6 by May 31st to sit in St Timothy's reserved section.
Homeless Outreach | City with Dwellings
The Overflow Shelter is closed for the warmer months, but our work with our homeless friends continues at City with Dwellings with our Community First Center (633 W.4th St.). We are open on Tuesday and Thursday mornings 9-11am and need adult volunteers to help us provide hospitality and discover connections with our community members. We offer opportunities for art therapy, yoga, tai chi, anger management, stress relief, as well as an open-source peer support group called Together for Housing. Talk to Katie Bryant (katie@sttimothys.ws) or Lea Thullbery (lea@sttimothys.ws) for more info or go to www.citywithdwellings.org to sign-up.   
VBS 2018--July 29-31 | "Believing Takes Practice"
Vacation Bible School this summer is taking an exciting twist! We will be exploring Madeleine L'Engle's "A Wrinkle in Time" and considering our God-given gifts that help build up the Kingdom of God. All ages are invited to participate--there will be something for everyone. We'll have a movie night in June so that all can see the new movie "A Wrinkle in Time" together. Email katie@sttimothys if you would like to help with planning VBS--a planning meeting TBA soon! 
Hospitality for Officers on Sunday Mornings
Please help welcome our Winston Salem police officer to services on Sunday mornings. Follow the link below to sign up to provide a snack. The officers enjoy homemade baked goods or breakfast items such as bagels, muffins, or pastries. If items contain nuts please label them. Snacks should be delivered to the basket at the welcome counter in the narthex on Sunday mornings. If you have questions please contact Megan Farrell at mrfarrell@triad.rr.com or 336.408.7779. Thank you for extending a warm welcome to our officers!

Link to sign up.
Write to Graham Green
Our own Graham Green is a Lt Col in the Army National Guard and is currently deployed in Iraq. We are proud of Graham, his wife, Shannon, and children Garrison and Julia. We will continue to surround them with prayer. He is able to receive letters at the address below. Please use the address exactly as it is printed.

LTC Graham Green
HHC 449th CAB
Camp Taji
St Timothy's Stickers
We have a limited number of St Timothy's stickers (perfect for car windows). If you would like one, they will be in the office and in the narthex on Sunday. We will reorder to meet the demand.

If you put the sticker on your car, send us a picture!
Quick Links
Attendance and Stewardship

May 20, 2018
Morning Prayer: 6
7:30 Low Mass: 48
9:00 Low Mass: 195
11:00 Solemn Mass: 90
Sunday Mass Total: 333

Offering: $36,717.63 .
Weekly Need: $18,099.81

Average Sunday Mass Attendance: 329
The altar arrangements are given to the Glory of Almighty God and in memory of Ralph Amen & Eric Amen by Shirley Amen.

 The Our Lady of Walsingham Lamp is given to the Glory of God and in thanksgiving for the work this parish has done for the homeless in Winston-Salem by Jonathan Williams.

The Sanctuary Lamp is given to the Glory of God
by Becky McLean.

The St. Timothy Shrine Lamp is given to the glory of God and in thanksgiving for the Capital Campaign Committee by Lea Thullbery.

The St. Michael the Archangel Lamp is given to the Glory of God and with prayers for the protection of LTC Graham Green and all those in our armed forces by the women of St. Timothy’s.