This Week at Yavneh Academy - September 20 , 2019/20 Elul 5779
 פרשת כי תבוא
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Early Childhood Department

Learning about Rosh Hashanah
We have been  busy  bees learning about Rosh Hashanah. We learned that a Shofar can come from the horn of a ram or any kosher animal. We have been practicing blowing the different kolot on our imaginary shofarot. We were lucky to have Rabbi Penn come to our class and show us 5 different Shofarot. We were mesmerized as he blew the kolot for us.  We then used different shapes of pasta to help us make the connection between the different number of sounds each Kol makes and the length of the sound!

Dot Day
Gan Bet had a wonderful time celebrating Dot Day on Monday. After reading The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds, we explored our own creativity with dots. Cutting dots, collaging dots, painting dots, creating dots, and singing about dots, we definitely each made our mark! 

Cliff Sunflower Visits Yavneh
Just in time for Rosh Hashanah, Cliff the Beekeeper came with thousands of his bees and had our students role-play a honeybee hive. We are familiar with many new vocabulary words such as: abdomen, antennae, colony, thorax, proboscis, pollination, larvae, mandibles and pupa, and our students are now experts on the metamorphosis of honey bees.
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Lower School

Our 1st graders are already reading so nicely. They learned Aleph and Shin sounds, sight words and stories. They practice their letters and sounds in a multi-sensory fashion. We have also started using the iTALAM App which allows for differentiated instructions. 
We are wishing everyone שנה טובה ומתוקה.

Lights, Camera, ACTION in 3C!  
Students in 3C kicked off the year with an exciting digital project: creating an All About Me short video using iMovie and green-screen technology! After brainstorming interesting facts about themselves, students recorded each other sharing this information. They are currently working on saving and importing images that will appear as different backgrounds throughout the video. Everyone is eager to explore all the features of the iMovie app next. We are so thankful to have this unique opportunity to be creative as we get to know each other a little better!

Middle School

First Chesed Team Event of the Year!
This week our chesed team launched the 2nd year of the Yavneh Academy Chesed Team with our first event.  Almost 80 students joined us to decorate honey dishes and make shana tova cards for the elderly and create banners to hang in the Hackensack Hospital sukkah.  Stay tuned  to hear more about future events and the brand new Bergen County Chesed League- as all the Yeshiva middle schools have joined together to each form their own team. 

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Yavneh Middle School Makes Its Mark: International Dot Day 2019
International Dot Day, which takes place on or around September 15th, is named for the classic Peter H. Reynolds storybook The Dot. The book shares the story of a girl who begins a journey of self-discovery after a caring teacher challenges her to "make her mark." This week, Yavneh Academy Middle School students were encouraged to make their mark. Each English class began the journey with the reading of The Dot.  And then the conversations, writing and creating began.
In 6th grade, using paper, students made their own dots and pasted five smaller dots onto it, each one containing their thoughts for how they are going to change the world!
The awareness grew in 7th grade when students chose one of their character traits which would help them make their mark on the world They then wrote essays and artistically arranged their own dots.  
Our 8th graders made art out of their signatures! The journey of "The Dot" began when Vashti signed her simple dot, and our students learned that just signing their name can make a mark. Each student created a work of art by using their personal character traits to create artistic versions of their signatures.
Dot Day was an exciting way to explore how each student can make an impact on our world.

Grade Makes Finds their Way out of the Corn Maze!
Last Friday, the 8th grade went on a trip to a corn maze. It was a great opportunity to branch out and hang out with people who don't usually hang together. Also, it was a challenge that all the students overcame. Everyone bonded and had an opportunity to become closer, which is important for a graduating grade. Overall, it was a great trip that every student enjoyed. 

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Friendship Circle Walk-a-Thon 
The Bergen County Friendship Circle Walk-a-Thon was an amazing way to spend a Sunday morning. On September 15th, a sunny and beautiful day at Votee Park, hundreds of people came out to support this wonderful organization. We are so proud to have a great team to represent Yavneh Academy and our commitment to the Friendship Circle. The Friendship Circle brings together volunteers and children who have special needs. Together, we can all make a difference for each other. While some people may think the members benefit the most from all the organization does, we believe it is the volunteers who really are the fortunate ones. After the Walk-a-Thon there was a great show with fire juggling, a petting zoo, face painting, bounce house, sand and more. Thank you to the students, parents, and Rabbi Knapp who came out for the Yavneh Academy family, and thank you to the Friendship Circle for giving us the opportunity to do chesed.
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