This Week at Yavneh Academy - Jan. 3 , 2019/27 Tevet 5779
 פרשת וארא
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Early Childhood Department

Gan Bet is Learning Ivrit
Gan Bet has been very busy learning the Hebrew words for the body parts, every day clothing, and winter clothing. We had a great time first creating life size cut-outs of every student's body. Next, the children drew the different parts of the face after they learned the words אף ,פה ,עינים ,שער ,אזנים, and more (mouth, nose, eyes, ears, and hair). Next, they painted on the various pieces of clothing including חולצה, מכנסים, נעלים which are shirt, pants, dress and shoes. Finally, the students made their own winter clothes and attached them to the bodies that they made. The winter clothes included , מעיל, כובע, כפפות (hat, gloves, and a jacket). This weekend, the children will bring home their "self made" bodies and they'll tell you all about them. Enjoy!

Gan Hey Rings in the New Year
This week, as 2018 came to an end, Gan Hey rang in the New Year by discussing resolutions. We talked about how a resolution is a goal you set for yourself. We read the book Happy New Year written and illustrated by Dee Smith, which talks about memories, opportunities, and dreams.  After we read the book, we discussed what the new year means to us.
The Gan Hey students came up with specific goals to strive for and we created our own class-book. This book will serve as a reminder of our own personal resolutions throughout the course of the year. We also decorated New Year's crowns and celebrated in our classroom as we watched videos of various countries around the world counting down to the start of the new year. 

Lower School

B'nai Yisrael and Their Battle Against Yericho
Once again, the 4th grade is learning about B'nai Yisrael and their battle against Yericho. We are recreating the battle in our very own classroom. The "Jews," (class 4A) are surrounding the city and walking around 6 times for 6 days. On the 7th day they will be walking around 7 times and shouting, while watching the wall descend, not crumble into the ground. 

Fourth Graders Research Landforms
Do you know how mountains form or how glaciers have shaped our land?  This year's fourth graders are learning the answers to those questions and others through their research on landforms and how they develop.  Using online resources, the students are studying how weathering (breaking part) and erosion (wearing away) have affected our country's landscape.  Using note taking sheets, the students are beginning to gain the ability to extrapolate key details from non-fiction text. As a culminating hands-on activity, the students will work in groups to create rock filled mountains.  Using water-filled spray bottles they will then explore the effects of differing amounts of "rain" on their mountains. This unit will then segue into a study of the regions of the United States and provide the students with a clear understanding of the landforms in each of those regions.

Middle School

Friendship Circle Mini Camp
On Monday, December 31st, 40 Yavneh middle school volunteers joined Friendship Circle staff and 20 Friendship Circle campers for a great mini-camp experience.  The day began with a Meet and Greet where campers and counselors met and played games, built with magna-tiles and colored.  After davening in the Beit Midrash, the group quickly left for a trip to TurtleBoo where they climbed and experienced fun adventures.
The fun continued with everyone's return to Yavneh.  Gym and dance activities entertained everyone and the day concluded with art project and tech projects.  Each camper worked with Chatterpix, an app that allows one to take a picture and then transform that picture with a talking animation.  Each camper left with his own Chatterpix.

Thank you to Mrs. Zeesy Grossbaum, Director of the Bergen County Friendship Circle Chapter, and her staff for allowing us to participate. Kudos to our Friendship Circle presidium composed of Sam Adler, Sivan Kramarz,  Daniel Sarasohn, and Menukhah Yaghoubzar, and our 7th grade chairmen, Ilana Loskove and Eliana Kieffer, for facilitating our programming.  Yasher Koach to Dr. Aliza Frohlich for attending the trip, Ms. Aliza Hiller for setting up our gym program, Mrs. Pam Simchi for preparing an art project for us, and Mrs. Tova Burack for training our campers and counselors in the art of Chatterpix.

Grade 8 Students Begin Preparation for Mishnayot Siyum
Our 8th graders began a new initiative this week, the study of all of mishnayot Seder Nezikin by their graduation date.  Students signed up to learn two mishnayot at a time, and the goal is for every student to have a part in this grade-wide accomplishment.  Rabbi Knapp introduced the initiative to our students and opened the learning by teaching the first mishna in Bava Kamma to the entire grade.

Middle School Melava Malka
This past Saturday night's Melave Malka was a huge success for Yavneh Academy's middle school students! With delicious food, a motivational speaker, blasting music, and a star appearance from Eitan Katz, Yavneh Academy's Deans and Student Council pulled off an amazing and inspiring event for the students. The ruach in the room grew as the night went on, and it was an experience that surely no one will forget!

Yavneh Academy Middle School Melava Malka 2018:5779
Yavneh Academy Middle School  Melava Malka 2018:5779

Dressy Clothing Drive
Our 6th Grade Girls are running a Chesed project beginning January 2nd. We will be collecting Bat Mitzvah/party dresses that your daughters are not wearing anymore. We will be donating these dresses to a girls' group home in Israel called Bayit Vtikvah (House of Hope). Bayit Vtikvah is a residential home for girls ages 6-18 whom the courts have removed from their homes due to serious abuse and neglect. Bayit Vtikvah is committed to helping each girl achieve her goals and reach her greatest potential by providing love, guidance, therapies and most important, hope.
There will be blue bins in the 600 wing foyer in front of the gym. We are also in need of people travelling to Israel who can take an extra piece of luggage and bring the donated dresses to Israel. (We will cover the cost of the extra luggage.)

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Yavneh Academy Chanukah 5779:2018
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