Dear Church,

We are progressing week by week through our encounters with the very basic tenets of our faith - God, The Bible, and now Jesus.   This Sunday, again I ask you, who is Jesus to you? knowing that each of us has a different experience with him, and indeed each of us may have different experiences at different stages of our lives with Jesus the person, Jesus as the Risen Christ, Jesus as ethical teacher (in the sermon on the Mount), as the "Suffering Servant" in the Gospel of Mark, Jesus as miracle worker, and as healer...  Today, do you turn to Jesus in prayer, or is he more remote in your spiritual life?  In the weeks following Easter and now Pentecost Sunday, in the heating-up days of Summer - I suppose I am full of questions!

And our lives go on... with celebrations and memorials, and with challenges of the heart and of justice.

We are invited to a feast of fellowship and food this Sunday after worship, and a celebration of commitment during our service, as Roy and Eileen Young renew their marriage vows after 40 years of loving supportive marriage.   Roy and Eileen have arranged a wonderful lunch, so come hungry.

On Monday, our sanctuary will echo with prayers and the memories of Osmund Keiver as his family and friends gather for his funeral.  Osmund was married over 70 wonderful years to Joan (Coughlin) and when they lived in town, brought up all their family in First Church.  Many of our long term members will remember Ossie and Joan fondly.  The service is at 10:00 am and will be followed by a reception in Clarke Hall. 

Even as we center our attention on the blessings of life long marriages, the mystery and grace of Jesus Christ, and the fellowship of our congregation, my heart is heavy with concern for all who will be traumatized and terrorized by the announced nationwide mass raids, round ups, and deportations of immigrant families.  This weekend is the start of major ICE campaign.  This news is on top of the recent descriptions of squalor and disease in our government detention camps for children and others.   May God forgive us.  

May God help us all.
--- Pastor Ian

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