This Week at the Woodrow Wilson House
December 9, 2020
Fall Scholars Finish Special Projects
Each semester, the Wilson House hosts Student Volunteer Scholars, offering them opportunities to learn while working on special projects. This term saw seven scholars working on projects ranging from curatorial support, web design, and exhibition preparation to research and oral history. Students worked in person or remotely and are from all over the country.
Caroline Handley
Caroline is a senior at Luther College in Decorah, IA. Caroline was on-site and hands-on. In addition to her work organizing and inventorying a newly donated collection of suffrage and campaign memorabilia, she helped edit the new Wilson House website, created social media for the Suffrage Outside exhibition, edited the Speaker Series videos and the scripts for Tours, and assisted writing grant applications. Caroline also acted as a mentor to younger scholars teaching research skills and presentation techniques. 
Anneliese Hardman
Anneliese Hardman is a graduate student at Florida State University in museum and cultural heritage studies. While at Wilson House, as part of a team with Tom and Caroline, she sorted, categorized and inventoried hundreds of material culture items that were recently donated to the Wilson House by the Kelly Family, including photographs, posters, campaign buttons, speeches, newspaper articles, political cartoons, sheet music, and other articles related to Wilson's campaigns, women's suffrage and women in politics. She also worked on revising the House Tour script, editing the new website, and creating video logs of the Tuesday Speakers Series. 
Traci Holmer
Traci is a senior at Woodrow Wilson High School in Washington, DC. Her main project explored how the public's view of Wilson has changed over time by examining commemorative stamps about Wilson and his policies, particularly the commemorative stamps about World War I, suffrage, Wilson, and conservation. She examined the color, symbols, and historical context of each stamp to evaluate how Wilson is remembered in history. The oldest stamp in the exhibit is from 1919, and the most recent stamp is from 2020. Tracy also helped with the Speaker Series and with Suffrage Outside!, spending a few Wednesdays and Saturdays on-site welcoming visitors to the exhibition.
Matt Lynch
A 2014 graduate of Cornell, Matt Lynch has been volunteering at the Wilson House while also working full-time and applying to graduate school. His primary project involved creating and editing pages on our website and supporting the creation of a brand new website design. He also worked on communications, writing press releases and invitations to Congress to visit the Suffrage Outside! exhibition. Here you can see a portion of a web page he built to celebrate Suffrage. He has just been accepted to the George Washington University Museums Studies program and will start in January.
Tom Merritt
Tom is a student at Union College in Schenectady, NY. Interested in cartography, Tom created beautiful maps for our two new walking tours and (seen here) a map of the embassy properties in Kalorama; his parking, walking and driving maps will be featured on the new website. In addition, he worked with Caroline and Anneliese on organizing the Kelly Family collection and helped to prepare the museum and garden for Covid-safe visitation during Suffrage Outside! 
Lakecia Richardson
A junior at Thurgood Marshall Academy Public Charter High School, in Washington, DC, Lakecia explored local DC history in her Southeast neighborhood through oral history interviews and research. Seen here is The Big Chair, a historical landmark in Anacostia. She interviewed family members and a community leader about their lives in DC and how their experiences growing up in DC impacted their lives. She also helped edit a Speaker Series video.
Maggie Wald
Maggie Wald is a junior at Washington University of St Louis. Maggie participated in the summer session of the Student Volunteer Scholar Program and continued to take part this semester. Maggie has spent the fall travelling across the country and writing a blog about the historical stops on her tour (including Mt. Rushmore, pictured here). She’s seeing America through the eyes of a Wilson House scholar and sharing that experience in her blog.
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We are extremely dedicated to this program. Our vision is to be able to offer stipends to the students for their time at the Wilson House. Currently, students don’t even receive bus fare. Please help us change that.
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